Affogato in Italian means “drowned”, and in this case it’s cold vanilla gelato being drowned by pouring freshly brewed espresso all over it. Add a splash of Amaretto, and you have a wonderful ending to a great summer BBQ.

It’s like having your coffee and dessert all at the same time!

Simply brew up some of your favorite espresso, I happen to like these two, and would normally use either one.
But I just so happen to have one last bag of this coffee that I have been holding on to since our trip to Italy, I decided to finally open it up and use it, I just loved the look of the bag, and the fact that I bought it in Florence.

My espresso pot is a cherished gift that I got from a very special Aunt, a family heirloom that she gave to me because she knows how much I love coffee. I love it, and I thought it would be perfect to feature it in this post.
I don’t know how old it is, but I do know it makes a perfect espresso. When I first received it from her I kept it all packed up and stored away, then I thought, why? I want to enjoy it and use it, so I pulled it out and have been using it ever since!

The recipe calls for gelato, but unfortunately once you try the real thing nothing compares.
I saw this and thought I’d give it a try, sorry Ciao Bella you’re not worth the $$$$!

A good quality vanilla ice cream would work just as well.

This is definitely an “Adult” version of an ice cream float, just scoop some good ice cream in a coffee cup, splash a liqueur of your choice, “drown” it with your hot espresso, and garnish with some whip cream. (optional)
I promise that once you try this, you’ll soon be craving an Affogato!


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  1. Marie, you affogato looks 10x better than any I’ve seen over here! I better haul out the gelato maker and start making batches for summer!

  2. oooo! I love that moka pot! How beautiful!

  3. My husband is a huge affogato fan but we never do it at home, partly because we’re spoiled and like to hit our favourite bar or discover a new one.

    For some crazy reason I can’t see your pics when I’m in the office so I’ll have to come back later tonight to see the moka!

  4. Hi, I found you by chance and, as I’m a 100% Italian young woman, I must admit that your blog give the right credit to the Italian food, thanks a lot =)
    I’ll visit you again, I’m going to add you to my blogroll for the occasion.
    Ciao from Bologna!


  5. Oh it is just a little after 6AM and I am wanting one of those 🙂

    Love the pot ! I started collecting vintage kitchen utensils years ago, then one day I started using them and put away the “new” … LOL!

  6. I’ve always wanted to know how to make really good affogato – GREAT post! Thanks!

  7. Delicious You can serve this to ma any time of the day or night.
    Looks so yummy

  8. I am craving this just by looking at your pictures. What a wonderful way to finish a delicious meal :-p

  9. This is sublime, Marie. A couple of months ago, for a dinner party I served pistachio gelato and drizzled it with amaretto and sliced toasted almonds. It took 5 min to make and made everybody swoon. Next time, I’m following yours. I love Illy! 🙂

  10. I don’t think I have to try it to crave it…. I’m already craving it!

  11. Add goo, strong coffee with quality gelato and you get dreamy, creamy goodness like this.

  12. Looks delish! I love love coffee over ice cream. I need to dust off my Italian espresso maker.

  13. Beautiful Marie, that last picuture is great!

  14. yyou wicked woman – who can stay sane looking at pictures like this…Just perfect!!

  15. Heaven, my all time favourite Italian dessert!!!

  16. Sooo delicious Marie, I love the last picture too and the vintage pot:)

  17. Rowena, Wow how can that be?

    Maryan, I knew you’d love it.

    Joanne, I don’t blaim you for going to all those beautiful bars in Milano.

    Desi, Welcome, welcome and thank you so much!

    Happy, I’d be happy to serve this to you!

    Ben, It really is

    Ohio, good for you!!

    Jen,Give it a try, its so simple.

    Susan, Next time I’m following yours!

    Thanks Joe!

    Peter, You sure do!

    Nicole, You really should!

    Jenny, thanks

    Nina,lol!! You’re the wicked one!!

    Rachel, Is it really? Do you make it?

    Lor, Thanks, She also gave me a beautiful set of espresso cups.

  18. I always enjoy your site! Can’t wait to try this one. Would you believe, I have those same glass coffee mugs?

  19. Looks so delicious! I love the name too:) Lovely post!

  20. This is how I want to drink my coffee, cold like a frappucino..or as they say in the commercials..”How do you like your coffee?”….CRISP

  21. An adult ice cream float works for me!!! YUMMMMMY!!

  22. Holy cow that looks wonderful. I have to make it for my husband. 1/2 Sicilian, 1/2 Northern Italian. He told me I should never try to cook Italian, because I would never compare to his mother’s cooking, but I think this will get him to change his mind!

  23. THAT looks soooo good. I want one NOW! 🙂

  24. That sounds so perfect! Thanks so much for the suggestion – I really need to remember this the next time we have guests! 🙂

    I agree about Ciao Bella, except I do love their Blackberry Cabernet Sorbetto – it is awesome!

  25. Your espresso pot is probably the prettiest I have come across in a long time. What a sweet gift from your Aunt. I love heirlooms like that.
    Ah, affogato is heavenly and yours looks almost too good to eat.

  26. Michelle,Hi, I got them at Crate and Barrel.

    Farida, I do too!

    Val, With the heat we’re having now, me too!

    Hi Lori, “Adult” all the way!

    Who has time to cook,Prove him wrong!!

    Cherrye, Stop by, I’ll make one for you.

    Jenn, The sorbetto sounds great, I’ll have to give that a try. It’s just the gelato thing, I have too stop comparing!

    Bridgett, It couldn’t have been a more perfect gift for me, I love it too.

  27. I had one of these for the first time last night. What an awesome combination.

  28. I like the crumbled biscotti on top.

    And such a precious espresso pot.

  29. That looks so decadent and good!

  30. We often have expresso this way –so delicious! I have almost the same expresso pot that my husband’s aunt sent to us when we got married in the 70’s! Mine has blue flowers. 🙂

    I agve you an award on my blog Marie! You make my day!

    Hugs, Pat

  31. Affogato! I forgot how much I love that stuff. It looks wonderful!

    Your espresso pot is lovely. I’ve never seen one like that. Is the top made out of china?

  32. Food Hunter, Welcome! We were on the same wave length!

    Lori Lynn, Isn’t it? I just love it!

    Kevin, very decadent 😀

    Pat, Wow you have the same one! thats so cool!
    Thank you for the award, I will proudly display it!

    Hi Susan, I don’t think its china, its not fragile at all, it has a nice weight to it.

  33. I am craving this already. Espresso and ice-cream, what more could you want? Heaven in a glass.

  34. I know how hard it is to open that last package of anything you buy abroad – one of my favorite things to do too. I was so sad when Haagen-Dazs stopped making gelato, however I did drop a few lbs when they did. Your expresso pot beautiful. I’ve never seen one like it. I’m glad that you use it & can think fondly of your aunt. Great post, great photos! Always.

    xoxox Amy

  35. I love this Affogato MMMMM!!!
    What a lucky thing to have such a beautiful family heirloom for something that you love to make. I LOVE that espresso maker too! I admit -I’m coveting it as I type 🙂

    I have two of my Great-Gran’s teapots and I love to use them for special tea parties- they make me feel connected to my heritage in such a special way!

    Thanks for showing yours.

  36. Pat just listed you as one of the five blogs that make her day….I had to come and check you out! Lovely, lovely blog…I’ve added you to my blogroll! 🙂

  37. Oh that looks delish. How yumm.

  38. This looks fantastic! I’m so happy to find a site that makes me feel like I’m part of a huge italian family 😀 I’m going to try the pizza bread this week 🙂

  39. Sounds like something My hubby would like. I would like it with Brandy instead of the Amaretto.

  40. Rose and Thorn, It certainly is!!

    Amy, you’re right about Haagen Dazs,
    they use to have a hazelnut gelato that was pretty good!

    Gabi, I like how you use your great Great-Gran’s teapots, it does make you feel connected, I know what you mean.

    Thank You Betsy and welcome! I’ll stop by for a visit on your blog too!

    Thanks Courtney! Are you back? I got to go and check your blog out.

    Hi grace, Welcome! Please let me know how the pizza bread turned out.

    Hi Pat, Hmmmm, brandy, I might have to try that someday!

  41. The name of your blog caught my eye…glad it did b/c it’s great!! I too am a “proud Italian cook”…love looking at what you’ve put together in your past posts!

    I’ve spent so much time browsing your blog I can’t remember where I found it! My Easy Cooking maybe?

    Anyway, love the Affogato! Looks absolutely refreshing!!

  42. That sounds like a perfect combination of flavors, especially with some crunchy Italian cookies on the side. I have a stovetop espresso maker, too, and love how easy it is to make great espresso with it. I have ice cream in the fridge, too… I think I know what’s for dessert tonight 🙂

  43. Oh Dio! this affogato looks delicious , I’ll try this as soon as possible :9 yummm

  44. Hi Marie!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!
    What a beautiful drink.. yumm! Thanks for sharing this with us! And your photo’s look like an invitation to an exclusive Spa! I could imagine sitting in your beautiful garden among those gorgeous urns sipping this delicious affogato! : Next time in Illinois! 🙂 🙂

  45. Oh my gosh…affogato is my FAVORITE. I’m so glad you posted something on this because you rarely hear people talking about it in the U.S. I want to know if anyone knows the origins of this dessert. Is it from a specific region in Italy? Yours does look exceptionally good. And, we agree with you, “Ciao Bella” is not worth it. We prefer finding a good, organic vanilla ice cream if we can’t get the real gelato. Brava bella for the post!

  46. Gorgeous photos of your dreamy drink and caffettiera. Wish we had the hot weather to go with!

  47. Hi Marie

    Thanks for entering my blog give away and for your sweet comment — I do wish we could hang out together 😉

    Yes, that’s my daughter with my husband in the father’s day photo. She looks like him (without the moustache of course..tee hee) and my son looks like me. So funny how it happened that way. She’s a great daughter –thanks!

    Hugs, Pat

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  49. OH YUUUUM!

  50. Your moka pot is so pretty!!!

    And that affogato looks delish!!!

  51. i accidentally just posted my comment on the nutella one, which i had already posted on earlier… this one here, goodness all around.

  52. Oh My goodnesss this looks truly scrummy. Thankyou for your clear instructions..I may just have to have one right now! 🙂

  53. Coffee, ice cream – what’s not to love?!

  54. Good coffee, and good ice-cream, I’m certainly not going to complain.

    A beautiful dessert.

  55. Affogato is one of my favorite drinks

  56. The top photo would have been a great entry into July’s coffee and tea category for the Click event! Did you know about it? I just thought about it today when I saw Vera’s post today on cafe glace, it was an entrant also. I think you have a few hours left!! 🙂

  57. This is great! I have sales presentation about my product “Gelato Di Babbo” on Friday. I was going to tell the reps selling my product to tell customers to make this. I am going to copy your recipe. Thanks for the ideas.

  58. cioccolato says:

    Try it with chocolate gelato too. Delicious!!