Nothing screams summer-time more to me than a nice cold glass of lemonade! It’s refreshing and it really quenches your thirst on a hot afternoon. Now, add a savory and subtle kick of rosemary, and you have a fantastic twist on this traditional drink!
We all know how good lemon and rosemary pair together in cooking, but who knew it would be just as good in a drink? So, if you like these two flavor combinations, please give this a try, one sip and you’ll be smitten!!!

But now wait! theres more! by simply adding one shot of Limoncello to this tasty lemonade you’ve now created a crisp and delicious summer cocktail fit for any special occasion, or a special treat just for yourself. 😀

You’ll need a cocktail shaker to combine the juice of 1 lemon, 4 TBL. of sugar (or less), a pinch of rosemary leaves, some ice cubes, and enough cold water to fill. If using Limoncello, pour one shot into the shaker also. Shake well and pour into a tall glass lined with thin slices of lemons.

Garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary, and a thick slice of lemon. Serve immediately!
Cin Cin!!

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  1. Great recipes! I’m always inspired when visiting your site!

  2. What a great simple idea to make a new show off drink featuring my home made limoncello. Thanks Marie, you should be a proud Italian cook!(as always!)

  3. lemon and rosemary!! what a perfect marriage!! sounds refreshing!!

  4. A simple and delicious idea and one I never thought about. Rosemary and lemon in a drink..of course! haha
    Really love the limoncello in it as well, Marie. What time is the barbecue/pool party? 😉

  5. What an interesting combination, it looks delicious.

  6. Marie, I would add Grappa…make it thick and make me tipsy.

  7. Hmmm yummy! I will be making these soon. I love the twist on this lemonade.

  8. YUM! I have made basil and lavendar lemonade before, but this rosemary variety looks AWESOME – YUM!

  9. We are on the same page. I spiked my lemonade with Chambord and Seltzer. I just purchased a roemary plant and will be trying this version for sure.

  10. Well what do you know… I have huge rosemary hedges in my backyard! And my neighbor has loads of lemons… I can go sneak some in the middle of the night 🙂

    I’m going to take this idea on our beach vacation this weekend. Sounds like a great, refreshing drink for a very warm day!

  11. That’s exactly what I’ll need on hot California days:)

  12. Rosemary lemonade sounds good. The shot of Limoncello can’t hurt either. 🙂

  13. I was recently gifted a bottle of Danny DiVito’s Limoncello, and it’s been sitting around staring at me for the last month. I didn’t know what to do with it. I’m making this cocktail. It looks so yummy. I love lemonade and spiked is even better.

  14. Wow! This sounds terrific!

  15. What a pretty drink ! I will have it without the “spike” 🙂

  16. I could use a nice cold drink of this right now with or without Limoncello:D

  17. I’ll give it a try. My husband will sure enjoy it! 😉

  18. It’s hot, it’s summer and I’ll be serving these on the deck!

  19. Just one shot of Limoncello?!?! This is perfect for me since I have an endless supply of lemon & rosemary. I already make a lot of lemonade during the summer…. hummm… this sounds much better. Would it work with sparkling water? That’s how we make our lemonade – I guess you’d have to careful with the shaking part.

    xoxox Amy

  20. Marie if you don’t have one already, I think your going to need a lemon tree because this is sure to be a favorite!! 🙂

  21. I would love one, two or even three of those Rosemary Lemonade right now! Yummy!!

  22. Your photos are beautiful! I love them. And I need one of these! I have all the ingredients on hand too. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Marie – you obviously made this with me in mind – I’ll have 10 please and make it a double shot;)

  24. Limoncello spiked lemonade? Now that’s how lemonade should be made.

  25. PS We can both have a celebratory drimk while we are accepting our awards. I have passed one on to you so come on down and get it when you some free time…bring the lemonade:D

  26. Great idea! I tried to grow rosemary from seed this year and it didn’t take.

  27. Welcome Michelle,Dhanggit, Hallie Fae,Chuck,and Kelly, thank you for visting!
    Marla, You’re so sweet!
    Maryann, the party starts when you arrive.
    Thanks Nina!
    Peter, Grappa huh! You have to try it with Limoncello
    Sara Lynn, and OhioMom,and Daniela, I hope you try it either way 🙂
    Val, I’ll be right over!You make my day too!
    Lorilynn, Let me know what you think, ok?
    Amy, give it a good stir instead of shaking and go ahead and use your sparkling water, sounds good to me!
    Laurie unfortunately lemon trees don’t grow her in Chicago, I would love one though!
    Nicole, I hope you try it!
    Lor, (my Limoncello buddy) I knew you would love this!
    Susan, make a glass for you and Jeff, I’m sure you’ll like it. 🙂
    Kelly, I have better luck planting a 6″ pot of rosemary,it kicks in and starts growing fast.

  28. Cheers! I’ll have one, too please! What a great twist on lemonade. I will be trying these very soon! 🙂

  29. It’s cocktail time!!! You impressed me by adding rosemary, but about the idea of adding limoncello… what can I say: BRAVA!!!

  30. That’s an interesting twist on lemonade. I never would have thought of the rosemary, but I could see that really making it a great drink (and the limoncello, of course!).

  31. We have an overgrown rosemary bush in the garden. Now you’ve given me a great way to use it. Thanks Marie!

  32. Perfect timing as we need a nice refreshing drink as the temps are climbing down here. And, what is even better, I have all the ingredients on hand!!!!!!
    Cheers to you Marie!

  33. That really is the best drink for the summer !!! would be perfect at a BBQ party too 🙂

  34. Now doesn’t this just sound fantastic! What a great idea, and your photos make me feel I could just reach out and grab me a cocktail. 😉

  35. Sounds so refreshing! I love limoncello too.

    Happy Mother’s Day weeekend!

    Pat in NY

  36. I am smitten indeed, Marie, by this luscious libation — I love the idea of rosemary with the lemonade and limoncello — salude! Very creative and gorgeous photos — che Bella1

  37. It’s love at first sight with your rosemary lemonade! Next time we are thirsty we’ll make it!
    Come and see our blog if you want to bite a little bit of Italy….We have the original recipe of ragout alla Bolognese 😉
    Saluti da Bologna.

  38. this looks insanely good. i cannot wait to try it on the next perfectly sunny day!