As you read this I am still on vacation, I decided to set up and try Bloggers new scheduled posting. I have full confidence that it’s going to work, it’s really pretty simple, even for a non-tech person like me!
I’m posting this salmon dish because its simple, easy to do, and the flavor is so intensely good!
My Hubby was never really crazy about salmon, he would eat it because I made it, but he would never request it at all. Until…. I made it this way!! Now he craves it and wants me to make it often.
Hey, and its even good for you! Did you know that according to Web MD, a 3oz. serving of salmon has more vitamin D than 1 cup of milk? So it’s a great way for all of us to increase are calcium intake, not to mention all the other health benefits!

Have you ever tried roasted garlic basil pesto? I made this just like regular pesto, only I used roasted garlic instead. The flavor goes wonderful with the salmon.
Of course you can use your favorite jar of pesto also, there are some great ones out there that you can buy.

Simply brush the pesto all over your salmon, which is placed on a foil lined baking sheet, that’s it!! How fast is that?
Now here is the important part… Along time ago I saw Ina Garten talking about the key to cooking salmon correctly, she said always roast in a hot oven, around 500 degrees.
Roast salmon 18-20 min, or about 12 min. per inch at the thickest part. Remove it from the oven , wrap with foil and let it rest for about 15 min.

Can I tell you it comes out perfect every time! Perfect! Moist! never dried or overcooked, if you just follow her directions, I guarantee it will turn out for you.

Susan over at Food Blogga is hosting an event this month called Beautiful Bones, it’s to help bring awareness to osteoporosis, which not only affects women but men too! Please go over to her wonderful blog and read her post on this, it is filled with important information for all of us.
I am entering this salmon dish into her event because it is a calcium rich food which will help us in the fight against osteoporosis!!

Thanks Susan, for hosting such an important event!!!

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  1. Marie..this salmon looks soo good!! It’s nice to see you pop up on my google reader again! 🙂
    I hope you and your hubby are having a wonderful time in Napa!! We have had interesting weather this week for you! 🙂
    Ciao Bella!

  2. You always have the best suggestions! CS hates salmon but heloves pesto. Im following your lead.

  3. Roasted garlic basil pesto sounds great and using it on salmon sounds even better!

  4. This looks simply wonderful! Roasted garlic pesto sounds amazing. What a great dish!

  5. I have also entered into this award, but looking at this, I do not stand a chance…Looks delicious!!!

  6. YUM! I love salmon and pesto and I roast a mean garlic. This looks lovely!

  7. Thanks for the tip on cooking the salmon Marie as well as the roasted garlic pesto. I hope you’re enjoying your holiday and will look forward to more exciting recipes when you get back.

  8. Every time I come to your blog, I feel like I’m missing out on so much…but that’s a good thing, your recipes inspire me! Pesto — have to try making it some time soon :). I’ve never thought about putting it on fish, but it sounds like it’d be a delicious idea :). Thanks for sharing!

  9. How good does that look? I must try it; the old man loves salmon. 😉

  10. Soon you won’t be able to say you are not computer saavy 😉
    Delicious looking salmon, Marie. I will have to try it your way 🙂

  11. You are too darn clever!!! I dropped by yesterday to check the recipe for for your grilled zucchini & was SOOO impressed that you had thought ahead. This salmon looks really good – pesto is now one of my favorite sauces to use for seasoning fish & poultry, thanks to you.

    xoxox Amy

  12. Hope you are enjoying your vacation. I did not know about scheduled posting, thanks for that tip.

    P.S. I LOVE salmon, appreciate another good recipe, like the roasted garlic idea for pesto, too, thanks!

  13. How could pesto not be better with roasted garlic? Mmmmm… I love it, Marie! I’m like your husband with salmon; I eat it but don’t get all excited about it. That is until now. I think your pesto is gonna change things between salmon and me. 🙂

    Thanks for a delicious and healthy entry!

  14. Snap! My DD just brought me a pretty piece of salmon today, I know now how I am cooking it.

    Looks delicious !!

  15. This is awesome..I love pesto anything & am baking loads of potatoes tossed in pesto these days. Roasted garlic takes pesto to a new level!! YUM…ever since Amy bought the jar of garlic, I’ve been on a garlic trail. Do you think this will work on thin chicken fillets Marie? I think I’ll give it a shot…it does look ever SO GOOD!

  16. Hi Marie 🙂 My husband too didn’t like fish in general too much… but since he’s with me is learning to appreciate it more and more….
    This new food blog event is really interesting…

  17. This looks wonderful! I will definitely be testing this one out.