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Roasting garlic is a ritual of mine that I do often. I love to have it on hand whenever I feel like using it to enhance a dish. Who doesn’t like garlic, right? You take a few heads of garlic, cut about a third off the top, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper,and if you want, you can throw a branch of fresh rosemary or thyme on top and wrap it up in some foil and roast for about 35 to 40 minutes, or until soft to the touch, at 400 degreesF. The end result is amazing! The texture is creamy, with a much more mellow flavor, and it makes everything taste better!! Oh, and don’t forget, garlic has many health benefits!!

I have so many things I make with it, that I’ll have to do another post on it….to be continued.

But for now, a favorite quick, midweek meal I make often is this Roasted Garlic and Broccoli Pasta. By the time the water boils and you cook your pasta al’dente, everything else will be done!

Fresh broccoli is a must, cut into floret’s,place in a saute pan with extra virgin olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper. Squeeze as much roasted garlic in there as you want. I usually put quite a bit. Now add a couple tablespoons of water in the pan and put a lid on till the broccoli is al’dente, you want a little bite! you definitely don’t want it mushy!!
When the pasta is done, strain it and put it directly in the saute pan, and mix it all up. You might want to save a little pasta water to even out your sauce, I always put a little in.

Taste it, you might want to squeeze more garlic in, more black pepper, a little cheese, I always adjust as I cook.

Buon Appetito Everyone!!

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  1. Marie your pictures look gorgeous! I love the roasted garlic and broccoli pasta dish. 🙂

  2. Marie, Id take this simple & fab dish to one other level….add some roasted garlic and stock to a blender and make that your sauce!

  3. Mmm…I love broccoli and pasta; haven’t done it with roasted garlic but I will now 🙂

  4. I like to think of myself as the garlic freak. In everything when it’s used fresh and on everything when it’s roasted. So what if it stinks later? My dog still plasters me with doggie kisses! lol!

  5. This looks like heaven! Yum!
    Your pictures are always so perfect!

  6. Marie, this is just my kind of food. Easy and delicious. I think I know what to make for dinner tonight.


  7. Oh, Marie, may I pull up a chair to your table? That is one of my favorite pasta dishes — the world could use more roasted garlic and it would be a better place to live!

  8. I just found some lovely whole wheat spaghetti from Italy being sold here, and it would be perfect for this, sounds delicious!

  9. I lover these kinds of dishes. Simple and yet so flavourful. Your photos make this jump right off the screen:D

  10. Hi Marie -Your garlic is reminding me of Bistro 110 just off Michigan Ave. I like to stop there for lunch while shopping. They serve the roasted garlic with bread and butter right when you sit down. Have you been?

  11. Oh Yeah. Now you have given me another way to indulge in this treat withot having to eat bread.

  12. Perfect! As you know, I’m on the lookout for MORE garlic recipes.

    xoxox Amy

  13. Hi Marie,
    This is a nice healthy dish. Light and flavorful. I like a little red pepper flake on mine.
    (thanks again for all your support- you rock, sista)

  14. Wow!!!!! This looks fabulous! And the roasted garlic pic? My mouth watered instantly.

  15. …mmm… nw I am going to have to make some more roasted garlic.

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  17. My children fight over garlic if I make it like this. The pasta dish is SO HEALTHY, well worth a try.

  18. Roasted garlic – one of my all-time favorites. Great looking dish!

  19. …and where did you get that plate? I like it.

  20. I totally do the same thing! I love roasted garlic! YUM! That pasta looks loverly, Marie!

  21. theproudcooksdaughterwhohastoalwaysbeonadietlol! says

    hmmmmm, I might hijack that plate next time I am over….

  22. I love roasting garlic too, the way it mellows is so delicious! SOmetimes I can’t resist just spreading it on a piece of toasted bread!

  23. Love the dish- I am a big roasted garlic fan! 🙂

  24. Ooo … I could pawn my soul for that garlic 🙂

    And the pasta looks delicious.

  25. Roasted garlic is so much better than simply sauteed, isn’t it? I love absolutely everything about this dish, Marie (including the actual dish!). 🙂

  26. Looks delicious! I’ve been catching up on all your wonderful recipes. The strawberry alomond cake looks devine. Thanks for all the Festa Italiana links …so many blogs to look at! yummy!

    Pat in NY

  27. add a few toasted pinenuts and yum, yum.

  28. I love roasted garlic in anything!! Beautiful pics 🙂

  29. Your pasta looks wonderful! Your right roasted garlic can be used in so many dishes. I love it:)

  30. Thank you everyone for commenting!! I always enjoy reading each and ever one. Maryann, the plate was from Homegoods, and V, sorry you can’t have it!lol, I’ll let you borrow it though! 😀

  31. so, do you then store the garlic in the fridge? How long will it last? that looks so good..we love broccoli in our house and pasta even more!

  32. Marie, so nice recipe, ey! you have other award in my Blog to your collection,ji,ji!!! well designed when have time go to my blog.xxxGloria

  33. Well I have a load of purple sprouting broccoli in the fridge and this suits perfect!!! Grazie Marie:) I love your daughter’s heading – brilliant!! The cake looks great too!!

  34. Too fun, I roasted garlic today for a pasta dish I made this evening. I did not post it as I still want to make some changes. Your pasta dish sounds great and your broccoli is sooo green! Yum!

  35. Marie-

    I just made this last night… always a favorite. Fast and easy for those nights I come home from work STARVING!!!! I usually start with raw garlic for a sautee, but otherwise… just the same. Like Maryann, I always hit mine with the ‘peppers’ (as Gramma calls it- and she likes to sprinkle it in the pan when she is cooking the garlic) I love this with any pasta, but will take cavetelli when I can find it. And of course, a ‘couple big handfuls’ of grated Locatelli Romano.

    Mmmmm – I can almost taste the picture.

    Johnny T

    PS in a pinch, when I find myself saying “Coulda sworn I still had…”, I will sub in some frozen peas- not the norm but a nice variation

  36. Oh Marie, what a wonderful idea. So healthy and quick, too. Now why didn’t I think of that?!

    Roasted garlic may be the best thing on the planet. 🙂

  37. This recipe was made for us!!! We love pasta, broccoli and garlic…yummy 🙂

  38. I love the look of this dish, but even more interesting to me as a pottery collector is where is that dish from?

  39. I lvoe the look of the dish but even more interesting to me as a pottery collector where is the dish from? Thx

  40. Karen, It was HomeGoods.