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This is a great side dish that I make for special occasions. It is a highly requested vegetable dish, that my family loves. Every time I make it, the whole thing gets eaten up! and believe me I make a lot! I think it goes great with a ham, pork,a roast of any kind. I make it as a side with any baked pasta dish, like a lasagna, or stuffed shells, you get my point, pretty much anything you make for a special meal. I think its a combination of flavors, and the choice of veggies that makes this taste so good! This is an old family recipe that I’ve been making for years, and we never get tired of it!

Here’s the ingredients, and by the way, you use all frozen veggies!! ( Of course you can use fresh if you want to) Make as much as you want, maybe a bag or 2 of each vegetable, I’m sorry but I never measure, it all depends on how many people you are serving. I fill a huge pan and always use extra artichokes. There is no set rule, you can adjust the amount as you wish. 🙂

Italian flat beans
Artichoke hearts
Lima beans

1/2lb. of meaty bacon (diced up small)
Garlic flavored olive oil ( a must!)

First thing you do is to take all the veggies and put them in a strainer and let them defrost.

In a large saute pan, cook your bacon until real crispy, hopefully there won’t be a lot of fat in the pan cause you bought meaty bacon,:-) but if there is, drain it off, and leave all the crispy bits. Next coat the pan with some garlic olive oil, this is a must! Then, put all the veggies in the pan all together,and on a med high heat, turn often till coated with the bacon and garlic oil, blending and scraping up the crispy bits. Salt and pepper it to taste, and you can even add a little regular extra virgin olive oil for some added flavor.
You really have to keep tasting this as it cooks, for enough salt and pepper, and enough olive oil flavor.

When everything is heated through, and all the flavors blend together, its done! There’s something about the combination of the artichokes with the lima beans and all the other ingredients that make this taste so good!!

Buon Appetito

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Sharing is caring!

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  1. I’m sharing this one with my mum, I know she would love it and I will certainly try it one day!

  2. I have no problem eating colourful veggie plates like this but try an experiment…next time make this without the bacon…see if anyone notices!

    Bacon makes everything better.

  3. Hi Marie, We make pancetta with lima beans and onions. This seems similar. I only have to add a few more veggies. I’ll have to try this 🙂

  4. This looks very spring-like! Makes me happy on a gross, rainy NYC day. I’d squeeze some lemon juice on top just to spring it up even more (and maybe cut thru the fabulously delish bacon fat). Beautiful!!

    amy @

  5. I have everything but the lima beans Marie:D

  6. This is something I am going to have to try soon! I always get hungry after reading your posts

  7. This looks beautiful and sounds delicious! We Italians sure are crazy about our vegetables! 😉

  8. Oh, this looks easy! I can handle this. I bet it travels well for a picnic or will compliment an al fresco meal once the Spring chill works it way out.

    grazie mille, Amy

  9. Yum Maria! I am always looking for a great new side dish and this is a must. I like the addition of the bacon as it will give it a nice smoky, salty flavor. Down here the asparagus are showing up in the market at an affordable price so what a great way to use some fresh veggies also!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe’s. I’ve always wanted to be like my grandmother was in the kitchen and your recipe’s remind me of her so much! I can’t wait to try some of them!


  11. Looks terrific, especially for a frozen veggie dish!

  12. Mmmmm Marie!
    Another beautiful dish from you. I love how colorful your food always looks, so appetizing! I love a quick and easy dish!

  13. That looks like a tasty vegetable side dish. I will have to try it. Vegetables are always better with bacon! 🙂

  14. Oh gosh, that sounds so delish, and pretty easy. I am definitely stealing this one!

  15. Oh wow!What a melange.

  16. Looks lovely Marie, I love bacon with veg and a really great pic, you’re getting too good;)

  17. Mmmm! I love these beans, will you make them for Easter dinner??

  18. Oh I love this dish. In Spain it’s called “Minestra”, almost like a dry minestrone. A Spanish roommate once made it for me with a lowly bag of frozen vegetables. I thought I was going to have to choke it down with a polite smile on my face but actually the flavors of garlic and bacon really made even those sad veggies taste great. With your yummy veggies, I can just imagine how good it is!

  19. Marie, I am such a fan of your cooking that I have to start looking through your achives for dishes made with ingredients I am not a big fan of. I am sure that you’d be able to convert me 🙂

  20. OK, Marie, I’m making this now, as I type….. Does defrosting count? L-O-V-E it! I didn’t even know they had frozen artichoke hearts. Don’t tell Fr. Gary we’re having just a scoshe of meat today. Happy Easter!

  21. Lots of great recipes to catch up on here. I love your moonstruck anniversary post. How sweet. Buona Pasqua. Looking forward to hearing about what you made for that.