Yes, I know, it’s tuna in a can, but I happen to like it! I always seem to throw some in my shopping cart each time I’m at the store, not realizing I already have about 8 cans just sitting in my pantry, along with some great tasting canned salmon I usually keep around.

The weather has been really lousy here in Chicago, cold, windy, icy, and lots of snow! Not fun to drive in, to say the least! So whenever I’m homebound, and by myself, I like to have tuna for lunch. The above salad was made with the Genova tuna, along with some good olives, hard boiled eggs, capers, red boiled potatoes that I had left over, along with some asparagus, and a white bean salad I put together in 5 min. I added some artichoke bottoms and cut up a few tomatoes I had laying around, and topped it all off with a balsamic vinagrette. This is also great for a light and fast dinner.

This next tuna salad here, I created after my love of Whole Foods Mediterranean tuna salad. I usually buy a small container when I’m in there, it is sooo addicting, you must try it, if you’re lucky enough to have a Whole Foods near you. It’s pretty pricey at about 8.99 lb. but they are happy to share their recipe on line. Although I might have left a few things out, it’s basicly Albacore tuna with chopped red onion, red pepper chopped, slice Kalamata olives, and artichoke hearts, I used frozen that were defrosted and squeezed out. Mix that all up with mayo, light or regular, salt and pepper. If you like all those flavors together, trust me, you will love this!!!

It’s great in a pita, or just on a plate like I have above. I hope you give it a try!!

Buon Appetito!

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  1. The tuna packed in oil can’t be beat…canning was made for tuna!

  2. This looks beautiful! Nothing wrong with a little canned tuna! You jazzed it up perfectly!

  3. Mmmmmm. I have always loved tuna. And with a Mediterranean twist , even better!

  4. Love both of the salads…and I love canned tuna. I throw it into a lot of salads in the summer months 😀

  5. I love tuna in olive oil… if you’re making a “salad” its best… my italian grandpa taught me that. I like the use of tomatos here… the acid cuts the oil in the tuna. Looks really great… a perfect lunch!

    I have a recipe for tuna with white beans and red onion on my blog! Check it out sometime.

  6. I love tuna salads! They are just so yummy! I like genova the best, although the TJ’s brand is pretty good too.

    My favorite way to make it is by adding a scant bit on canola mayo, dijon mustard, capers, olives. Then I top it with harissa! Put that on nice crusty baguette and drizzle with olive oil and it is heaven. 🙂 Sometimes I put a little vinegar too.

  7. All of these look so delicous, Marie!
    I buy Genova and love it. Your photos are getting really good, especially that first one. In fact, I think that’s my plate! Hey! 😉

  8. Looks awesome, with plenty of protein but also tastiness! I love tuna.

  9. You are an awesome cook! Out of a can and you make it gourmet.

  10. Wonderful! I haven’t seen the Genova tuna around, I’ll have to check my favorite deli. That salad is truly from a proud Italian cook, and you should be! 🙂

  11. looks maravilloso Marie!!! Gloria

  12. I wish I liked tuna. You make it look so, so tasty!

  13. I love the Italian tinned tuna, there is no comparison!! I make a very similar bean salad Marie, so simple and tasty!! I love the other salad too, might have to give that a go for a change:)

  14. You just gave me a GREAT idea! I’ve always wanted to try some of the other brands of tuna but usually stick with the same old thing. Love the idea of adding artichokes and tomatoes…tasty looking dish! (And easy too!)