Warm Robiola Cheese with Cranberry, Hazelnuts and Pistachio Dust

holiday cheese appetizer

This luscious appetizer is perfect for the holidays, it uses Robiola cheese and if you haven’t had it you’re missing out. It has a festive look topped with homemade cranberry sauce, toasted hazelnuts and pistachio dust which is then warmed ever so slightly until the cheese starts to ooze out. Crusty bread served alongside it is a must so you can smear all that warm and gooey cheese all over it, it’s divine!


robiola cheese

Robiola Bosina cheese from Italy is made with both sheep and cows milk. Robiola is rich and creamy with a slight nuttiness, perfectly balanced with an edible rind that melts right into the cheese, you don’t even know you’re eating it!

In my humble opinion it gives Brie a run for the money, and I like Brie, but this, this is out of this world, and worth every penny!

It’s not easy to find, you have to seek it out, ask your favorite cheesemonger it’s so worth the effort. I got mine at my favorite Italian market but it’s not something that I see often, but of course if you can’t find it you can always substitute Brie.


holiday cheese appetizer

I slathered the top with homemade cranberry sauce which I highly recommend doing then added some toasted hazelnuts and sprinkled the top with pistachio dust which is made by taking whole pistachios and grounding them up in a mini food processor.

Then place the adorned cheese in an oven proof vessel in a pre-heated 375 degree oven for five to seven minutes, it doesn’t take long before it becomes warm and gooey and ready for dipping.


holiday cheese appetizer

Just remember to toast up plenty of bread ahead of time, I drizzle mine with olive oil then stick them under the broiler for a few minutes on each side, don’t walk away it goes fast!


cheese toast

Its hard to describe this delicious bite, it’s like the best fondue you ever had on a plate, it’s amazing cheese, seek out some Robiola and make this appetizer during the holidays!

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