Parmesan Cones with White Bean Mousse

For the last few weeks I’ve been on the hunt for appetizers unlike the usual ones I normally make, scouring through different cookbooks trying to find something different and elegant looking. Well I found what I was looking for, not only do these look good they taste even better!
Savory cones made of coarsely grated fresh Parmesan cheese that is specked with black pepper and filled with a mousse made of white bean, basil pesto, fresh lemon juice and olive oil.

I was going to make these for my son and DIL’s upcoming baby shower but opted not to, because they’re a little too time consuming for a large crowd, but for a smaller and more intimate dinner party these would be fantastic! Just remember to fill them right before eating so the cone stays nice and crispy.

Heres what you do:

Make a paper cone out of a 3 1/2″ circle, sturdy paper, tape it and set aside.
Heat oven to 375F and on parchment paper trace 3 1/2″ circles 3″ apart. Have 2 baking sheets ready to go.
Grate about 3/4 cup of cheese on a metal grater, please do not use powdery fake cheese, it won’t work!
Combine cheese and pepper together and spread a heaping tablespoon of cheese onto each circle, bake for about 5 minutes till melted and golden.
Remove from oven and after 1 minute gently remove with a thin metal spatula and shape it over your paper cone. Let them cool before removing. Repeat process. This recipe makes 10 cones.

White Bean Mousse

1 can of rinsed and drained white beans.
Basil pesto, (a couple of teaspoons). Taste it for flavor but be careful not to use too much you might turn the white bean color green.
A good squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Put this all in a food processor and process until smooth and creamy by drizzling in some good olive oil.
Spoon mousse into a ziplock bag and snip off a corner and pipe right into the cone, garnish with basil and serve immediately. Cones can be made ahead. Place in a tin with wax paper until ready to fill.

Happy Entertaining!