Turkey and Sweet Potatoes, They’re Not Just For Thanksgiving Anymore!

Are you tired of having hamburgers and steaks on the grill yet? Try something different and cook up an Herb Grilled Turkey Breast! It’s really very simple, it’s just a matter of chopping up some of your favorite fresh herbs, adding lemon zest, smashed garlic, drizzling in some olive oil, salt and pepper until you have a nice thick paste, and then rubbing it all over your turkey breast, under and over the skin, front and back. I had a half of a turkey breast and the herbs I used were thyme, parsley and basil.

I put the turkey breast directly on the top of my grill cooking it with indirect heat, which means the middle burner was shut off, I kept the temperature hovering around 350F until internal temp reached 180F. Of course cooking times will vary according to weight, but make sure you check it because you don’t want it to go past 180F.

The result you’ll get is meat that is exceptionally moist and bursting with flavor, now that’s a good thing!

Since this is a summer version of a turkey dinner how about a Grilled Sweet Potato Salad to serve on the side?I like using corn, green onions, red and yellow pepper rings along with my sweet potatoes, but this time I added some asparagus and string beans that I had in my fridge. Toss everything in olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper and just grill them all up!

Same goes for the sweet potatoes, which by the way taste excellent when grilled, remember their the star in this salad after all!

After all the veggies are grilled up, shuck your corn and place everything on a platter and garnish with chopped parsley, chives or whatever fresh herbs you like, and then drizzle your salad with a Homemade Vinaigrette, here’s mine;
3 Parts Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Part Red Wine vinegar
1 Teaspoon Dijon Mustard
1 minced garlic clove
1 Teaspoon dried Greek Oregano
A squeeze of Fresh Lemon Juice
Salt and pepper
Enjoy and Buon Appetito!