Tilapia Piccata

A couple of years ago I ordered this in a restaurant and instantly loved it, and ever since then I’ve been making it at home. I still love the classic chicken piccata, but piccata done with fish is high on my list of favorites! Not only does it taste delicious with that tangy lemon butter sauce, you can have it on your table in 20 minutes!! Great for midweek, and just as good for a special dinner party.

In a saute pan heat some butter and olive oil. Dredge your fish in some flour seasoned with salt and pepper. Nicely brown both sides of your fish, I prefer tilapia in this, I think it holds up really well and I like the “non fishy” taste.

Gently remove your fish, deglaze your pan with some white wine scraping up the brown bits. Squeeze a half of a juicy lemon in, more if you like, a nice splash of chicken stock, a couple tablespoons of capers, and a little more butter. After it reduces a while, put your fish back in along with some sliced lemons and fresh parsley. Cook a couple minutes more just till the fish is done, and the all the flavors blend together.

A couple of months ago I bought this hand held julienne peeler and put it in my kitchen drawer and forgot about it. I just saw it the other day when I was making this fish and decided to give it a try, much to my surprise I love it, my new favorite toy!! So easy to use, and the blade is nice and sharp, does the same thing as a mandoline would do, and it’s very inexpensive! I would highly recommend it to anyone. The one I have is an Oxo Good Grips.

I quickly sauteed the carrots and zucchini in olive oil and garlic, it literally took seconds till they wilted slightly and then they were done. A great side dish to go along with the fish!!
Can’t wait to try my new little gadget on potatoes next!
Buon Appetito!!