Deconstructed Grilled Veggie Lasagna w/ Romesco Sauce

Everything you see here I happened to have leftover in my frig. Grilled veggies, a cup or so of ricotta, a couple pieces of fresh mozzarella, a handful of spinach, and some need to be used up ASAP! fresh pasta sheets. I can’t stand to waste good food!

I also happened to have about 2 cups left of this awesome Romesco sauce I made for the baby shower, courtesy of my friend Stacey’s recipe.

Romesco sauce is intensely flavored by using roasted red peppers, almonds or sometimes hazelnuts, a couple of crusty bread slices, olive oil and garlic and a few other things all whizzed up in a food processor. This stuff is terrific! It goes excellent with grilled protein of any kind as well as grilled veggies.

So with the small amounts of ingredients I happened to have on hand I decided to make a lasagna in a deconstructed way, as you can see in the first photo it was really easy to do. I can’t even explain how good this was, you’ll just have to try it! Seriously, the hubby and I loved it.
The sauce was the star of the show and the flavors blended so well with everything. The only thing I changed up in the sauce was that I used some roasted garlic instead of raw.
As for the lasagna, I would recommend fresh pasta sheets if you can get them, but I’m sure it would be fine with dry, but please don’t use the no boil!

We thoroughly enjoyed every bite of this, I’ll definitely be making this again!

Buon Appetito!