Cheese and Herb Polenta Croutons

I’ve been wanting to make these ever since I saw them tossed in a salad that my SIL ordered at a restaurant we were at. I love polenta, and what better way to add something special to your favorite salad or soup.

I used the instant polenta that only takes 15 minutes to whip up. I added freshly chopped rosemary and thyme, and grated Parmesan cheese. Go easy on the herbs, you just need a little they easily could overpower the croutons, especially rosemary!

Pour your cooked polenta on to a baking sheet sprayed with cooking spray. Spread fast and evenly with a spatula. Cool the whole pan in the frig for 1/2 hour. When cooled cut the polenta into squares or triangles.

Drizzle lightly both sides with olive oil and bake in a 400 degree F oven for about 45 min’s. Turn them over to make sure they get crispy on the other side. Cool on a rack when done.

Best if used the same day, but I had alot extra so I stored mine in an airtight container in the frig and the next day I reheated them to crisp them up a bit.
I tossed mine with a salad mix of romaine, arugula, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, red onion, green and black olives, and slices of some leftover Fontinella cheese I had. Olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing.

I have to say the polenta croutons made the salad! I will definitely make these again!My talented friend Nina of My Easy Cooking gave me this award, you’re suppose to list 10 honest things about yourself and pass it on. I’m so very bad with awards and things but I thought this would be fun.
I’m a night owl, feel free to call or email me after midnight, I’ll still be up.
I love spicy food, pretty much all ethnic varieties.
I love to listen to Andrea Bocelli while I’m cooking.
I like my toast very well done, bordering burnt.
I make a pot of coffee everynight after dinner, without fail.
Ok, this is really weird, but I have to drink my coffee out of a white or cream colored cup.If you open up my cabinet all you will see is white cups. I know, my family thinks I’m crazy! of course when I’m out I make a concession. 😉
Along with all and any cooking shows, I’m also a sucker for reality TV, thanks to my daughter who years ago got me hooked on “The Real World.”
When I watch TV I like to snack on pumpkin seeds, you know the thick shell kind, I always buy a bag when I go to my Italian market.
I love the rocky coastline of the pacific northwest, and of course the awesome ocean.
I want to retire in Italy in a Tuscan villa. ( I can dream can’t I?)
Married to the same guy since we were 19, and we’re both full blooded Italian.
I’m passing this on to any of you who want to do this, especially my regular readers, just let me know so I can come and check it out.
Buon Appetito!!