Grill Up Some Eggplant This Weekend

When I have a cookout or when I’m invited to one, I like to make salads and side dishes that are free from any mayonnaise base, that way I don’t have to worry about them sitting out and spoiling. Here’s 2 recipes you might want to consider while you’re grilling out this weekend. You still have time to run out and get some eggplants!

Both are great served at room temperature.

I love this grill pan I’ve had it for years, and it still works like a charm, it’s like a wok and your able to toss and evenly brown your veggies very easy on your grill. I drizzled my eggplant with olive oil, salt and pepper before I put them in my hot grill pan.

This simple salad is made with chunks of eggplant, pitted green olives, fresh parsley, capers and lemon peel, all tossed together in a fresh lemon and olive oil dressing. It actually tastes better as it sits out!

This is my new favorite eggplant salad, I’ve already made it twice. Chunks of grilled eggplant tossed with diced tomatoes, toasted baguette bread cubes, fresh torn basil and defrosted frozen corn all drizzled with a good olive oil. If your lucky enough to find frozen roasted or grilled corn, use that, it adds a nice smokey flavor, but it’s not necessary. Great at room temperature, the juice of the tomatoes, olive oil and basil flavor the chunks of crunchy bread cubes. So good!
Enjoy your holiday weekend and day off of work!
Buon Appetito!