Windowpane Pasta for a Celebration!

Today I’m doing something a little different here. I was invited along with four other bloggers to guest post over at my friend Lori Lynn’s beautiful blog in celebration of her 5th anniversary.
If you haven’t discovered Taste With The Eyes, you’re missing out on something extraordinary. Her warm and friendly blog showcases amazing food and photography beyond the norm!

Today I’m featuring on her blog the technique of making
Windowpane Pasta, sometimes referred to as Stained Glass or Silhouette, it’s a very simple way of transforming plain pasta sheets into something beautiful and very impressive!

I’m giving you the complete instructions for this technique today in my guest post, so please head over HERE.

If you’re a regular reader of mine you’ll know I don’t do anything too complicated, trust me, this is so easy to make, you’ll be amazed and impressed with yourself and so will your friends and family!
When you go over and visit I’ll also tell you two different ways that I like to serve this. So please, check out my guest post and share in celebrating my friends 5th year of Taste With The Eyes!

Speaking of 5 years, my fifth year anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks, hard to believe, but it’s true. Time sure fly’s when you’re having fun! So stay tuned for my future celebration and a giveaway!


Caprese Ravioli with Roasted Tomato Pesto Sauce

Here’s a little appetizer I put together in minutes. I fortunately have access to good quality fresh pasta sheets so it made the process go really fast!
I pre-roasted grape tomatoes ahead of time, bought some fresh mozzarella balls and basil for my ingredients.
Now believe me, I like to make fresh pasta, but I can’t just make a little bit, it ends up being an all day project with tons of pasta and flour all over my kitchen, and besides I like to do it in the winter.
 So I’m grateful to purchase these neat little sheets all perfectly cut and ready to go!
I used a 3 inch cutter and was able to make about ten ravioli, enough for four people, about two each.
The perfect starter while your grilling up something!
Look how simple this is! Wet your cut pasta around the edges then place a basil leaf, a roasted tomato, (make sure it’s not too juicy) and top it off with a mozzarella ball.
Crimp them together with a fork close to the mozzarella ball so it doesn’t move around.
Boil until tender and then drain on a kitchen cloth, you don’t want them to be wet!
For a very quick sauce you can take some good store bought pesto like I did, add in a few of those extra roasted tomatoes you have, and a little lemon zest for freshness, mix together and spoon it all over!
 And if that’s not enough, drizzle your plates beforehand with the best balsamic glaze you can find, here’s mine.  Oh My!