Grilled Onions with Thyme and Cream

grilled onionsEven though summer is winding down there’s still plenty of time for grilling. I made these over the weekend, charred slabs of onions bathing in a shallow pool of cream and garlic. Pure decadence!
grilled onions What is it about onions and cream, they’re such a perfect combo!  I’m now adding this to another favorite onion recipe that I adore and previously did a post on back in 2011, my Roasted Parmesan Cream Onions, they’re always a big hit, so simple to make and a great side dish for the upcoming holidays. I think that’s why I was instantly drawn to this recipe when I saw it in Fine Cooking magazine, it’s similar but with grilled onions.

grilled onions The grilled onions become super sweet when caramelized and then you have the smokiness of the grill which gives this dish a whole other flavor dimension. Who would ever think that the humble onion could transform into something so luxurious! Don’t stress about the cream, for 12 slices you only use 1/2 cup!

grilled steaks Did I mention they are wonderful as a side with steaks or burgers?

 Trust me, they are!


Roasted Parmesan – Creamed Onions

I’m making a call out to all the onion lovers out there. Are you with me? You have to try this!!
Roasted sliced onions, that are bathed in a white wine and parmesan cream sauce, studded with a hint of fresh sage or thyme! This is a perfect side dish to go along with your turkey day dinner, or any dinner for that matter!

The cream and wine saturate these sweet roasted onions, and gives them such a luxurious flavor. You will be smitten with the first bite!!
Recipe Adapted From: Rick Tramonto’s Osteria
***Take 4 yellow onions, peel and slice them 1/4 inch thick, and carefully place them on a baking sheet, rings intact. Drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast them at 375F for about 15 minutes.

***While onions are roasting, place 1 cup of heavy cream and 1/4 cup of white wine in a small saucepan and simmer till it starts to bubble around the edges. Remove from stove.
***After 15 minutes, carefully take the onions off the baking sheet and transfer into a shallow baking dish, still keeping rings intact. Spoon cream sauce over each onion, maybe a little more black pepper, cover with foil and cook another 20-25 min’s.
***Remove from oven, take off foil, and raise temp to 450F. Shave, or grate your parmesan on top of each onion, place back in hot oven till golden brown. About 5 min’s till they caramelize.

Garnish with fresh sage leaves or thyme.
Hope you’re enjoying your weekend,
Buon Appetito Everyone!!!