Grilled Mini Corn Cobs w/ Cilantro Pistachio Pesto

It’s been an interesting few days, the weather here has been crazy! Storms , power outages, no cable, no internet, it’s sad how dependent I am on all those things, 1 day without, I can handle, but 3, no way!! and to top it off we discovered a mama raccoon and 4 of her babies living somewhere under an eve on my roof! The hubbby has done a bunch of things to get rid of them, but unfortunately “They’re Back!!!” Any clever idea’s you might have to get rid of them would be much appreciated! (Thanks for letting me vent!)
Anyway the storms have past and now it’s very hot, humid, and sticky. Time for a BBQ! These mini corn cobs are great for a party or BBQ, and much easier to eat than a whole ear of corn, and they fit on your plate perfectly along side all your other food!

Grill your ears of corn whole, they could even be done the night before then placed in a Ziplock bag until ready to use.When you’re ready to eat, place the whole cob back on the grill to warm it up a bit, then slice them into one inch disks and place in a bowl.
You can make the pesto the day of, it takes no time at all, I used my food processor and tossed in a handfull of cilanto, 2 scallions, a couple tablespoons of pistachio’s, olive oil, salt and pepper. If you’re not a cilantro person , of course my beloved basil would work as well. Toss everything together in a bowl making sure you’re coating your mini corn cobs with all the pesto, then serve. Four ears of corn makes quite a bit when cut up.

The combination of flavors here along with the smokey grilled corn is terrific!

Give these a try at your next party your guest’s will love them!
Buon Appetito!