Citrus Fruit Ideas to Brighten the Winter Blues

citrus caprese

It’s the beginning of a new year and as I look forward to spring I must admit one of the things I do like about winter is all the beautiful citrus that is available. Maybe it’s the way it makes you feel after over indulging during the holidays, it’s fresh, bright and very healthy for you, and who doesn’t need a good dose of vitamin C during these cold winter days.citrus

Every time I go food shopping I fill my cart with orange citrus, my three favorite varieties are navel, Cara Cara and blood oranges, each have a unique and special flavor on their own and I love to mingle them together.citrus caprese

While I patiently wait for my summer tomato caprese salad, this winter caprese has become my cold weather favorite.

You don’t need a recipe, just layer your favorite sliced oranges with fresh mozzarella, just like you would a tomato caprese. Lay it all on a bed of arugula with an optional sliced red onion ring in between.


The dressing is simply fresh squeezed orange citrus juice that is whisked with good olive oil, ( you could add a little white balsamic or champagne vinegar to the mix if you wish) the bitterness of the arugula against the sweetness of the orange and the creaminess of the fresh mozzarella is the perfect combination, especially when the dressing mingles all over it.citrus slicescitrus and fennelcitrus salad

I’ve been making a few other citrus salads as well, one has sliced oranges with fennel, red onion, creamy avocado, a little bit of arugula and toasted hazelnuts.


The other one is a huge bunch of arugula, orange slices and toasted hazelnuts, I love the bitter with the sweet. Both are simple to put together and they compliment any protein you might be eating, I especially love it with fish and seafood.citrus with crab cakes

On New Years Day I made this salad along with crab cakes, they complimented each other perfectly with the richness of the crab and the brightness of the citrus.citrus salsa

Citrus in the form of salsa is outrageously good, make it like you would any other salsa only with various varieties of orange segments, chopped jalapeno, cilantro or parsley, red onion and a drizzle of olive oil.

citrus salsa

The salsa’s are wonderful to top off scallops, shrimp, salmon, whitefish, basically any fish, plus it’s light and healthy something we all need after the holidays.citrus with cod

Here’s a one pan meal that is so delicious and it will surely brighten a cold winter day, my baked cod with blood orange, fennel and olives.
citrus with cod

Citrus fruits are not only refreshing they actually make you feel better, there must be a reason why these sunny fruits are available during the darkest time of the year. How many more days til spring?

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I’ve Been On a Salad Kick Lately!

I have to thank my daughter for getting me to try a kale salad, I thought it was strange not to cook it, I thought it would be really bitter, I was wrong. Whole Foods makes a very popular kale salad here which is beautifully displayed in their deli, the demand is so great that sometimes they run out, I bought a small container one day on the advice of my daughter, and I was hooked!

Since then I’ve been making kale salads all different ways, here’s one of my favorites. This nutritious and healthy salad can be put together in a few minutes, a nice alternative to the usual salad greens. Ingredients listed above, no measuring, just put as much as you want.

I had two blood oranges left that needed to be used so I made this simple salad consisting of oranges, raw onion rings, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil. The combination together creates a great balance of flavor.

A good use for leftover chicken is to recreate it into a salad. Diced chicken, red onion, avocado, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, torn fresh basil leaves and pine nuts tossed with some whole wheat bow tie pasta and fresh spinach drizzled with your favorite vinaigrette. Great for lunch or a light dinner.

Shrimp stuffed in an avocado has been around for years, what sets this apart is the 3 Citrus Aioli that’s drizzled all over it. Scoop out one side of an avocado, dice into medium chunks and place into a bowl, add your cooked shrimp that has also been cut into medium chunks ( leave a few whole). Toss in grape tomatoes that have been cut in half, granulated garlic, fresh parsley and red onion, stuff it back into the other avocado half.
For the 3 Citrus Aioli, combine the juice of a lemon, lime and orange, whisk it into a good store bought mayonnaise until you get the right consistency and then drizzle all over. The citrus brightens everything up and goes perfectly with the shrimp and creamy avocado.
Enjoy, and Buon Appetito!

Sicilian Blood Orange Salad

Although I didn’t get these in Sicily, ( I wish I did!!), I’ve been seeing them all over the stores around here. Originally blood oranges came from Sicily, but now they’re popping up all over the US, in fact they’re grown in Texas and California.

They’re in season right now so if you get a chance to try these, please do. Easy to spot with their distinctive dark washes of red on the outside. I love their appearance, and their flavor is great in sweet or savory dishes.

Don’t you just love the color? Look at all that juice coming out!
I decided to use mine in a simple salad. Sliced blood oranges, baby spinach, red onion, crumbled Gorgonzola, and the best extra virgin olive oil you have, season with salt, and freshly ground pepper.
The olive oil mingled with the juice of the orange makes a perfect dressing.
If you haven’t already tried these, grab some while they’re still in season!!
Buon Appetito!!!