Refections on 10 Years of Food Blogging

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basil potted plant


One of my greatest pleasures during the summer months is to have fresh basil growing all over my backyard, some in planters and pots and some in the ground. Basil is my hands down absolute favorite herb, just the smell of it makes me happy. I often have a big bouquet of it sitting on my kitchen island.

It’s my go-to herb and I use it in too many dishes to mention here. Making fresh basil pesto is another summer pleasure of mine, I’m happy when I know I have a stash packed away in my freezer as well as my fridge, especially when I pull a jar out in the dead of winter.
fresh basil


Talking about basil brings me back to the very first post I wrote on this blog written August 15, 2007. Yes, this August will mark my tenth year of Proud Italian Cook, I honestly can’t believe it’s been ten years, where did the time go? One thing I know for sure is that the older I get the faster time flies by.

I didn’t know a thing about starting and maintaining a blog back then I just knew I wanted to do it. I was reading a small group of blogs at the the time and I thought what a fun hobby and a nice visual way to document my own recipes for family. With the help of my daughter we got it up and running then little by little I started to learn the technical aspects, how to actually take pictures, write something and post it. It was a huge challenge for me because my brain has a problem comprehending technical issues, and I made a ton of mistakes.

The first time I hit “publish” I was so stressed out, what was I thinking? I have no clue what I’m doing here, this is way over my head. If anything went wrong behind the scenes I would be in pure panic mode until it was fixed, my poor husband had to deal with me through it all.

Sometimes I look back on older posts of mine and I cringe at my writing and pictures of food where I used my flash. Apparently I use to write with caps quite often, I guess I really wanted to get my point across. The grammar police would have a field day with my writing, I still have issues with commas and exclamation points! (see what I mean).

The best perk of blogging and one I never even thought existed back then was the community of people that I would virtually meet along the way, some even face to face, bloggers and followers who share the same passion as I do. They have been a source of encouragement and support and have inspired me with all they do as well as their positive comments, and for that I am eternally grateful.

It’s fair to say that if I never started my little food blog, my world would be a very different place.


making pesto


Yes, things are quite different in the blogging world today since the time I first started, it’s not as small and personal as it use to be, social media outlets are rapidly changing. Sometimes I wonder if the blog platform will still be relevant for the next generation, things like snapchatting keeps them very busy. Over the years I have seen blogs come and go, maybe it just wasn’t fun anymore, too much competition or worrying about ranking and SEO, if that’s the case I would agree, quit, the joy is gone.

Having a blog is a major commitment and time consuming and you certainly wouldn’t want to waste your precious time if it felt like a burden. On the flip side if you enjoy it, find your niche, add good content, tell a story and speak in your own true voice, your honesty will shine through and people will connect and want to follow you, and in my case throw in a good recipe every now and then.


basil pesto


I feel like I’m evolving in my old age, I very recently went from a PC to a Mac which has been like learning a whole new language to me, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone big time so I feel I’m challenged daily now until I get the hang of it, in fact this will be is my first post using my Mac, I hope it turns out when I hit publish!pasta


I love being on Instagram, it’s a visual short and sweet tidbit of my daily doings, cooking, family, life, so I’m going to continue with that, and if you care to follow me there just click here.

I’ve also made some short videos on my blog with a 14 year old future computer genius friend of mine, we had fun doing it and learned a ton of things, so I’ll be doing more of that.

I never realized when I started this blog that August 15th was Julia Child’s birthday so maybe it was meant to be, plus I’ve always loved her quote, “People who love to eat are always the best people”.basil pesto pasta

So for now since I’m still having fun I’m just going to slide right into the next decade. To be continued…

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  1. Congratulations, Marie!
    Such an impressive milestone—I think you may be one of the very few (only?) Italian food blogger out there who’s been at it longer than I have. And as you say, so much has changed since back in the day. It’s a bigger and more complicated world now, perhaps a little less fun. Back then, everything seemed more manageable, more personal than it is now. And it’s been sad to see so many blogs, some of them very good, come and go. That’s why it’s so comforting to know that you’re still going strong!

    Many happy returns!

  2. Marie, thank you so much for your blog…..I love it! Last night I made your tomatoe and corn pie in fact (again)! Have you thought about writing a cookbook? It would be lovely and well used by many I’m sure! I hope you continue this blog for many years to come. Your recipes and stories and photos are just wonderful. Thank you again!

  3. Marie, tanti auguri on ten wonderful years! You have eloquently expressed some of the same feeling and concerns that I have had over the past few years about blogging. Following you has been both an inspiration and a pleasure for me, thank you for making the blogging and IG community a special one. To the next ten….

  4. JoAnn Renello says

    Congratulations on 10 years. I remember that first blog post, you were so nervous but determined about the whole thing. And to think I knew you when, before all the blog fame.

  5. Congratulations!! I’m with you 100% — I love cooking and having people like your recipe is a perk. And Marie, once you get the hang of a Mac you’ll love it. I switched and I never looked back. The tech support at Apple is fantastic. That being said, have you tried the purple basil — it is so pretty I use it as well as the green for bouquets.
    And I understand too having to learn so many things along with photography — but again I love it. I am so happy I met you and you’ve been so sweet in your patience answering my “dumb” questions. Your delicious recipes are a big inspiration.

  6. Congrats, I would be lost without all your ideas and recipies!

  7. Marjorie Holste says

    Congratulations Maria! I could just jump into that beautiful barrel of basil 🌿 also my fav herb followed by cilantro 😊 Thank you for sharing all your delicious recipes, and fabulous photography 👏🏻

  8. Carol Szafalowicz says

    Congratulations Marie!!! Let’s see, where was I 10 years ago…….oh yeah, making the same old same old until I accidentally
    discovered your blog which triggered a spark in me to try new things. Maybe because you are from the Midwest, maybe because I could relate to all the food being Italian American, but mostly because all your wonderful recipes seemed doable and easy enough for me to try. And try I did……..thank you for making me a much better cook, sparking my interest and trying so many more recipes I never would have. I thank you, my husband and family thanks you………..
    Many thanks from one Chicago girl to the other……….keep them coming xo big hug Warmly, Carol

  9. Marie, Congratulations!! My wish for you is 10+ more❤️ Your blog is wonderful! I’m hoping to be as lucky😁

  10. So glad you did! Congratulations

  11. Wow 10 years! I only subscribe to a few blogs. Yours is one that I turn to quite often for inspiration. Thank you, for the last 10 years. I look forward to many more.

  12. 2007? That is very impressive. Not only for having 10 years of posts, but not many people were thinking about blogs at all in 2007. Certainly, all the industry around it (Facebook, insta, pinterest) did not exist at that time. As a computer guy, I saw some of it, but certainly wasn’t as prolific as it is today. Congrats.

    Finally, that basil plant looks BEAUTIFUL.

    • Thank you Ben, yes times have really changed, I wonder what the next 10 will be like. ( I love my basil too and it’s still going strong!)

  13. Congrats, Marie, yours is one of my favorite blogs: down to earth, not too fussy with recipes that are doable for any home cook. Thank you and here’s to another 10! Cin! Cin! 🥂

  14. Congratulations on your anniversary! Ten years is a long time and the blogging world has really changed! I’m at 8 years this year and I, like you, wonder if blogs will be relevant in the future. For now I’m glad you keep blogging!

  15. Patti Scarola says

    So wonderful. LOVE your blog!!! Keep going strong, Maria. Congrats!!!!!

  16. Congratulations of your 10th year blog anniversary, Marie! I began my blog q few months after yours and when I found yours then I was a fan for life!

    You are so right when you said the blogging world has changed. Bloggers became friends back then and chatted bak and forth in comments. Now many don’t comment at all which is sad.

    I don’t regret a day of blogging as I’ve learned so much through it and made so many nice friends from around the world. I hope we can both continue blogging for many, many, more years!

    • I agree Pat we go way back you and I, sorry I’m missing you this month, looking forward to your pic’s my friend!

  17. Congratulations on your 10th. I hope you are here another 10 or more. I love your recipes. 🙂

  18. I love your blog and this post gave me such hope. I have only been blogging about 2 years and I still love it even though I don’t have much interaction…but that’s ok. I love sharing my recipes, my life as a runner and occasionally my tidbits about my family. The three things I am most passionate about. Someday I hope to be as amazing as you….or at least a little.

    Congrats! I am excited for your fun to continue because that means more yummy recipes for me to try!

  19. Dieci anni–wow? Congratulazioni, Marie! Six years for me, and that’s hard to believe. I’ve loved your blog from the first moment I discovered it. Your photos always make me drool and want to make whatever you’ve made. I regret that life was so busy before we moved from St. Charles back to the east coast. I so wanted to meet you!

    It looks like you’ve made the transition to the Mac just fine–calls for another congratulazioni! I’m way behind in posting lately because my daughter is getting married in 4 weeks. I’ve still been trying lots of new recipes and taking photos but just haven’t had time to put them in a post. I made and froze finger desserts for her bridal shower for several weeks. I told myself that I was making way too many but that people could take a plate home. Then I realized that subconsciously I was making enough for a traditional Italian dessert table! My daughter loves Italian cookies, and I made all her favorites including mine from when I was a kid–Italian sesame seed cookies. Wish I still had some, but I made sure to give them all away. I need to fit into my mother-of-the-bride dress!

    • Hi Fran, What an exciting time for you, blogging can wait! I could just imagine you baking all the cookies, yes we are all over-doers in that department, I can so relate! Thanks so much friend xo

  20. Well Marie – First of all, let me say that I could dig right into the screen with that delicious plate of pasta, zucchini and pesto. But then again, I could dig in with pleasure to anything you make. We’ve known each other a good bit, through our blogs, and then it was a real joy meeting in person years ago. We need to do that again. I love how your blog has evolved over the years — your photos are stellar – they could be in magazines, and of course, your recipes are fantastic. You make it all seem so effortless and delicious — and FUN! I hope the fun continues. As they say, cent’anni, amica mia.

  21. Congrats on your anniversary 🙂 I really enjoy your blog and have to say I’m JEALOUS of your basil plant! I can’t get mine to grow very big at all, we don’t have enough sunshine and hot weather lately!

  22. Congratulations on 10 years of blogging. I have only known about your amazing blog for 5 of those years, but it has become one of my favorite blogs to visit regularly. Your food is so authentic and beautifully presented, I can almost smell and taste it. I look forward to many more years of beautiful photos and recipes.

  23. I know you a whole decade? Wow! We are pioneers!
    I agree w/ you…..who knows if blogs will be relevant in the next 10….with instagram, snapchat and all the other social media outlets….but blogging has been wonderful and has opened so many doors, new friends and opportunities.
    Love taking the journey with you, along with your delicious food! (I also cringe at my old posts and photos…ugh).
    Here’s to another 10! and hope to meet in person someday.
    xo Stacey

    • We are pioneers, ten years is long but honestly it flew by. I hope we meet one day and sip a nice bottle of wine together, with Hen of course! xo

  24. Congratulations on 10 years of blogging – I love reading your blog and have made many of your (vegetarian) recipes. Here’s to the next ten years 🙂

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