Shrimp, Pasta and Broccolini in Tomato Cream + A Pastaiola Giveaway

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shrimp pasta and broccolini Happy National Pasta Day! Who doesn’t love pasta? It delicious, comforting, it comes in endless shapes and sizes and can be made countless ways with a variety of different sauces. It’s also crowd pleasing, a great party food, present at many family dinners and dinner for one. Many fond memories have been etched in our minds recalling favorite pasta dishes made by our dear loved ones hands.

So in honor of the day I made you a luxurious pasta dish that includes shrimp and broccolini in tomato cream sauce, and you won’t believe how quick you’ll get it to the table!

Lagostina Pastaiola  To further celebrate and to make me feel like an absolute pro in the kitchen, I used this absolutely gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, Hammered Copper Pastaiola from Lagostina.

Lagostina Pastaiola

marinara in pastaiola First thing I did with my pastaiola was make a big pot of marinara, I normally keep a stash in my freezer and I was running low. I’m happy to say I was able to fit two gigantic cans of tomatoes both over five pounds each into the pot with no problem, it’s nice and deep, deep enough for making future stocks and seafood boils.

marinara in pastaiolashrimp and broccolini

This pasta dish comes together quickly once you have all your ingredients ready so when you begin to make the sauce get your water boiling!

Add some garlic and olive oil to a pan then toss in shrimp, (I had eight large) and steamed broccolini, when the shrimp is cooked remove and set aside.

tomato cream sauce Deglaze the pan with three cups of marinara, preferably homemade or a good quality store bought brand then splash in about a quarter cup of  heavy cream, stir and combine then it’s time to bring back the shrimp and broccolini.

boiling pasta Did you know there are over 600 known shapes of pasta? I love seeking out different and unique shapes, for this dish I used Festoni, it’s like a pappardelle with ruffled edges.

drained pasta Looks done to me, nice and a dente, now It’s time to drain it and toss it into the creamy tomato sauce making sure everything gets coated well. ( I used 8 oz. here)

shrimp pasta and broccolini Silky, slurpy and luxurious!

shrimp pasta and broccolini

Happy Pasta!



( Disclosure: I received one pastaiola for review, and as always opinions are my very own)


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  1. Margaret DiPietro says

    My go to tomato sauce is Marcella Hazen , tomato, onion and butter. It’s great over any short pasta.

  2. Too many pasta dishes to list a favorite, but my favorite shape is pappardelle; I love a wide noodle!

  3. RJ Rodriguez says

    I love pasta Pasta e fagioli (past with beans)

  4. Baked pasta with either little meatballs or meatsauce with added ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella.

  5. I love good old spaghetti and meatballs. This dish looks delicious!

  6. Phil Bruzan says

    Favorite pasta dish?! You’re kidding, right?? I LOVE all pasta! I remember the doctor telling me when I was about 13 years old to stop eating pasta so I’d lose weight. Yeah right.
    My favorite shape would prob be a rigatoni. It goes in the Timpano which I’ve made a couple times and is a true labor of love and work of art.

  7. Our current favorite pasta dish is spaghetti mixed with zucchini noodles, with capers, garlic, lemon juice and zest, two big handfuls of parsley and basil, and chunks of avocado tossed in at the end.

  8. Hello Marie
    I love Fettuccine as my favorite pasta shape! especially with Genovese sause.
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!


  9. Hi Marie! When my husband and I vacationed in Sorrento, Italy, I could not believe all of the pasta shapes that were in the stores. By far my favorite were ones shaped like, er… man parts. I bought them as a joke for one of my girlfriends back home. She would serve them to her husband whenever he was acting like, well, a dick. LOL! We had so many laughs over that pasta. Here at home I like paparadelle or big fat ziti for thicker sauces and a thin linguini for lighter ones. Jumbo shells are always fun to stuff with all sorts of things too.

  10. I must have 6 boxes of different shaped pasta in my pantry. I love them all!!!

  11. My favorite pasta is my mother’s ravioli which she makes every Christmas.

  12. Being Italian it’s hard to narrow it down to just one favorite! But it would have to be our homemade cheese ravioli that we make for Christmas every year.

  13. Adrienne Napoli says

    Hello Marie…
    Carbonara is my absolute favorite with bucatini spaghetti. Thanks for the giveaway…beautiful pot!

  14. Debbie Kleven says

    Favorite pasta!!! Where do I start, well I love a lemon garlic sauce over linguini!! with chicken or seafood, some capers, mmm I’m drooling.

  15. My favorite is a grilled lemon chicken with fresh herbs and angel hair pasta. It is one I adapted to suit the tastes of my family. I could always count on happy diners when it was on the menu. That is why we cook anyway isn’t it? To make people we love happy.

  16. Love LOVE your blog Marie!! There are so many pasta dishes we love, but favs would be lasagna and carbonara. Rigatoni and fettuccini are my family’s favs. As a fellow Chicagoan, we love our Caputos!

    Thank you Marie!

  17. Carmela DellaFemina Dioguardi says

    My favorite pasta is a simple penne and my favorite sauce is a Bolognese! Heaven on a winter day. In the summer?……uncooked cherry tomatoes, olive oil and basil on linguine. Delish

  18. Julie Fitzgerald says

    All time favorite would be fresh ravioli with a simple fresh tomato sauce. Simple but the best.

    Love your blog!

  19. My family loves all pasta – but especially lasagna.

  20. Nancy Forrest says

    Favorite pasta dish? I think it may be impossibe. So I’ll use my daughter’s: Elizabeth’s Favorite Pasta (bacon, cream, peas, farfalle pasta with freshly grated parmesan and freshly grated black pepper). Maybe it has an ‘official’ name but I’ve never had a recipe. The pot is beautiful!! Thanks!

  21. I love your blog and all the recipes I’ve tried! My current favorite pasta is gnocchi, pan-fried slowly in butter until crispy and brown on both sides. Before serving I toss in some fried sage leaves, plenty of shredded parmesan, and more melted butter as needed. It takes a long time to cook the gnocchi, but it is well worth it!

  22. Diane Kantor says

    My favorite pasta shape has to be orecchiette because I used to watch my grandmother make them when I was a child. She was from Puglia where orecchiette is very popular and it was a treat to watch her. Either with broccoli rabe and sausage, meat sauce or pesto, orecchiette reminds me of grandma.

  23. This is hard to pick my favorite!! I have to many according to the scale lol I definitely crave my moms spaghetti and meatballs with angel hair. I love angel hair. And meatballs. And stuffed shells and…! Lol

  24. There is NO past a dish that I don’t like. My favorite pasta is Bucatini.
    LOVE your site.

  25. Boy is that a hard question! I think my favorite pasta is tagliatelle, because I love the Tuscan Sausage and Cream recipe I have!
    However, any fresh pasta is also a favorite!! Thank you for the great blog and awesome giveaway…💕

  26. Rosemarie Deflorio Weinstein says

    Favorite pasta dish is Cavatappi with Vodka marinara, and i do still love my Nonna’s and mom’s “Sunday Sugu” as well with the meatballs and bracioles. i guess it depends on my mood. 🙂

  27. Vicki Essink says

    I LOVE your website and have learned so much! The sauce I love and would really like to learn how to make it is Arrabbiata
    Thanks for all your great posts!!

  28. oh, pasta. i love it all! but one dish i’ve really loved recently is pasta primavera. oh so good! as for shapes? they’re all so good, but i do love a classic linguine. 🙂

  29. Besides loving my mother’s spaghetti with her homemade sauce, I have to say that bucatini all’amatriciana holds a special place in my heart. I had it many years ago for the first time in Rome, in Trastevere. Despite knowing pasta very well by then, that dish had such flavor I felt like I was experiencing pasta for the first time. That is what good food is all about. Grazie!

  30. ANY pasta is my favorite!!!! LOVE your blog and your wonderful recipes!

    Thank you!!!!

  31. Love them all, but angel hair is my favorite!

  32. My favorite pasta dish is my mother’s lasagna.

  33. Carol Johnson says

    I absolutely love lasagna

  34. Lori Edmonds says

    My shrimp scampi is my fav but I’ve trying ravioli which is moving up the list

  35. Anne Morgan says

    Hi Marie! My favorite pasta dish is a summer one. Made with fresh plum tomatoes sautéed with garlic, olive oil, a little balsamic and fresh basil. I like it with angel hair. It’s sooooo good and really quick to prepare.

  36. I love shells…..always have since I was a kid…and with bacon and peas, please.


  37. One of my favorite pasta dishes is oven baked macaroni and cheese. I can’t resist that top layer of golden brown cheese. That is the first thing I would make.

  38. Patricia Grosso says

    My favorite pasta is butternut squash ravioli with sage brow butter sauce! The pan is beautiful and will work well when making
    my ‘gravy’ on Sunday’s! I can also cook the butternut squash ravioli in the pot!

  39. Barbara Valenti says

    We make our own manicotti! It is so thin and so tender! We fill them with a ricotta, mozzarella mixture and cover in homemade sauce. It would not be a special occasion in our family with out the manicotti. No matter how much we make, it is never enough!

  40. I love lasagna with lots of meat and cheese and of course garlic. Then add some garlic bread and salad and it is heaven. Now your breath isn’t after eating it but still…

  41. Laurie Smith says

    My favorite pasta dish is anything with bolognese sauce! And I love the tennis racquet shaped pasta because my family is a tennis family!
    I love the look of this recipe.

  42. My favorite pasta dish is fettuccine alfredo 🙂

  43. I miss my mom’s manicotti!

  44. Catherine Hughes says

    My favorite pasta……so hard to choose. Fresh homemade parppadelle.

  45. I miss nonna’ a ravioli…so much. Also love pappardelle with chingalli(sp).

  46. I love mac and cheese

  47. Dianne Beaver says

    Love your blog. My favorite pasta dish is sauteed chicken and artichokes in garlicky tomato sauce with black olives and Parmesan cheese. YUM!

  48. Julia Powers says

    My favorite pasta shape is orecchiette and I love it in an old Martha Stewart recipe…orecchiette with caramelized shallots. Delicious! I love your site and your recipes are just wonderful. Thanks for all you do!

  49. Linda McHenry says

    My favorite pasta dish is plain ol’ spaghetti and meatballs……lots of it.

  50. My favorite pasta dish is carbonara.

  51. Catherine l. says

    My favorite pasta shape is definitely bow ties. So cute!

  52. Angel hair pasta is my favorite, though lasagna is my favorite pasta dish.

  53. Traci Badenhausen says

    Linguine with White Clam Sauce is my favorite Italian pasta dish, but my all time favorite pasta is good ol’ American Mac-N-Cheese!

  54. Pastina with butter and cheese! I am instantly 5 years old again! My go-to comfort dish!

  55. Cherie Fasbinder says

    My all time favorite go to comfort food…. spaghetti and meatballs!

  56. I’m actually running low in marinara and would love to make a big batch in one of these gorgeous pots! My favorite pasta shake is bucatini! And I believe my new favorite pasta dish is this one.

  57. Cherie Fasbinder says

    My all time favorite go to comfort food is spaghetti and meatballs!!

  58. Sandra Van Sickle says

    I love pappardelle with any sauce. Mac and cheese, spaghetti,fettuccine who can choose!!

  59. Chris Coffey says

    Our favorite dish is a dish my mom used to make, bow tie pasta with broccoli florets, chicken cut into bite size pieces, and sun dried tomatoes. Topped with a white wine, garlic butter sauce. Its to die for, I think I’m going to make it for dinner tomorrow night. As far as our favorite pasta goes, I think it easier to ask our least favorite. We don’t have one. We love all kinds of pasta, it just depends on the type of dish we make.

  60. Sheila Banker says

    I love tomato sauce with roasted eggplant in it or chicken sausage in it. As far as pasta love them all!! All shapes dry pasta, gnocchi, ravioli, and tortellini!! Love the pot and your posts!

  61. I too love all the different pastas! And all the different sauces and creations are endless! My current favorite sauce is the one my Son has perfected, his very own marinara! It is the perfect base sauce that can transform into so many different dishes! It’s such a great feeling to pass down to our children the love of cooking, creating and sharing family recipes! They’ll never go hungry and neither will their college roommates and friends!

  62. I’m torn between orecchiette or bucatini.

  63. My favorite pasta dish is Italian Tonnino Tuna with capers, tomatoes, onion and of course Italian Tuna packed in Olive Oil..with a little spice over homemade linguini !!

  64. Can’t wait to fill the house with the delicious scents of tomatoes, garlic and shrimp! Have been craving this combination since the evenings are starting to cool down. I also love to try new pasta shapes and am fascinated with the names. Will have to try to find some festoni pasta. That Hammered Copper Pastaiola pot is about the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. Would love to add that to my kitchen. It looks like something that would be handed down from generation to generation along with tasty memories.

  65. Barbara Hoza says

    My favorite pasta is bucatini with puttanesca sauce. My grandfather disliked bucatini and my nonna would tell him that she made it for the bambinos!

  66. My favorite is stuffed pacchieri , yummy!

  67. Italian Tuna in Olive Oil with tomatoes, onion, capers and fresh garlic over homemade linguini or percatelli..Your pasta with brocolini, shrimp in a cream sauce over that fabulous pasta looks AMAZING Marie !!!!…as do all of your recipes you post weekly…love them all, but growing up in my Italian nonna’s home, we ate every type of pasta and sauce imaginable…so choosing a favorite is pretty difficult…but just made this sauce over the summer for 60 people at a huge family/friend seafood pasta night…it was by far the favorite…out of the fruta di mare, linguini and crabs and the Italian Tuna over Linguini..the tuna and linguini pasta won !!! Made it with fresh Jersey Tomatoes which made it even better.

  68. Karen Leibowitz says

    Not sure if I can choose ONE favorite pasta shape or dish! I do love a classic lasagna! Now I’ll have to try Festoni! This dish looks amazing!

  69. My favorite pasta dish is cavatelli with broccoli rabe, garlic and oil topped with shaved parmesan cheese.

  70. Marie Barbuto Hudgeons says

    Hi Marie
    We love all pasta but in the summer we look forward to crabs and spaghetti. The best!

  71. My favorite pasta dish is browned butter alfredo with fresh parmesan and rotini pasta.

  72. I enjoy making my own pasta and right now my favorite is pumpkin ravioli with a browned butter and sage sauce. Yum! Some of your great recipes have been big hits at my house. You do such creative things with vegetables!

  73. I love lasagna Bolognese with homemade lasagna noodles with mini meatballs.

  74. I love fresh pasta. My favorite is fettuccine with Alfredo sauce.

  75. I love fresh pasta. Fettuccine with Alfredo Sauce is my favorite!

  76. Fresh Pappardelle is by far my favorite. Add a rich bolognese and I’m all good!

  77. In my family, we love all pasta shapes! I make a wonderful lasagna with vegetables or with cheese and sauce. Nothing beats a nice hot pasta dish made with love!

  78. April Thomas says

    Who knew all we followers of your wonderful website need a pastaiola ? What a gorgeous pot. I liked that you explained how much Sunday sauce or Marinara we can make in it. Lots! That’s Italian for sure. Feed everybody.
    Your recipes always turn out, so we will be making this shrimp and broccolini dish this week.
    Split decision on favorites at our house. My husband adores pesto dishes on fusilli and I love lemony or fresh primavera sauces on farfalle or linguine. Thanks again for all your efforts.

  79. Annelle Williams says

    I love fresh pasta. Fettuccine with Alfredo sauce is my favorite.

  80. Oh wow, another great recipe!
    My favorite pasta recipes (I couldn’t pick between the two) are a fabulous lasagna or chicken piccata over angel hair pasta.

    Thanks for all the great recipes.

  81. Sunday dinner every Sunday for my family, usually 12-14 people, parents, children and an at times a friend. Spagetti is there absolute favorite, red sauce and meatballs.

  82. Brenda Joslin says

    I love a salad made with orzo pasta and roasted vegetables so I will say orzo is my favorite!

  83. Orzo or pappardelle? I have to go with the pappardelle because it is the perfect complement to so many dishes. I love it as the foundation for sauces, either on their own or with vegetables, seafood, poultry or meats. I especially love it served with stews or hearty meat and vegetable dishes. Love the substantial weight it gives to any menu.

  84. My favorite pasta dish is Carbonara. Love, love, love it!
    My family’s favorite is baked macaroni with any kind of macaroni….just be sure the sauce is homemade.
    Thank you for you wonderful giveaway!!

  85. Orzo or pappardelle? Pappardelle wins it as I love it as the foundation of so many great dishes. It’s wonderful on its own with various sauces, or added vegetables, seafood, poultry or meats. I especially love it with braised stews or hearty meat and vegetable casseroles.

  86. Diane Bundy says

    My favorite pasta shape of all time penne pasta!

  87. Georgette R Helton says

    My Favorite pasta dish is penne,anchovies, olives green and ripe , onions, capers, eggplant, cream, and goat cheese ….I love it I love it

  88. Janel Wunderlich says

    Homemade pappardelle with Chianti beef ragu. Such a satisfying dish to make and share!

  89. My favorite pasta dish is what we call “weeds” around here. It is orechiette pasta with rapini (the weeds, tee hee) sauteed in olive oil, garlic, and peperoncini, tossed with some toasted pignoli, and topped with parmigiano reggiano. Chicken sausage slices optional. You can also substitute a mix of radicchio and endive. It’s delicious

  90. That recipe looks so good I will definitely be trying it soon.
    My absolute favorite pasta shape is capellini!

  91. Janet Palermo says

    I love old fashion Cavatelli and Broccoli, lots of olive oil and garlic perfectly browned!

  92. Leona Espinosa says

    I really love pasta of all shapes and sizes but my favorite is long fussili- pretty hard to find and expensive in Hawaii but so worth it!!! I also love gnocchi, and orzo, and baby bows…..and really enjoy your recipes and photos.

  93. Penne is my fav!!!

  94. Brandi young says

    Beautiful! Spaghetti Bolognese is my favorite pasta dish. Thank you!

  95. If I had to choose juse one, I’d have to choose ravioli.

  96. My favorite pasta dish is the penne, meatballs and sugo my husband makes.

  97. Never meet a pasta I didn’t like!!!!! LOV them all

  98. Never met a pasta I didn’t love, fussili is my favorite,use it in a lot, even in lo mein….

  99. shrimp scampi i love but i love all noodles with sauces and butter mixed in well but thats my go to one

  100. sue johnston says

    What a beautiful and useful pot! Just what I could use for my angel hair pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic and parmigiana!
    I never met a pasta I didn’t like, but I love the simple ingredients in this “recipe”. Thank you for the giveaway of the Lagostina pot and all of your wonderful recipes over the years!

  101. Marcella Hazan’s Pasta Carbonara. Yum

  102. Gorgeous pot, and so utilitarian! For me, fresh fettuccine with garlic, evoo and Parmesan. Oh, sprinkled with parsley. So good!

  103. My all-time favorite pasta dish: Spaghetti Carbonara!

  104. My favorite pasta shape is pappardelle! I mouth feel of a hearty pasta! Love your blog!

  105. Lasagna! It is the ultimate comfort food.

  106. My favorite pasta is Pasta Primavera!

  107. MY favorite pasta is Gigli , good sturdy pasta, holds up well with many different sauces.

  108. The Pot looks amazing……..God forbid you should see my pots! You can’t beat a good bowl of Spaghetti and Meatballs, and
    spare ribs, and Italian sausage. I can eat that every day! Just saw your video for the first time, thrilled for you.
    Warmly, as always, Carol

  109. Pasta fagioli made like my grandmother (white beans, ham, ditalini in a white sauce with lots of raw onion on top) hands down!

  110. Hi! My favorite pasta was one we enjoyed when we lived in Friuli region of Italy. It was called sacchetti. They were little cinched, sack shaped pasta filled with an amazing blend of pear and pecorino cheese! They were served with a brown butter poppyseed sauce. I have tried as I might to re-create these and just cannot get the filling to taste right. If you have a recipe similar to this, I would LOVE for you to share!
    Have a great day!
    PS: That pot is amazing! I collect Italian copper pots, but have not seen this shape. Bellissima!

  111. Marianne Rice says

    I love spaghetti bolognese, but my favorite shape is Campanelle. I love its chewiness and fluffy shape. I don’t tell you this enough, but I love your recipes and I’m grateful for you sharing them. Thank you Maria.


  112. Tara Esposito says

    My all time favorite is gnocchi and I just love your marinara! I make it all the time and would love that beautiful pot to cook it in! Love your blog and try a lot of your delicious recipes!

  113. Vynne LoTurco says

    My family’s favorite is Biba Caggiano’s Vodka sauce recipe with rigatoni !

  114. Penne Ala Vodka!

  115. Your recipes have melted into our family traditional meals and its really hard to pick just one favorite. I would have to say that recently I prepared the Veggie & Ricotta Galette and all I could hear was Hummm, Ahaaaa, isn’t there more? I can always tell how much of yourself, your “soul” you have poured yourself into your cooking – I can just feel the love when I’m preparing one of your recipes! I’m Greek and we are good neighbors with the Italians! Cheers and many thanks

  116. Hello Marie, I love getting your emails and I have saved every one since I started. Although my wife and I love all pasta’s I love cooking with fusilli and orzo. Lagostina Martellata Copper Pastaiola pot is amazing and would be awesome to use and show our friends and family. Thanks for all the great recipes and information you have provided me thru the years.
    Sincerely, Doug

  117. Carol Pavlik says

    My favorite pasta is my own homemade noodles, particularly now that I learned to whip up small batches. I would love to win this beautiful pot.

  118. My favorite pasta is homemade cheese ravioli with my husband’s family gravy recipe, made with bracciole, Italian sausage, neck bones and meatballs, browned and simmered in the gravy all the live long day..

  119. This looks delicious! Thank you for sharing. 🙂 My favorite dish is pasta all’amatriciana

  120. Spaghetti with Meat Sauce. Hands down.

  121. June Kinsella says

    Pasta Puutenesca is my all time favorite dish! I love pasta with fish! Thank you for all the tasty recipes I print and make a LOT of yours;)

  122. For the longest time my favorite was orecchiette with broccoli rabe, garlic and oil, until you posted fusilli with roasted tomatoes and burrata cheese on Instagram. That quickly became the new fave for myself, husband and son. Thanks for continually inspiring!!

  123. Cathy Andrews says

    I love Pasta Primavera!

  124. Kim Theriault says

    I love Rigatoni with Olive Oil, Garlic, Broccoli Rabe & Sausage!

  125. Susan Boling says

    Beautiful pot. Don’t you love to cook in gorgeous cookware?!! My favorite pasta shape is campanelle. They look so pretty on a plate! It’s hard for me to choose a favorite dish. I love pasta and enjoy them ALL!

  126. Linda Cotroneo says

    I love pasta of all types, sizes and sauces. It’s so hard to choose a favorite. Love pappardelle, rigatoni and I could go on and on. Love your posts, recipes are fabulous.

  127. Deborah Weissman says

    I love garlic and oil shrimp with cherry tomatoes over regular pasta with some broccoli rabe. My go to in restaurants

  128. Susan Broughton says

    I like any kind of pasta! I guess plain ole Spaghetti and Meatballs is my favorite!

  129. a good veggie lasagna is our favorite; am especially looking forward to fall so i can make it with butternut squash

  130. Lisabeth Morche' says

    My favorite pasta and pasta dish would have to be my mom’s spaghetti dinner, she used linguini noodles!

  131. MY favorite pasta sauce is putenesca. I love the savory taste. Love all the pasta shapes.
    thanks for a chance to win that beautiful pot!!

  132. Andrea Flagg says

    My go to pasta recipe is very similar. I do not use marinara and use roasted peppers and peas. I always have shrimp in the freezer, so I can quickly prepare dinner. I also top with parmesan.

  133. I could eat pasta seven days a week in any shape, size, and with lots of different sauces or soups. If I have to have a favorite, I Gus’s I have to pick my “Sunday” sauce with rigatoni. My family absolutely loves it!
    As always, Marie, you are an inspiration in my cooking journey!

  134. I love my grandmother’s recipe for pasta fagioli (white beans, ham, and ditalini). We always have some either in the fridge or the freezer.

  135. I love my grandmother’s recipe for pasta fagioli (white beans, ham, and ditalini). We always have some either in the fridge or the freezer.

  136. Christine Marino says

    My favorite pasta dish is a no cook sauce with brocoli and blue cheese. And the perfect pasta shape to go with it is rotelli or something similar. Those little cork screws are perfect for catching and keeping every bit of that delicious, creamy sauce that is so easy and quick to make. That’s why it is my favorite.

  137. My favorite pasta dish is made with fresh tomatoes from my garden cooked with good olive oil, lots of garlic, red pepper flakes, and finished with fresh basil. Summer in a forkful!

  138. My favorite pasta dish is definitely classic lasagna and also anything with al dente noodles.

  139. Favorite pasta dish?!? If it has pasta in it, it’s on my favorite list. I do love home made ravioli and play with lots of different filling options using the pasta attachment on my Kitchenaid mixer and the ravioli tray. My favorite shaped pasta though is farfalle. Love the little bow ties.

  140. Hi Marie,
    My favorite pasta is fresh linguini. My favorite pasta dish is shrimp Fra Diavolo. My favorite store bought sauce is Rao’s Arrabiata sauce.
    I would love to win the gorgeous pot.
    Take care,

  141. Sandra Perillo says

    Just made it last evening for dinner. Orzo pasta with chopped fresh spinach, sliced asparagus, scallions, dill, veg stock, and last but not least, cubed salmon. Top it all with feta cheese, broil for a bit and a great one pot dinner.

  142. My fav pasta dish is tortellini genoa, made with salami, black olives and capers. And how gorgeous is that pasta pot??


  144. I used mezzo maniche (short ribbons) that I found at Eatataly with a sweet italian/tomato/fennel/garlic/white wine sauce. Was a win at a recent dinner party!

  145. My favorite Pasta dish would be lasagna. Then a close second would be spaghetti and meatballs. This pot looks beautiful and anyone would be proud to have it in their kitchen.

  146. Joyce Ann Staples says

    Favorite pasta?? Hmmmmmmm let’s see. That’s a touch one since I love, love, love all pastas; however, I would have to say my favorite would be buccatini. I love twirling it in a good rich tomato sauce just…well…it justgets my tasete buds jumping all over the place….of course with some good crispy Italian bread…I would have to say that is my favorite.

  147. Wow that’s like saying which of your kids you love best! I always keep linguine in the pantry, so I’d say that’s my favorite.

  148. Debbie Freschl says

    My favorite pasta shape is DeCecco’s Cavatappi. It’s fabulous with a rich garlicy pesto sauce or a meaty ragu because it stands up to strong flavors and doesn’t get lost in the sauce!

  149. The simplicity of just garlic and oil….aglio e olio

  150. James Carruthers says

    Angel Hair!

  151. I would have to say that our favorite pasta dishes (can’t choose!) would be the roasted vegetables with penne, fresh cherry tomatoes and romano cheese AND the spinach tagliatelle and roasted squash recipe from your blog. Thank you!

  152. Bolognese and Bucatini, please.

  153. What a gorgeous pot! My favorite shape is a thick cut homemade pasta like pappardelle or fettucine.

  154. Love all pasta, but pappardelle is my favorite shape. Love how much sauce they hold! And I love your recipes. Always delicious and I am happy every time I see an email from you!

  155. My favorite shaped pasta would have to be farfalle. It goes with anything you put on it, but I like it best as a prima vera with roasted veges that I made every Easter instead of doing a meat sauce as the first course. I love the texture, a little hard in the middle.
    All time favorite would have to be cheese ravioli and after that I like penne with a meat sauce topped off with a dollop of ricotta – Sunday style.

  156. This recipe looks delicious. I may make it tonight, as I just bought shrimp at the store. Thanks for sharing this recipe (and all your other ones, too). And a big thanks to the folks at Lagostina for their generous donation!

    My favorite recipe is for my family’s homemade sauce made with spare ribs (the pork bones make an unbeatable sauce) and fusilli. A close second would be spaghetti carbonara (I make mine with capicola rather than bacon).

  157. Lauren Miranda says

    My favorite recipe is a classic- lasagna!!

  158. Thanks for the great giveaway Marie (and I love your blog)! My favorite pasta is bucatini — I love its hearty texture — and my favorite pasta dish is just fresh cherry tomatoes blistered in a pan with some sautéed onions and garlic, add lots of fresh basil, and finish with some shaved asiago or parmesan (maybe top with some Nicoise olives).

  159. Brenda Haines says

    Clam linguine is my favorite.. right now, that is. 😉

  160. Deb Burroughs says

    I love your chunky minestrone!

  161. I love all pasta! If I have to choose one, it would be homemade ravioli. The pot is gorgeous, thanks for the giveaway!

  162. Favorite pasta dish? LOL! If I had to pick hmmmm linguine with marinara with a good crusty bread to soak up all the gravy is my go to. (linguine by the way is my favorite shape)

  163. Love all pastas from marinara to pesto sauces, can’t choose a favorite!

  164. Maria Luisa Manca says

    I like any kind of pasta!My favorite Pasta dish would be my homemade ravioli stuffed with eggplant,ricotta and mint.

  165. Cheryl Wilson says

    Pappardelle is my favorite pasta shape. It, like you say, has an amazing slurp factor. My favorite pasta dish is Creamy Peppardelle with Leek & Bacon!

  166. I love all shapes but I really love cavatappi (sp?) Marie, I just love it when you post new recipes–you are the absolute best!

  167. That looks amazing! For me, the bigger the pasta the better, that is why I love pappardelle! It pairs so well with a tomato cream sauce or a braised short rib. Yum, now I am getting hungry!

  168. I love pasta in all shapes and sizes. My absolute favorite pasta dish also happens to be my absolute favorite comfort food – linguine and white clam sauce!

  169. I love the shape of cappeletti pasta. In 1980 my mom made over 2,500 for my wedding. They were served in chicken broth. My mom used the top of a sterling silver salt shaker to cut the perfect circle fillings and twisted them perfectly into little hats. Everyone loved them!!

  170. Love all pasta but my favorite dish would have to papardelle bolognese. P.S. ppot is beautiful

  171. My all time favorite pasta shape is Orechiette and my favorite dish is beef Braciole to go along with it

  172. Medium shells. Not matter the sauce it pools in the shell.

  173. I love a cream sauce over pasta.

  174. Being Italian myself I love all kinds of pasta but I have to say my two favorite pastas are Ricotta Gnocchi with tomato cream sauce and Linguini with Fresh clams & mussels. They make me happy and brings me comfort!
    Your recipes always look so delicious I wish you much success, I strive to have a blog as good as yours❤️

  175. By far, favorite pasta is Rigatoni, can eat i every night, any preparation, just love the size and texture. Love your site and always look forward to you new and delicious looking recipes.

  176. Pasta always brings me close to home and my childhood and I love all of them, but if I have to pick one I would have to say Ravioli.

  177. I would have to say Country style rigatoni. Two teenage boys and a twenty something one love it. No problem to wing it if all or the right ingredients aren’t available.

  178. My favorite pasta dish to make for my family is baked spaghetti.

  179. My favorite dish is without a doubt Pear Ravioli with Gorgonzola cream sauce. How do you expect me to pick just one shape…there are so many that I love! But my favorite is probably Strascinati, very similiar to Orecchiette, which I was introduced to one summer in the port town of Bari!

  180. I love to make one of your pasta recipes on a chilly autumn day! Beautiful pots like this only make it more fun.

  181. Marie, my favorite pasta is CORZETTI. Not only to eat with a pesto but also the enjoyment of making them. I have several of the stamps from Terry Mirri, and Signor Franco Casoni, and with your help Signor Pietro Pacetti, from Italy.

  182. Wow!!
    Loving all the comments and how many people love PASTA!!!
    I miss my mother’s homemade gnocchi..:(
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Mangia, mangia! ( as mom used to say)

  183. Favorite since I was a kid has to be cavatelli.
    If I’m out and it’s on the menu that’s what I’m having!

  184. i love all the shapes of the dried pasta from Abruzzo! and i think this pan is beautiful…never wanted copper..but this is so nice…I would love it!

  185. Pasta is always a favorite in this home.

  186. Kat Raduszewski says

    I absolutely LOVE Cavatelle and Orzo pasta! I serve it with a bacon marinara sauce.
    Thanks ProudItalian!

  187. I do a lot of cooking. This Lagostina Martellata Hammered Copper Pastaiola Set would be so nice to have in my kitchen. I’d make my favorite spaghetti with meatballs.

  188. Todd Fitzgerald says

    The pasta I like the best is ANYTHING made by my wife. I’m Irish, grew up with a mom that couldn’t cook, I met my wife who is Italian and she won me over with her cooking! My family says I’m a lucky man to marry so well!

  189. Hi Marie,
    We love all kinds of pastas here, but our favorite is probably linguine rigate because it holds our red sauce so well. I always make big batches of sauce to freeze and always have on hand. Tastes better heated up the next time. Love your blog.

  190. Linda koterba says

    Hi Marie,
    My favorite pasta shape is Campaneela, the little bell with the ruffle edge.

  191. Kim Henrichs says

    I absolutely love tortellini!!!

  192. Eileen Bruscini says

    Hello Marie,
    Your recipes are wonderful!
    Seafood Fra Diavolo with Linguine is my all-time favorite pasta dish~!

  193. Danielle G. says

    Thank you for all your wonderful recipes and food photography! I always look forward to reading your emails. Love your seasonal vegetable recipes the most. Thank you for all you do! Brings me back to my 2 month summer in Sicily. 😉

  194. Oh my goodness Marie. What a fabulously beautiful pot – not to mention that delicious pasta dish. I wouldn’t have known it was national pasta day yesterday, if not for you! So I changed dinner plans and made farfalle with beans – pasta e fagioli – one of my favs.

  195. Stefani Paolucci says

    Still have a passion for angel hair pasta!

  196. Dear Marie,
    I love pasta in general, but when pressed for a favorite, I’d have say I love BUCATINI the best. I consider bucatini carbonara
    to be a wonderful treat, just one of my favorite sauces for bucatini!!! This pot is an exciting tool, a usable art object with which
    to create delicious meals!!!

  197. My favorite pasta dish is Spaghetti alla Bologenese, since everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY loves it! Kids and adults alike. My favorite pasta shape is Mafaldine , which is like a thin lasagna noodle, so you get more curly edges per pasta sheet.
    BTW, I think your winner should post their pasta dish. Mine is already posted on blog.

  198. Patti Scarola says


  199. Mary ann kiczek says

    That’s easy Caico e pepe made w bucatini

  200. My favorite pasta dish is my Nani’s lasagne. Favorite pasta shape, I have many as evidenced by my pantry, but I would go with mostacolli as it reminds me of Sunday dinners with my Nani.

  201. My favorite pasta dish is my Nani’s lasagne. Favorite pasta shape, I have many as evidenced by my pantry, but I would go with mostaccoli as it reminds me of Sunday dinners with my Nani.

  202. Favorite pasta dish is spaghetti with clam sauce and lots of baby clams.

  203. My favorite pasta recipe is pretty simple, angel hair pasta with sausage, peppers, onions, and some marinara – yum. Angel hair is my favorite pasta although I love all pasta.

  204. My favorite pasta dish is home made pasta with fresh sweet farmer’s cheese, sour cream and sprinkled with cinnamon and vanilla sugar.

  205. Missy Knowlton says

    I’m a sucker for a delicious linguine with clams or a zuppa di pesce. I also love a cacio e pepe with bucatini.

  206. My favorite pasta dish is Spaghetti & Cauliflower as taught to me by my Sicilian grandmother.

  207. My favorite dish is Carbonara..discovered it abroad years ago and still dreaming of the perfect bowl!

  208. Lisa McCave says

    Hi, Marie ~
    Lasagne is my all-time favorite pasta!!! All that oohy-goohy cheese dripping from spoonfuls of lasagne pasta and meat sauce. My gourmet sister, Marta and hubby love to spend their free time in the kitchen – especially with a seafood and pasta dish. They’l be in Heaven in their new eastern shore MD retirement home soon – hopefully with a fancy new copper pastioila pot! Thank you for all your blog sharings! Lisa

  209. My whole family loves shrimp fra diavlo

  210. Copper is so beautiful and I would think that it would make anything taste better 🙂 Picking just one pasta dish is really difficult because it depends on what mood I’m in — do I want pasta with a marinara sauce or do I want more of a sagey brown butter sauce? I love bucatini but I also love orecchiette and how the little ears hold the sauce. YUM! Perhaps I should make an ode to pasta — How do I love thee, let me count the ways . . . Thank you for giving us the opportunity for winning the gorgeous pot. Have a wonderful day!!

  211. Jodi Marino Walters says

    My family loves linguini with white clam sauce. So easy yet so good…..:)

  212. My favorite pasta is Penne Vodka I love it!

  213. Linguine with Fresh Clams in White Wine Garlic Sauce, oh so classic Italian:-)

  214. I love orecchiette, especially in a dish with peas, which settle to nicely into the little “ears”.

  215. Hi Marie
    I love your blog! My favorite pasta is hands down spaghetti and meatballs.

  216. My favorite is my late Nana’s homemade fettuccine ……. of course. it will never taste as good as hers… My favorite sauce is exactly what is shown above..marinara sauce.. and at times with meatballs… Sometimes…its a must have ” sugo” with neck bones…..and sometimes include spare ribs…

    Will try that pasta above…i feel i will like that for sure…

    this recipe looks absolutely delicious…will be be made very soon.,.

    as usual….explicit instructions …with welcome personal extras…and beautiful illustrations..

  217. Lisa Marzella says

    My favorite pasta shape is Papparadelle and my favorite dish is Bolognese! This recipe looks amazing! Thanks for posting!

  218. Deana Hutch says

    My favorite Pasta shapes are Pappardelle, Tagliatelle and Mafalda! My favorite sauce is Alla Vodka!

  219. Harry Althaus says

    Hard to nominate a single favorite…I might say Carbonara, or maybe Fettucine alla Limone…I guess my real favorite pasta dish is just: DONE! Put it in front of me, and I’m good to go! 🙂

  220. Denise Fitzigbbons says

    My favorite past is angel hair, but i love it all!! This recipe looks delicious, can’t wait to try it!!!

  221. Tim Ferrier says

    The pot looks spectacular. And your latest dish looks great. Love the ribbon pasta.

  222. Nadya LeMoon says

    My favorite pasta dish is stuffed ravioli, yum!!!

  223. shrimp fra diavlo!

  224. Chris Brock says

    My absolute favorite pasta dish is manicotti, but I love most pasta dishes!

  225. Cavatappi is my favorite if I have to choose!

  226. Frank Curtiss says

    My favorite pasta is Sunday Gravy as they make in Napoli. Love your blog!

  227. Licia McClary says

    Bucatini has a nice “toothsome” feel of short pastas but the twirl aspect of spaghetti! Definitely a favorite pasta shape.

  228. My favorite pasta dish is spaghetti carbonara! Thanks for the chance!

  229. Angel hair is a favorite but I love them all

  230. Ashley Esposito says

    Any pasta using Basic Marinara! (the Mother of Italian Red Sauces) 🙂

  231. Cathryn Stewart says

    My fall favorite is butternut squash lasagne!

  232. I really like tortellini a lot with red sauce or alfredo.

  233. kevin Hager says

    Favorite pasta dish is manacotti ..

  234. Ashley Perez says

    I love tortelini with alfredo sauce. YUMMM (:

  235. My favorite pasta shape is CAMPANELLE — little bell shaped pasta!

  236. Gosh, just one? In the summer, I’d say linguini with a lemon garlic sauce and shrimp. In the winter, a nice thick marinara with rigatoni and sausage.

  237. Vodka cream sauce with crab ravioli. A thick marinara and I will put in beef hind shanks, a good Italian sausage and Parmesan rind. Of course my husband would say spaghetti. But we will eat any shape pasta! The pot gorgeous. Thanks Marie

  238. Yours is always a go-to site. Thanks, Marie for all your wonderful recipes.
    Favorites: Linguine! al Limone; with white clam sauce; with marinara and meatballs; with garlic, evoo, cheese… but if I must pick it is that about which I am about to fix_ Linguine Bolognese.

  239. I make your stuffed shrimp with champagne sauce every year for Christmas

  240. Carbonara!

  241. I would love any shape of pasta with my fresh pesto

  242. Bucatini!

  243. Angel hair or linguine depending on sauce yumm

  244. cheryl larimer says

    My absolute favorite is Carbonara but I only get it when I go out. I would love to learn to make it from scratch.

  245. Debbie Weisinger says

    With such a versatile pot to cook with it would be difficult to find the perfect dish …but then with a pot like this ALL,your pasta would turn out perfect! Pasta (bucatini)Aglio e Olio with shrimp would be my go-to comfort dish to make. The sauce seeps right into the pasta and that first bite just makes you want to close your eyes and have a moment. Definitely would be a step up from using the Dutch Oven.

  246. Denise Marie says

    I have always loved chicken parmesan!

  247. We love penne with Italian sausage!

  248. Around this time of year I love Fettuccini past with a pumpkin-cream sauce. Delicious!

  249. Sagar Matha says

    It is hard to pick a favourite pasta. While most people eat a small bowl and are full I can eat a half a packet myself! I know, oink oink indeed. However, I like simple sauces with pasta – my favourite is probably al-olio pepperoncino with lots of garlic and lots of chilli. You’ve got me craving pasta now and it is my birthday tomorrow so I shall spoil myself and make a big pot of this shrimp pasta I think with some smoky tomato sauce that I made this summer. Yum, can’t wait.

  250. My favorite pasta dish is penne ala vodka.

  251. Homemade Manicotti…they melt in your mouth.

  252. If I had to pick just one, linguine fini is my favorite.

  253. I love spaghetti, any time and in many ways!!

  254. My favorite pasta dish is Penne alla Vecchia Bettola.