Grilled Pizza with Slow Roasted Tomatoes and Whipped Ricotta

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pizza on the grill If you haven’t tried making grilled pizza yet I can honestly say you’re really missing out. Many people are intimidated by it, I was too when I first started making it a couple of years ago. I made many mistakes, especially when grilling the dough you have to get it just right in my opinion because it can make or break the whole pizza.

When grilled correctly the crust becomes crunchy with just the right amount of chew and the perfect platform for your toppings.

slow roasted heirloom tomatoes Speaking of toppings, for grilled pizza I wouldn’t use meat unless it’s been pre-cooked and sliced thin.

For me using veggies of any kind is the way to go, but again they should cooked and  prepped first. Pizza made on the grill goes really fast, you have no time to cook a meat on top, after you crisp up the crust you’re basically waiting for the cheese to melt. Usually  I’ll roast up some zucchini coins or thin slices of eggplant, mushrooms, peppers beforehand so I’m all ready when it comes to topping the pizza, you have to have all your toppings prepped and ready.

This time I decided I was going to use these beautiful heirloom tomatoes that I found which I had slow roasted a couple of days before. They’re basted with garlic and olive oil and slow roasted with fresh thyme or basil for four hours, I love having them tucked away in my fridge to use for appetizers or to top off a special dish or in this case grilled pizza, the flavor is out of this world.

This has now become my new favorite grilled pizza of all times!

ingredients for grilled pizza My ingredients were: One ball of pizza dough, ( I get mine from a good Italian store, but you can make your own of course), fontina cheese, fresh mozzarella, whipped ricotta, basil and the slow roasted tomatoes.

raw pizza dough I don’t like to grill one big pizza, I tried it many times but the crust never turns out the way it should. I like to cut my dough ball in half and make two pizzas. The dough needs to be at room temperature for best results otherwise it keeps springing back when your trying to spread it out and form it nice and even.

Brush both sides with olive oil, place them on a baking sheet and take them out to the grill.

making grilled pizza Heat your grill up nice and hot, burn up any bits, your grill grates should be impeccably clean, then take a paper towel soaked in oil and wipe it all over your grates.

I have a gas grill with three burners, all are lit but kept at medium heat. Now place your dough onto the grill, and don’t touch it!

making grilled pizza You’re going to see it start to bubble, that’s a good thing, let it bubble all around, now take your tongs, lift it and see how it’s doing, you can move it, turn it, but don’t flip it over!

You want to get it nice and crispy, only on one side for now.

making grilled pizza When it looks like this take it off and put it on your baking sheet cooked side up,it’s time to put the toppings on. Remember, the underside is still not cooked.

grilled pizza dough You can tell the dough is cooked in the photo above,  it’s not pale, it doesn’t look gummy or raw, it’s sort of crunchy and slightly hollow if you tap on it, and it’s sturdy enough to  stand up to your ingredients.

grilled pizza toppings I put the grated fontina down first, then cut and scattered my fresh mozzarella around, added the slow roasted tomatoes and fresh basil. The whipped ricotta goes on after the pizza is finished.

grilled pizza Go back out to your grill now and place the uncooked side down onto the grates, close the lid and let the cheese melt, keep checking so the crust doesn’t burn lifting it with your tongs, again you want it nice and crispy like the top with a firm feeling to it, not limp.

grilled pizza It only takes a few minutes so don’t walk away!

grilled pizza The bottom is now cooked and crispy, the cheese has melted, the tomatoes with the garlic oil have permeated the whole pizza and the basil just tops it all off.

But hold on we’re not done!

grilled pizza Time for the whipped ricotta, mix it up and place it in a zip bag, cut off the tip and squeeze fluffy dollops onto your pizza.

grilled pizza Just one bite and you’ll be smitten! There are no words…

grilled pizza

Here’s the link to make the slow roasted tomatoes and whipped ricotta, now get grilling!

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  1. Looks so. Good. And as usual explicit instructions..

    May I ask what ricotta you are using??
    Thank you

  2. I missed a few of your posts as I was doing mega babysitting last week–lol

    These pizzas look fabulous! I have a special pan to grill pizza on the grill but I promise to try this method the next time I make it.

  3. Marjorie Holste says

    beautiful tomatoes, I’m sure the pizza’s were amazing, I can’t wait to make some myself:-)

  4. wow! this looks amazing! I so love fontina. Do you whip the ricotta yourself or is it purchased that way?

    • Mimi, I whipped it myself, the link at the bottom of the post will tell you how I did it, very easy.

  5. This gets a 10 drool rating!! Your pizzas look so good. We haven’t put whipped risotto on it but we will certainly be making some once we get home. We also DON”T like a heavily sauced pizza. We really like the oil and garlic! Have a great week — I’m always happy to see one of your posts 🙂

  6. Tara Esposito says

    Wow, those are beautiful! Do you buy your pizza dough and ricotta at Caputo’s? My boys love Italian sausage, carmelized onions, blue cheese and a little fresh mozzarella on their pizza!

    • Yes they have great pizza dough and good ricotta Tara

      • karen castagna says

        may i ask what brand ricotta you buy..??? or is Caputo’s brand….

        thank you

        • I buy so many different brands, Caputo makes their own which is great but honestly any good Italian deli will have it. Just make sure it’s drained well if it’s sitting in liquid

          • thank you,…yes,,over these many years…i may have so many….but never Caputo…was curious…if you use it…has to be worth trying…

  7. Mary-Alice Bier says

    Oh my goodness my mouth is watering….and I’ve been meaning to ask you how to grill a pizza….directions are perfect….thanks Marie…

  8. Absolutely GORGEOUS! We love doing grilled pizza as well and will have to try the slow roasted tomato thing and the whipped ricotta.

  9. Oh geez Marie. Do you have to do this to me now, when I am starving? I can’t wait to start making grilled pizza again as the weather warms, and your tips are fabulous!

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