Savory Squash and Brussels Sprout Flatbread

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brussels sprout and squash flatbread

I can’t tell you how much I love making making flatbread pizzas, every body seems to love them and when I’m pressed for time I can whip one up in a few minutes. What I like about flatbread pizza is that you can make them so many different ways, actually using whatever you have on hand in your fridge. They bake up with a nice crispy crust that’s able to hold up to whatever you place on top, think leftover chicken, veggies, cheese, you don’t need much of each, actually less is more. Here’s some other ones I’ve made in the past.

I use lavash bread, there’s many different brands and you can find them at almost any large grocery store, I keep a couple of packages in my freezer at all times. Honestly, even if you take them straight out of the freezer they only take a few minutes to defrost, which is great for busy days and unexpected guests.

making squash puree

Last week I bought a butterkin squash at my farmers market, which is now officially closed for the season, sniff sniff.  They told me I should try it, that it was creamy and delicious, a cross between butternut squash and pumpkin. I loved it and would buy it again, to me it tasted like a more intense butternut squash and it had an amazing orange color, so fall like!

I decided to make a puree from it by first roasting it then scooping out the cooked pulp and smoothing it all out in my food processor, you could actually do this with any type winter squash, it’s nice to have on hand and I’ve been using it in a bunch of different things all week.

brussels sprouts and squash flatbread

For instance, I used some of the puree for the base of my flatbread, I put a couple of tablespoons into a little ricotta and spread it on as my first layer, it was a nice little twist and enhanced all the flavors of the other ingredients that I used on top.

My next layer was shredded mozzarella, then pre-roasted delicata squash rings, ending with shaved, pre- roasted brussels sprouts that were tossed in olive oil and parmesan cheese, both were leftovers in my fridge and when all put together it was out of this world good!

A few tips for the flatbread, brush olive oil on both sides, place on a baking sheet, top with ingredients and bake at 400 degrees for no more then 10 minutes, that’s it!

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  1. Great minds think alike! I just made this but added grapes!
    You are the “squash queen” still…….

  2. Marie – You’ve just given me another great idea on using the butternut squash from my garden. I already have the flatbread too. I’ll have to look for that butterkin squash next time at my farmer’s market.

  3. What an intriguing and pretty choice of toppings for your flatbread!

  4. One thing I can say for your recipes they are all feasts for the eyes!! The flatbread pizza is beautiful — almost too pretty to eat — almost. I’ve never been able to resist pizza and this is one irresistable flatbread. We’ve always made our own flatbread but we may have to break down and try for some of the store bought just to have on hand. We are going to our All Natural Food Store and I’m looking for your adorable squash. Grazie e buona giornata.

  5. This looks beautiful, and I bet it is delicious. I have not seen butterkin squash in the markets nearby. It may well be there, and I might have missed it. I will keep my eyes peeled for it. Thanks for the introduction. I’m sorry that your Farmers’ Market is now closed. SUrely you must miss it. Here in Southern California our temperate clime makes for year round outdoor markets.

  6. The butterkin squash sounds interesting! I like the puree it made and it looks amazing as a base fr your flatbread—yum!!!!

  7. I made this the other night – delicious! Thank you for the recipe!

  8. Quick question: did you roast the Brussel sprouts before or after you shredded them? Thanks, and I love your work!

    • I roasted them before Cyndi, they don’t take long and then you got 10 minutes on the flatbread, enjoy!

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