Gnocchi with Swiss Chard and Ricotta

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swiss chard and ricotta gnocchi As soon as there’s a chill in the air I have the urge to make gnocchi, I don’t know why, but I  just do. So on a cool, dark, dreary Sunday I whipped up a batch.

I’m partial to ricotta based gnocchi instead of the potato ones, they’re light as a cloud and melt in your mouth plus you can get a batch together in no time at all.

making Swiss chard gnocchi This time I wanted to add some Swiss chard to mine, I still have a ton growing in my garden and since I’ve done kale gnocchi before I’d thought I’d try it with chard.

You don’t need a bunch of chard because a little goes along way. Rinse it really good then blanch it for a few minutes, the key thing to remember is make sure you squeeze out all that excess water because you don’t want super wet greens added into your dough.  I use my potato ricer for squeezing, it works wonders!

making gnocchi Making gnocchi isn’t difficult, it’s all about how that dough feels, you don’t want a sticky dough, it can be slightly tacky but that’s about it. Make sure to drain your ricotta, some deli ricotta can be very wet so you’ll want to make sure to drain it really good, otherwise you’ll be adding too much flour and your gnocchi will tastes like lead!

Add your flour a little at a time, you might need more or less than the recipe calls for, you’ll know by the feel of it.

swiss chard gnocchi A simple marinara always goes well with gnocchi but this time I added a little roasted red pepper puree into mine, ( roast a couple of red peppers then puree them with a little olive oil in a food processor) and we loved it even more, it was a match made in pillowy cloud heaven!

swiss chard gnocchi I also tossed some into a warm garlic butter sauce using just two tablespoons of butter, one small chopped garlic clove and the juice and zest of one lemon, I added diced and roasted zucchini along with freshly grated parmesan cheese, delish!

The main thing to remember is that the sauce is just a compliment, the gnocchi is always the star of the show!

My Ricotta Gnocchi recipe can be found HERE, just replace the kale with Swiss chard.

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  1. Hi Marie. I’m a long time follower of your blog and wanted to ask permission to use one of your photos on my blog. I just made basil oil, inspired by you from one of your posts over a year ago. What inspired me was your basil oil over the eggs. And I’d like to use that photo in the post and of course link back to you. The main photo would be of my meal of shrimp and tomatoes with basil oil, but wanted to credit the inspiration with the egg photo. If you’d rather I not use the photo, I’ll just link back to your blog post. Let me know.

  2. I missed this post while I was in Atlanta last week. I also like ricotta gnocchi the best –they are so light!

  3. I’ve never attempted gnocchi, but I am tempted now!

  4. These look great! As always, your food is so tempting, so unfussy, so “real.” It is the kind of food I would really make and that Bart and I would just devour. Yum!

  5. Looks absolutely delicious , as usual, Marie!!

  6. Marie – You have a deft touch with your gnocchi. They look divine. My dad and I made nearly the same recipe together a while back, even using the red pepper sauce and yesterday he gave me a big bunch of swiss chard from his garden. You’re reminding me that I want to make his recipe again.

  7. We’ve been making for years and years!! My mamma taught me the potato and farina (cream of wheat) ones. We’re from Northern Italy so a lot of people don’t know about the farina ones. I will definitely try your recipes. I love adding kale or swiss chard to recipes. They are some of my favorite greens. Thank you for helping me think outside of the box!

  8. I’m going to have to try this! I tried making gnocchi years ago (like 35!) when I was a newlywed, using the pictorial instructions in a Gourmet magazine. Took FOREVER and my gnocchi wasn’t heavy as lead, but it wasn’t light as a pillow either. So much work for a not-so-great batch of gnocchi. After that my husband had to just order it in a restaurant 🙂 Fast forward 30 years and now we’re living in Argentina, where pasta shops abound in every barrio. Our favorite doesn’t always have gnocchi, but they do quite often, so that’s how we’ve enjoyed it the last few years. It’s quick to make at home, along with a simple (yes, homemade!) sauce. But your instructions sound very do-able so I’m going to give it a try again! Thanks for another great recipe!

  9. Oh my goodness, you’ve got my mouth watering for every one……EVERYTHING you makes looks so appetizing! Continue on with your marvelous creations and keep sharing them with us!!

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