Summer Eats to Beat the Heat

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easy summer eating This right here is heaven on a plate to me! Creamy, dreamy Burrata cheese, grilled artichokes, garden fresh tomatoes loaded with fresh basil, a little prosciutto and some grilled crusty bread. This is good eating!

When it’s hot outside this is what we like to eat. The artichokes are the only thing I cooked here, I make them all summer long, they’re so addicting. If you’re an artichoke fan like we are and you prefer a lighter summer version, then this one is for you.

They’re stuffed with romano cheese, parsley, garlic and lemon zest and then placed on the grill until the cheese melts and gets nice and crusty. My Grilled Artichokes is one of my most pinned recipes and it’s so simple to make! You can find it here.

home grown tomatoes Since we have a ton of tomatoes coming in daily from our garden almost every meal includes them, so that’s what this post is about, some of the ways I use them.

juicy garden tomatoeseasy summer eating This was our dinner the other night, roasted peppers, grilled zucchini, asiago cheese, prosciutto, salami, castelvetrano olives and some totally crunchy frezzelle which is the perfect base for our juicy garden tomatoes. I added some apple slices and a glass of wine and we were happy campers!

My husband would take this over a steak any day, we love to eat like this, especially in the hot summer months.

summer panzanella Here’s a salad that’s a meal in itself, garden tomatoes, fresh basil, olives, onions, grilled zucchini  and chunks of crispy bread doused with olive oil and grilled, sort of like a panzanella, although a true panzanella  requires you to wet the bread, I prefer mine crispier.

summer panzanella The dressing is made with a simple olive oil and red wine vinegar but the magic happens when everything gets tossed together and all the flavors meld into one. The tomatoes can either make or break this dish so be sure to take advantage of all that summer offers.

No recipes today just visuals of some of my favorite summer eating!


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Sharing is caring!

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  1. Beautiful and delish! I hope you saw that Ivanka Trump pinned your beautiful grilled artichokes on her Entertaining board 🙂 Such a lovely dish for our 103 degrees here today in Dallas, thank you Marie! xoxo, Andrea

  2. Beautiful! I especially love that antipasto platter. I could live off of that on a daily basis!

  3. Perfect summer meals, they just look luscious!

  4. My husband also loves an all antipasta style dinner like this Marie! The burrata makes it taste so special. I have artichokes on my menu for tomorrow and was going to steam them, but I think now I’ll grill them —mmmm.

  5. It would be so difficult to mind my manners at your house. I could just stick my face in the tomato plate. The burrata would just be dessert.

  6. Heirloom tomatoes + Burrata = Heaven on a plate! I cannot wait to try the grilled artichokes.

  7. Omg I want every single thing pictured in this post — I’m off to memorize that grilled artichoke post!

  8. Wonderful ideas, Marie! I’ll be making your grilled artichokes very soon.

  9. Oh Marie – Your photos always have me drooling. I just picked a heap of various varieties of tomatoes from my garden too, but I don’t have that burrata tonight. Send some my way. I love to eat like this in the summer too.

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