Grilled Onions with Thyme and Cream

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grilled onionsEven though summer is winding down there’s still plenty of time for grilling. I made these over the weekend, charred slabs of onions bathing in a shallow pool of cream and garlic. Pure decadence!
grilled onions What is it about onions and cream, they’re such a perfect combo!  I’m now adding this to another favorite onion recipe that I adore and previously did a post on back in 2011, my Roasted Parmesan Cream Onions, they’re always a big hit, so simple to make and a great side dish for the upcoming holidays. I think that’s why I was instantly drawn to this recipe when I saw it in Fine Cooking magazine, it’s similar but with grilled onions.

grilled onions The grilled onions become super sweet when caramelized and then you have the smokiness of the grill which gives this dish a whole other flavor dimension. Who would ever think that the humble onion could transform into something so luxurious! Don’t stress about the cream, for 12 slices you only use 1/2 cup!

grilled steaks Did I mention they are wonderful as a side with steaks or burgers?

 Trust me, they are!

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Sharing is caring!

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  1. Grilled perfection Marie.

  2. oh my goodness- these look so delicious!

  3. Marie – I love grilled onions, and with the cream they must be divine. I have some cream in the fridge right now looking for a place to use it – and now I found it.

  4. Marie, my son ans I both enjoy onions, so next time he is over for dinner I will make this for him as a special savory treat!

  5. Marie, Do you think it would work with FF 1/2 & 1/2? Maybe I’ll bite the bullet and go with the real deal tho…looks delish!

  6. This one really caught my attention! I’ve never had onions and cream, but that most certainly will change this weekend. Thanks for this idea. Pinned.

  7. Love onions; just saved and printed out both recipes.
    Must compliment you on your photography; photo in Fine Cooking site makes onions (Grilled Onions with Thyme and Cream) look burnt; your picture is much more appetizing!!

  8. Oh, these onions look so fabulous! Love the addition of thyme…

  9. Making this this weekend. Just bought all the ingredients. Looks delicious.

  10. OMG-these look sooooo good. I love onions. My honey isn’t as crazy about them, so that means I get to eat the whole pan myself!

  11. What a GREAT idea!!

  12. LOVE what you do with vegetables. I know this has to be delicious!

  13. Nothing brings out the natural sweetness of onions like grilling. I’ll keep at it until the snow starts falling… ;=)

  14. Great idea! I have two large onions in my kitchen that I was wondering what I could do with and I happen to have some fresh thyme in the fridge too!

  15. Denise Brosch says

    My Son is going to LOVE this! Definitely doing this! Gorgeous presentation too!

  16. Wow. I could hang that second pic on my wall.
    It is ART. Really.
    Of course it is your recipe so I know it tastes great too.

  17. I make creamed onions every year at Thanksgiving. These are the summer version! Love it. Will try them this weekend.

  18. I love this! Try poblanos this way for a wonderfuldish too,they are to die for.


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