It’s My Blogiversary Today, and a Giveaway!

It’s hard to believe that 6 years ago today I started this food blog called Proud Italian Cook and what a journey it has been from day one! It still continues to be one of the joys of my life. I’m honored to be a part of  a wonderful community of bloggers, many of whom I can truly call my friends. To all my readers, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support with all your comments and personal emails that you’ve taken the time to write. Thank you to all those who “liked” me on Facebook, and a thank you to all my loyal subscribers and those of you who have “pinned” any of my recipes on Pinterest. And last but not least my close family and friends!
 This past year has been full of change for Proud Italian Cook, I really moved out of my comfort zone complete with a makeover! I took the leap and left a free blogging platform and moved forward on to one that I own, and I’m so happy I did! With it came many modern updates that I so wanted to give all my readers. The other thing I did, (and I still can’t believe it myself), I wrote my first e-book on Italian Sauces. Inside you will see what I cook for my own family, special recipes and stories that bring me back to my own traditions from childhood. For all of you who bought my book, thank you, I appreciate it. For those of you who might be considering it, it’s always available for purchase right here on my blog.

What will the future bring? Well one thing for sure I’m not going anywhere yet, this is too much fun, and who knows, there might just be another e-book in the works!


Recently I received the most beautiful gift basket from a company called, Manhattan Fruitier, in exchange for my honest review. I have to tell you I was so blown away the minute I opened the box. Inside there were two superior quality wicker hampers, which I will reuse at another time, it was tied together like the photo shows above and at the top was a large, wrapped round loaf of walnut bread from Balthazar Bakery.

 The hamper I received from them called, Mediterranean-Santorini was filled with wonderful products such as Emmer farro, Herbes de Provence, capers, preserved lemons, almonds, organic Medjool dates, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Ligurian olives, Ventrusca tuna, seasonal fresh fruit, flowers and 2 dipping bowls. Everything needed for eating the healthy Mediterranean way!

I would highly recommend Manhattan Fruitier if you want to send someone a very special gift, they offer all different price points, something for everyone and you can even customize your own baskets. Please keep them in mind for the upcoming holidays!

Manhattan Fruitier wanted to help me celebrate my 6th  Blogiversary so they are graciously sending ONE of my lucky readers the Mediterranean-Santorini gift hamper!

Unfortunately because there are perishables, shipping is limited to the U.S. Also, for the purpose of the giveaway they can’t serve Hawaii or Alaska.

For those of you who qualify to enter, please leave only one comment per person telling me what recipe or features you like on or about Proud Italian Cook. No anonymous comments will be accepted as I will need an email address to contact the winner. Comments will not be accepted after 11:59 pm central time, Sunday August 18, 2013. Winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Monday August 19th, 2013

If you are reading this via Facebook you must enter on this blog to win the giveaway, not Facebook.

Disclaimer… I did receive 1 Mediterranean- Santorini gift hamper for review, but as always all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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  1. Courtney Thomas says:

    I loved that sausage and peppers dish you suggested for potluck/party recently! Awesome!

    • Nancy Ehler says:

      I check my inbox for Proud Italian Cook before I hit the Farmer’s Market and grocery stores over the weekend. Marie is my inspiration for delectable and homestyle food. My husband says “Thank you!” Happy Anniversary and many more!!!

      • I love the beautiful photography, the side stories to go with the recipes and your use of all of our mutual favorite ingredients as well as some I haven’t tried yet, (fennel). Thanks so much for your passion for your work.

    • I love your site and have been using many of the savory tart recipes throughout the summer. Last nights dinner was roasted tomato and ricotta tart!

  2. I love your recipes! One that I make frequently (and we love) is your polenta with roasted vegetables terrine. Simply delicious!

  3. I downloaded the Italian Sauces e-book and love it. You present the recipes in such a way that I immediately thought I could make any of the recipes. Keep blogging!

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    Your roasted vegetable pasta recipe has become a staple in our dinner rotation. It’s great for a crowd and is excellent warmed over.

    Keep those recipes coming!


  5. Denise Harter says:

    I love your blog and that basket looks AMAZING!

  6. Barbara Valenti says:

    I recently made your Portobello Mushrooms Caprese, and served with grilled porterhouse steak! I added some fresh NJ Silver Queen corn to the table. What a simple and delicious feast.

  7. The recipe that first got my attention was the Grilled Potato and Asparagus Napoleon. Now I’m hooked!

  8. Kate Romano says:

    I love your recipes so much! I made the lemon risotto with roasted tomatoes and everyone loved it! Please keep on with your blog. Always look forward to the next recipe!

  9. Denise Smith says:

    I was drawn to your website by your use of fresh herbs and ingredients. I am new follower and enjoying reading and looking at your recipes.

  10. Congratulations on 6 wonderful years Marie. The important thing is that even after all of these years we are still having fun!!

  11. Laura Foster says:

    Happy Anniversary and keep up the good work! I love your Chicken Vesuvio recipe!

  12. Heidi Tavani says:

    My favorite recipe is the red, white and blue potato salad! It has become my go to recipe to take to summer parties and it always gets rave reviews!

  13. Bev Goebel says:

    Stuffed Eggplant….and many more favorites!

  14. I started trying to change my way of eating a couple of months ago, so I was always on the hunt for different blogs and sites and Facebook pages, etc…to help me create diversity in my meals. One day I came across the recipe for the summer salad with the multi-colored cherry & grape tomatoes and fell in love! My all time favorite recipe thus far is the Grilled Shrimp and Lobster Gremolata. I haven’t made it yet, but it’s ALWAYS on my mind for my next grilling session. I’ve promoted the page on my page a few times as a wonderful place to find delicious, filling, comforting, AND HEALTHY recipes and my friends & followers have taken to it much like I have as well. Thank you so much for blogging for us – you rock!!

  15. Heather Nellis says:

    I love how this site categorizes the plethora of Marie’s recipes. It helped introduce me to things I might never have tried, including new cooking techniques. I grilled with cedar planks for the first time using the recipe for stuffed portobellos, and the roasted veggie pasta for a crowd recipe brought a whole new level to the way I cook my vegetables. I also love the party food tab– it’s a life saver! Love this site. Thank you!

  16. Brenda Scott says:

    Marie……..Happy Anniversary. So glad we found your Blog. Your roasted vegetables inspire me to try so many new recipes and they are all outstandingly delicious. Keep ’em coming!

  17. Congratulations! You are my “go to” for all Italian recipes. Love this site.

  18. Laura Waddell says:

    What a great way to exchange everyday meat with your amazing vegetable pasta recipe! The husband loves it, but more importantly, the kids ate it all! Thank you for providing us with these special recipes to bring our family closer and healthier!

  19. I especially love your use of herbs and seasonings. So often we try recipes I find online and they are blah. Yours, however are anything but blah……….. they are so good………. and my Italian husband loves them too! Keep them coming, I look forward to each and every new recipe you post!

  20. Your Parmesan Creamed Onions are in heavy rotation at my house along with so many other recipes. Being a proud Italian myself, I can’t even begin to list all the recipes that I’ve made from your site. I appreciate you sharing your delicious recipes with me. They are treasured! Thank you!

  21. Your individual butternut squash lasagnas are the prettiest and tastiest thing I make for company!
    I love your site so much and I have a pinterest board for the best Italian food recipes I can find. 95% are yours!

  22. Happy Anniversary!!! Love your blog and have tried many of the wonderful recipes you have shared. My “go to” this summer has been the grilled fish from “The Thrill of the Grill”. Have served some variation of it many times always to rave reviews. Thank you!!!

  23. Frances Chiechi says:

    Congratulations on your continuous success! You have a talent for good food and making the food look so BEAUTIFUL!
    The Grilled Shrimp and Lobster Gremolata is my favorite recipe . But I also love several others.

  24. Congratulations!

  25. I love most every recipe on here! Your marinara is all my family will eat now. My husband is obsessed with it!

  26. Congratulations on your Blogiversary! We’re so happy to be able to extend the celebration with the giveaway. Good luck to all the entrants!

  27. Elizabeth Strangis Reid says:

    Your blog is simply marvelous!!! I drool reading every post. You are beyond thorough and really inspire me to get busy in the kitchen, and explore our taste buds. I don’t think I can choose just one recipe! Congrats on all your success and hope to continue reading your amazing recipes!

  28. Ava Kinsey says:

    I love your Zucchini Ribbon Salad…I like to incorporate as many veggies and flavor into my salad as I can..this one did the trick for me. And Happy 6th!!!

  29. Congratulations on your Blogiversary and all your success! I love your blog, photos and all your recipes. I have shared your website with many friends and will continue to follow you on your journey!

  30. Happy Anniversary! I absolutely love your blog. Everything I make using your recipes always comes out so tasty. The chicken parmesan meatloaf is always a huge hit! Thank you for all that you do.

  31. jim colello says:

    I enjoy all of your recipes, but my favorite is Gravy with Neckbones!!!!!

  32. Christine Gravel says:

    Hello Marie,
    I’m a fellow Chicago area fan. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon your initial blog but I believe I’ve been a loyal follower for over a year and your recipes have not disappointed – ever! The first recipe of yours that I made was the Tuscan White Bean Dip and it was, as promised, a crowd pleaser! I also bought your e-Book earlier this summer.

    Congrats on a banner year!

  33. Donna Montevecchi Lang says:

    I love your blog and recipes.Will soon try strawberry ricotta tart. Keep your proud Itaian heiritage going.

  34. I love the Butternut Squash Gnocchi in a Fontina Cheese Sauce with Spinach Leaves & Parmesan Cheese. It’s my favorite gnocchi recipe!

  35. Happy anniversary! It’s so hard to pick a favorite recipe. but I love the roast chicken with kale pesto. The zucchini ribbon salad is another huge favorite. I think what I like most about the blog / recipes is the familiar ingredients but with a fresh twist. Pinned so many of them!

  36. I love all your recipes and am really excited to try the roasted vegetable tart! It looks delicious!!

  37. We’ve been grilling a lot since my stove is broken and your GRILLED CHICKEN OREGANATO is on our menu quite often. I love you blog and your beautiful photos and feel that I know your family too!

  38. Congratulations Marie. You know I’ve been a big fan of yours from way back.There’s a good reason so many other people love your blog. You make delicious food and your photos are always so enticing, but it’s always presented in a way that’s so familiar too, like you could be someone’s sister or aunt. That’s part of your special appeal – everybody wants to live next door to you or have you as a friend. I wish you more continued success and can’t wait to see what the future brings for Proud Italian Cook. You’re on a roll, my friend.

  39. I found you because someone had repinned a couple of your pasta recipes on Pintrest a while ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. As a girl who tried to learn sauces and pasta making from her Italian grandma who never measured anything (and it always tasted amazing), you provide great healthy recipes I can use to experiment with.

  40. I use your recipes and pictures for inspiration all the time. I bought a paella pan to make your vegetable paella recipe – got to get to that soon.

  41. Laura Webb says:

    Anything with veggies as I’m a vegetarian. Mostly, your vegetable napoleans and everything to do with eggplants. Your food and recipes are amazing and remind me of my dear Nani.

  42. Love the Portobella Baked Fries!

  43. Your recipes are so inspirational!

  44. Liz Reuth says:

    So many amazing recipes to choose from, but I know that whatever I find on your site is going to be something that my family will love. Some that are in our regular rotation – chicken parm meatloaf, pork chops with mustard thyme sauce and pita chips with white bean dip. Thank you for every one of your delicious creations!

  45. Your grilled pizza posts have made me a great summer hostess!

  46. Suzanne Crisafi says:

    I love the caprese porabellos, and the veggie recipes!

  47. My favorite was the virtual pot of pasta fagoli! I make it all the time!

  48. I absolutely loved your last post on the basil oil. I pinned it to my pinterest and it got a ton of repins so I am not the only one!

  49. julie belsanti says:

    Congratulations! Your recipes are all delicious. My dad loves neckbones, your recipe reminds him of how his mom prepared them. My favorite is your zucchini ribbon salad, always a hit! Keep blogging. Any chance of starting a cooking school?
    Best Wishes, Julie

  50. Happy Anniversary. I look forward to your receiving your newsletter each week. My mouth waters when I read your posts. Your delicious food reminds me of all the time I spent in the kitchen with my Italian grandmothers and my mom. My husband is urging me to make your spaghetti with baked clams next!

  51. All your recipes are mouth-watering, Marie! The latest one I made was the basil infused olive oil – we’ve been drizzling it on EVERYTHING! Thanks so much for this blog.

  52. I love seeing your posts, all your recipes remind me of how I grew up, in a big italian family. Thank you for you great recipes!

  53. I want to congratulate and say Happy Anniversary to the most talented person. I know. I Amos happy to have you in my life. I can’t wait to see another amazing year of your delicious recipes !,,

  54. so far I have tried a bunch of your recipes, i love them all! When i come to your site, i am never disappointed. just delicious! and congratulations on your blogiversary!

  55. I love learning how to make Italian recipes from scratch! Makes me feel like a real chef!

  56. I have read every single one of your recipes. I love the way you teach us to use fresh vegetables simply and beautifully. Your bean spread and pita chips were a big hit when I served them at a dinner party.

  57. Stefani Paolucci says:

    Marie – I have tried so many of your recipes trying to inspire myself to put my own spin on things. The one I love the most and actually stay pretty true to your idea is the grilled veggies couscous salad. I just LOVE it and make it on a semi regular basis. Thank you.

  58. Lisabeth Morche' says:

    I am a new subscriber, so I have not had much of a chance to make a lot of your recipes. The one that we have made and fell in love with is the Ravioli with Artichokes, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Peas in a Champagne Cream Sauce! We will be purchasing your ebook soon as well! My husband is Italian and we wish we could of shared your recipes with his Grandpa Territo, he would of loved them!!

  59. Kacy McGarigle says:

    I love your recipes (and that you are from Chicago!) and how you make them relatable to the every-day cook with your personal touches. I love how you incorporate the Italian traditions into your food 🙂

  60. Christine D says:

    I made your pasta with all the wonderful grilled veggies, parm cheese and olive. I made two humongous batches of it and donated it to a benefit for someone who had passed away. I couldn’t believe how much everyone loved it and raved about it. Personally, I thought it was delicious but oh so simple and people thought I had worked my fingers to the bone. LOL Thank you for all the wonderful ideas who’ve given us! Christine

  61. Paul Bonoma says:

    I love all your recipes. You remind me so much of the type of cooking I grew up with and love to cook; from the sausage & peppers to the chicken vesuvio! You’re my cooking twin!

    • I love so many of your recipes. I expecially like the eggplant patties.
      I so love your pictures the best…so colorful!

  62. Love your recipes and the photos are absolutely mouthwatering!
    Enjoyed your recipe for Italian Lemon Knot Cookies very much.
    Looking forward to more luscious things to eat.
    Happy Anniversary!!!

  63. Carmine D says:

    Thanks for all the recipes. My kids love the grilled meatballs.

  64. Laurie Carleton says:

    I love your recipes–it’s too hard to decide which one(s) are my favorite! You make everything look easy, fun and delicious!!

  65. Happy Blogiversary! I’m so happy to have been a part of your readership. I love your blog and it has inspired me in so many ways. I look forward to many more years to come. I hope someday I can meet you when I’m in Chicago again.
    It would be hard for me to choose a recipe from all of the deliciousness on PIC. I do recall fondly how impressed I was when you made a timpano! I also get very nostalgic looking back at the first recipe I ever made from you blog – a simple dish of grilled zucchini ribbons dressed in lemon and garlic.

  66. I love all your recipes with roasted veggies. I have taken your recommendations and roast our summer veggies on the grill and keep them in the fridge for my go to ingredient during the week! Love the blog!!

  67. stephanie alekna says:

    I am absolutely an Italian food lover! Your blog hits all the right notes about true Authentic Italian cooking. you have definetly been helping me become the expert when it comes to Italian cooking. Thankyuou so much. Have a wonderful Happy anniversary and to many many more happy years to your buisness to come.

  68. Paige Egan says:

    I enjoy reading your recipes and delight in attempting to make delicious meals for my family and friends.

  69. Karen DelGrosso says:

    My husband & I love looking at your beautiful pictures & trying your recipes, always great.

  70. Melanie P says:

    I love your recipes! They are wonderful – have tried several. Love the Italian flair on everything!!!

  71. Rachel Wishum says:

    I love the ravioli recipes! I love filled pastas, and butternut squash ravioli is just out of this world!

  72. Rosemary Nasti says:

    Thank you for keeping the Italian tradition in the kitchen! Happy Anniversary & many more years of success!

  73. Maria Gray says:

    Thank you for the gnocchi post and recipes. Gnocchi is one of my son’s favorites and I am always thrilled when I find a good explanation on how to make them. But I gotta say (as a born and raised City girl) that I was beyond ecstatic when I found your Chicken Vesuvio recipe!!!!! I make it all the time.

  74. Heidi Burnette says:

    I love all of your vegetable recipes. You have such a talent of taking simple ingredients to a new level!

  75. Congrats — loved Basil Oil recipe I have tons now so trying it out this weekend. Oh pick me it’s my 62 Birthday today

  76. Carolyn M says:

    I love the Tomahawk Stuffed Pork Chops! I have made them many times and we all love them! I even drove all the way from Aurora to the Standard Market Grocery Store you got them at! Thanks for that because I would’ve never gone there and I love that place!
    Congrats on your anniversary! Look forward to trying many, many more of your fantastic recipes!!!

  77. Lori in MI says:

    So hard to choose just one but your Butternut squash gnocchi is amazing! Happy anniversary!!

  78. I LOVE your site, and visit it any time I am looking for something new to try, and loved the Timpano and savory ricotta pie recipes… it’s great to have such a detailed and easy-to-follow recipe & post for trying something new!

  79. Joanne Puglia says:

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you. I love your site and tell everyone about it. I would love the opportunity to be able to cook with you. Your website is perfect. I wish you the very best and continued success with your work. Keep on cooking! We all look forward for “what is next”!

  80. I love your web site! You have such amazing recipes and your photos are beautiful, really works of art. I always look forward to you updates.

  81. Debbie Vietmeier says:

    I have been following your blog since EBlogger and I love your recipes… My fave is the fig & custard tart from July 2009… Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm

  82. I have made so many of your recipes, one of my favorites is the vegetable torte. Loved it!

  83. Oh and the thing I like best about your blog is the use of fresh ingredients

  84. mary alice bier says:

    Way to go Marie … you are an inspiration with your cooking. I am happy you are continuing to follow your passion; it shows in your cooking and in the presentation of your rrcipes in the photos. I am blessed to call you friend …

  85. Oh Marie, this post made me “old” home sick for NYC! I’m so glad you got his as a gift as I love the Manhattan Fruitier’s gourmet products and this reminded will come in handy for the upcoming holiday season when i send gifts to out of town family and friends!

    Happy 6th blog anniversary! I began my blog very close to yours and I was so happy to discover you right away –I’ve LOVED every recipe you’ve posted since. You always come up with fresh and original ideas and I love how your emphasize vegetables and a healthier way of cooking Italian style foods. You’re the best!

  86. Lovely recipes – approachable, with beautiful photography. Well done!

  87. It’s difficult to choose one recipe but I will say I LOVE the way you use a variety of vegetables and it’s been a great help for me to include more fresh produce in my cooking. Thank you so much and keep those veggies coming!

  88. Congratulations on 6 years of blogging! While I discovered you only a year ago, I have to say that so far my fav is the zucchini ribbon salad, and that wonderful balsamic drizzle! Having a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern background and married to an Italian makes using your recipes really easy to serve, and the family loves everything I’ve tried so far. Thank you!

  89. Marilyn Gartley says:

    Over the years, I have tried many of your recipes to the delight of my friends and family. There have been so many crowd-pleasers I don’t know where to begin. Thank you so much for sharing your love of food, life and family. It has helped bring out my inner “Italian Kitchen Goddess”——-
    Two recipes that stand out at the moment are the Ricotta Pound Cake, and the Fig Pistachio Biscotti.
    Thank you again, Marilyn

  90. Congratulations! I too follow your blog and have prepared so so so so many of your recipes and each time I have a new favorite. They are all delicious so it’s very difficult to name just one. The individual squash Neapolitans were a huge hit though at one of my dinner parties. Thanks for your inspiration.

  91. Oh, Marie, I love your site! Just last week at the ballpark, I sat in front of Cubs’ fans (gasp! and Cubs won–ACK!) and the gentleman I struck up a conversation with was married to an Italian–so I asked if she read Pound Italian Cook and he wasn’t familiar with it–but said he would tell her all about it! I guess one of my favorites was the Pepper and Egg Sandwich–reminded me of happy times at my grandma’s house.

  92. Lynn Baskin says:

    I love all your recipes and ideas. I’ve been in a cooking “rut” lately and you have truly inspired me!!

  93. Cedar Planked Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops are A-MAZ-ING! As a Chicago girl now living in SC, I relish your blog and facebook pages!

  94. Connie Barley says:

    I love, love your recipes. I just made the roasted tomatoes with the pasta. I don’t know how you come up with all the wonderful ideas that you give us–thanks so much!

  95. Darla Delfosse says:

    Every recipe catches my eye, but the stuffed eggplant with ricotta, spinach and artichoke was a favorite.

  96. Tessa Mathews says:

    Happy Anniversary! I love the savory ricotta bundles with pancetta and the basil olive oil!

  97. Lorraine Strickland says:

    While I am new to your blog, I can see that you have many wonderful recipes. You also have a way of helping us think of beautiful memories of family, friends and good food that were so much a part of our lives. Thank you for that.

  98. Ginny DiBernardo-Dean says:

    I love all of your recipes because you cook like my parents did as I was growing up, and I continue the tradition. My favorite is Baked Rigatoni… are the best!!

  99. Congratulations Marie. I’ve always felt welcome at your virtual table — and I never left hungry! Hope one day we get to meet ‘for real’!

  100. Joan Tomasso Carlone says:

    Happy Blogiversary !!! I love the Portobellos Caprese Style !!..To die for ….mmmmmmmm

  101. Mary Beth says:

    Your raviolis are the best!!

  102. The Recipe Index on your newly designed website is my favorite feature…makes finding all your yummy recipes easy-peasy! Happy Blogiversary! (Also love your ebook, and was SO HAPPY I could acquire it as Kindle content…how about a future ebook on celebrating the holidays Italian-style?!)

  103. I love your photos! The recipes I’ve enjoyed the most are those using roasted vegetables. Congratulations!!!

  104. I love anything you make that features roasted or grilled vegetables and have used your recipes many times!

  105. Happy Anniversary! My favorite is your Ricotta Stuffed Chicken. Love that so! But I like all of your recipes, what can I say?

    • Heather R says:

      Everything you make is absolutely Fabulous!!! 🙂 🙂 I love making all of your recipes, and most importantly my Hubby loves them!! 🙂 😉 Thank you for all of your Amazing recipes!! You bring my family together. 🙂 I look forward to getting your Proud Italian Cook emails. 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait for your next recipe!! 🙂 🙂 Mangia Mangia

  106. My favorite recipe is the butternut squash stuffed shells with lemon sage brown butter. I made them for my sister-in-laws baby shower and they were a hit. So much of a hit, that we now eat them every Thanksgiving.

  107. I have your ricotta tomato tart on my short list!

  108. kris petty says:

    I love your recipe for Zucchini Ribbon Salad! It looks so yummy and it would be perfct for my abundance of garden zucchini 🙂

  109. One of my favorites is your Limoncello Tart with Amaretti Cookie Crust. Happy Blogiversary!

  110. Everything you make!!!!! I made the Italian pasta salad for a family barbecue and everyone LOVED it! Thanks!

  111. Sharon Pike says:

    Congratulations! I love you zucchini ribbon salad!

  112. I love, love, love everything you post…you cannot actually ask me to pick ONE recipe.
    And Happy Anniversary!!! I wish I had found your blog 6 years ago…but then again…I would still have to
    be running marathons….xoxo

  113. I downloaded your sauces ebook and can’t wait to try them!

  114. Diane Vandermast says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!! I went from vegetarian to vegan a few months ago, and I love so many of your vegetable dishes. Simple, yet so flavorful, and I can veganize them (if necessary) very quickly and easily. I’ve unsubscribed from a lot of blogs over the past few months, but yours is one of the few omnivore blogs that I still read with pleasure.

  115. Congratulations! I love all your real Italian recipes and all the beautiful pictures. I remember finding your site looking for melrose peppers one year and have been reading ever since.

  116. The thing I like about your blog is the recipes are different and new. However I can usually find all the ingredients pretty easily.

  117. The Feast of the Assumption is your Blogiversary! Wow! Happy 6 years! I love your blog. Your recipes have appeared a number of times on my blog! And I just forwarded your Basil Oil recipe to my brother-in-law who has so much basil.
    When I see your emails pop up in the in box I know I will be wanting to make what ever you have posted. Just wished you lived next door to me!
    My favorite recipe would have to be the Winter Vegetable Torte –

  118. Love love love the recipes, but the best part about this blog is the photography and the descriptions. You can almost taste the food from the photos.
    I share your emails with my sister who is on an Italian Cooking Team regularly!!!
    Keep it coming …

  119. Denice Metz says:

    Love your blog and recipes can’t wait to win

  120. I’m new to your blog…and I absolutely love it! congratulations on 6 years! So far I think my favorite recipe is ZUCCHINI RIBBON SALAD with ASPARAGUS and CORN….but I am really looking forward to trying ALL of your wonderful sounding recipes 🙂

  121. Kristin Lenz says:

    A friend forwarded one of your recipes to me a year ago and I’ve been following ever since. I especially love that you cook with so many brightly colored vegetables.

  122. I love ALL your recipes and have tried many. Recently my fav would be the roasted veggie and pasta for a crowd. It’s great to make for my large Italian family not to mention potluck dinners. Your food is also beautiful and you have taught me about presentation. I now use my spring form pan for veggie dishes and other things beside dessert! You send me wonderful recipes via e-mail and I am constantly pinning your recipes to my Pinterest and many people are repining.

  123. Linda Tillman says:

    I love the inventiveness of all of your recipes. You take traditional Italian cooking and add just a little somethin-somethin that makes the dish stand out…I look forward to receiving your blog in my inbox every week…

  124. Vegetables made simply, authentic, Bellisima! Congratulations!

  125. I love all of your recipes. The recipe I like the most was the one for neckbones and green beans. Love it.

  126. Happy Blogiversary!!! I love all of your recipes, but my all time favorite is Caprese Ravioli with Roasted Tomato Pesto Sauce.

  127. Hi, happy anniversary… I love all your suggestions for using grilles veggies. Your amazing photos make me so hungry every time I see them…:) wishing you more success and good health

  128. Kristine Kelly says:

    I love, love, love Italian food and I truly enjoyed your pork chops Marsala recipe. Your rainbow carrot ribbon salad is next on my list to try. I always look forward to receiving your emails with the recipes!

  129. I have been a subscriber of your blog for over a year, and I LOVE it! I have recently relocated from the Chicago area to Las Vegas, and you keep me feeling close to home. Congratulations on your Blogiversary, here’s to many more years! Thank you so much for all you do!

  130. I love your colorful photos and glorious array of vegetable dishes. Love your Caprese Ravioli w/ Roasted Tomato Pesto!

  131. Happy anniversary!! I found you through Pinterest and love the recipes and photos that you post. I have made a few and they are delish! As a non meat eater, I love to see all of the creative veggie dishes that you create. Thank you!

  132. Mary Crabtree says:

    Congratulations! I really appreciate the accent on “fresh” in your recipes. And the zucchini ribbon salad is simple, appetizing and just what I look for in a recipe. Thanks a bunch!

  133. Lisa in Indy says:

    Congratulations, Marie!
    I’ve so enjoyed your stories & wonderful recipes the last few years. Nothing is better than red sauce & cheese… in my “Proud Italian Cook file”, I have to say my favorites are: “Shrimp & Artichoke Risotto” and ” Stuffed Eggplant with Ricotta, Spinach & Artichokes” (can you see I love artichokes?!)….. Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Lisa

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    I really enjoy all of your recipes. Coming from an Italian family, it’s wonderful to see someone celebrate the heritage, honor the traditions, use the old recipes, but put a new twist on them as well. Thank you so much for all of that & more.
    I truly enjoyed the Basil Infused Olive Oil recipe you recently shared.
    Again, Happy, Happy Blogiversary & MANY MORE!

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    My favorite for the last few weeks has been pan patty squash salad
    I go to the farmers market every Thursday and come home and make a large salad
    It’s great leftover


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    My whole family (including my mother-in-law) loved your roasted vegetable tart with phyllo. It was so easy, healthy, delicious, and beautiful. Definitely a dish to bring to a potluck!

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    Grazia Mille!!
    Buon Appetito!!

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    I love so many of your recipes, but I make your soups most frequently- I am addicted to your Italian Wedding soup!
    Oh, and your recipe for basil oil rocks too!!

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    We like your Zucchini Ribbon Salad lately…but I really want to make your Primavera Pasta Pie! Congrats and thanks to you! Oh and my hubby like your Pizza Omelet – he is not a huge breakfast fan so we are happy!

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    your success with you. I’m always
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    I am Irish and live with a 100% Italian. Your website is where I turn when my Vito says that he remembers a dish that his Grandmother made when he was a boy. He has MS so life can be difficult for him. But recipes I take from your website, give him a smile and help him to remember! Thank you!

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    Marie – congratulations and Happy Anniversary. I love receiving your blog and look forward to seeing it in my in box. You inspire me to experiment and have confidence in the kitchenand try new ingredients. I have too many recipes to name here, but please know that you touch a lot of foodies out there and make our mouths water.

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    Happy 6th B-Day! I love your blog. My favorite is your farro salad. I discovered farro when I ate at Mozza in Los Angeles. Looked all over for Farro and found it at Trader Joes, and Sprouts! It is my go to grain. Your salad is fresh and healthy.
    Thank you for all your great recipes!
    Warm regards,

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  177. Roseann Henson says:

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    The best and most favorite thing about Proud Italian Cook is it’s author Marie. What a sweety.
    I wish you luck and love in all your future endeavors, Marie.

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    Thank up for your Awesome recipes!!!

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  203. Marie~
    I’ve followed your blog for years, and I love it! A few times I’ve emailed you and you’ve always responded. I’ve downloaded your book, and I can’t wait to see what the next years brings for you. Keep up the good work.


    Mary Kay
    (A fellow Chicagoan)

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    Thanks for sharing your passion!

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    Happy anniversary and keep on, keeping on! Kath

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    My favourite is Spring Green Pasta with Parsley Walnut Pesto. Although I can’t try all your recipes because I am a vegetarian, I do enjoy reading the ones with meat. I often make recipies and just omit the meat cooked in it.
    I also liked your summer salad sides 🙂

  217. Susan Morgan says:

    I loved your Patty Pan Squash Carpaccio recipe and how you incorporated it in antipasto! Perfect on a hot summer evening. I have looked at patty pan at the farmers market loving the shape, but just not sure what to do with them. This is a delicious, quick way to incorporate veggies into a meal keeping it colorful, light and nutritious!

  218. charlotte says:

    Love when it comes to my email and gives me instant ideas on what to have for dinner, if not that night for one very soon!

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    First let me say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Well deserved Marie. As I’ve told you before, every time I see your new
    Posts I get so excited. Love your pictures, your personal comments but most of all the recipes are all doable, they all
    come out wonderful. You have become my “go to” person when company is coming or on just a average day when I need
    ideas. Your recipes for crowds like the pasta with the roasted veggies and the Italian sausage have become a automatic when
    we have a crowd. I just love your E Book and it’s so great to have that in my cabinet for easy grabbing.
    So, thank you so much and always keep those great posts coming………warmly, Carol from Chicago

    P.S. Waiting for “YOUR” cook book!!!!

  220. I love the lemon picatta talapia- made me rethink talapia!

  221. Marcia Bergtholdt says:

    Congratulations on 6 years strong – no small feat! When an Italian friend sent me a pasta machine I started combing recipes trying to find out how to use it. I settled on yours because it gave me the confidence to actually use it. I immediately was drawn to your ravioli with pumpkin. I was hooked! Today I’m going to try the trick of freezing basil leaves in little cups, and I’m going to make the salmon pesto. But what I like best about your recipes is the wide variety of healthy foods and how you involve your extended family. I think that’s what I love about Italians the most – family centric! Ciao.

  222. Patricia Buckley says:

    Happy Anniversary!! My husband and I always check your blog for recipes. We like to research different recipes especially when we cook over the weekends and we always find something scrumptious from the Proud Italian Cook. Thanks, Marie!!

  223. What an amazing site this is. There are some out there that try and duplicate it…but don’t even come close. I attribute all my good cooking skills to you! Congratulations on your anniversary! Please don’t ever stop!!Love the site.
    I would have to say my favorite dishes are the ones I tackled most often and that would be your pastas and sauces. I am especially fond of the pumpkin knocci. Excellent! So fun to make. Thank you! Sheri Geines, Berwick, Pa

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    I just found your site recently.

    I love your lemon risotto with the roasted tomatoes
    and also the Italian Style Vegetble Paella.

    Can’t wait to try the Roasted Parmesan- Creamed Onions are the
    menu for tomorrow nights dinner.


  226. Marlin marshall says:

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    I made your sausage and peppers recipe recently for an outdoor family gathering of about 20 people added an arrabiata sauce that I made and served on rolls it was a hit! Will make again!! Thanks for all your great recipes!! Can’t wait to try more of your recipes…your photos are beautiful!

  228. Penne wheeler says:

    Happy Anniversary! I have not received an e recipe that I has not made my mouth water, I regularly share them with colleagues and friends. I’m looking forward to more. Your photos are gorgeous, they remind of many days spent in my great grandparents kitchen. I love the idea of farm to table cooking but then remember as a a child what we picked in the garden drove the dinner menu!

  229. Happy Anniversary! It was your lightened up panani that caught my eye, and I have been enjoying your recipes ever since.

  230. Happy day and new year! My very favorite is the pepper and egg sandwich…a classic!! Thanks for sharing your passion. xoxo

  231. anita collins says:

    Ahhhhhh…..the basil oil over crusty toasted Italian bread drizzled with basil oil, layered with bacon, sliced tomatoes and a sunny side up egg drizzled with more basil oil………………… delish!!!!!!!!!!!! PERFECT DISH!!!!!!!!

  232. KathrynK FL says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    I love your blog because I am Italian and from the NE (NJ)

  233. Michele Alford says:

    I love the pictures, the recipes are well-explained and delightful, but what I truly love most is that it all reminds me of eating at my Italian grandmother’s house! So it always gives me a teary twinge and a warm-fuzzy. Thanks for that!

  234. Pat Atkins says:

    Discovered your blog this year and look forward to your inspiration on many italian favorites. Thank you and Happy anniversary!

  235. Congratulations Marie in your 6 years. I know you’ll be celebrating many more. 🙂
    I loved your recipes for stuffed portabella mushrooms and Parmesan Creamed Onions.
    I also love your blog because it’s like stepping back into my families kitchens while growing up in a huge Italian family. And like you I also love colorful looking foods and your pictures are wonderful to see. Thank you for sharing your love of food and cooking.
    Carol L

  236. Amy Twombly says:

    I look forward to your e-mails and love your veg heavy recipes and photography. You’ve inspired me to roast more vegetables than I ever would have thought of on my own. I love your blog. Thanks!

  237. Christina K. says:

    I love love love the pork marsala! Even my family (who can be a bit picky) loves it. We also love the olive crusted cod in foil!

  238. Jo Caulkins says:

    The photos in your blog are a GIFT among every other email I receive! I always feel like I have my best friend talking me through the recipe…no fear…it will be wonderful. And it is!

  239. Congratulations on your first 6, successful years!

    I love to read your blog and look forward to opening my emails from you. You give great attention to the details of the recipes and highlight the simple things in everyday life, too! You are truly an inspiration! I love your sense of humor and throw caution to the wind, spirit! Most entertaining, to say the least!


    • Also, it is IMPOSSIBLE to pick a Favorite Recipe! I really love the Basil Infused Olive Oil, DELICIOUS!

  240. Jan Madia says:

    “How do you solve a problem like Marie?” Well, just put your apron on & choose one of The Proud Italian girls’ recipes. Do you have my mother hidden in your kitchen? I’m sure you do because whenever I make one of your
    dishes I can feel Mama in the room with me helping me make dinner. Just like you, Marie she was always showing me how to get the meal on the table! Thanks & Happy Anniversary

  241. Happy anniversary ! I couldn’t even begin to tell u my faves. I read this all the time! It’s wonderful!

  242. I must say I check every recipe that comes to my inbox. Your blog is rich in color, easy to navigate, and filled with food that triggers my hunger and inspires my next get together. I love the personal travel trips you post and seeing different cultures through your lens. Thank you and congrats on your success!

  243. I found your blog a little over a year ago and I think your blog is my favorite! Every recipe I have tried has been delicious. The pictures you add are beautiful. I loved the Spring Frittata.

  244. What a beautiful basket and great gift idea. Love your website, all of your recipes are so user friendly. I look forward to your emails.

  245. Happy Anniversary! I love your blog because it reminds me of home – Brooklyn, NY – and how much I miss the wonderful food. You have given me many great ideas on how to prepare things different than the usual way. I may not follow your recipes to the ‘T’ – I like to add my own little twist. Thank you.

  246. ElainieMay says:

    Honestly, it is impossible to choose a favorite. I think I will choose the Plank Grilled Portobellos.

  247. I just found your blog a week or so ago but I’ve already been inspired. My favorite recipe thus far is the basil oil. We have so much coming from the garden, this was a great way to use a lot and an easy, user friendly way.

  248. Jessica Spizzirri says:

    I love tat your a “local” girl because I shop at the same stores as you and we have a similar cooking style. I always take advantage of whatever is seasonal when I’n out shopping and it-and YOU!- inspire me to cook with it. I also love my lemon olive oil you reviewed last year so I always listen to your recommendations!

  249. Congratulations Marie on your 6 year anniversary. I love your site and wonderful recipes you offer. You are a professional in your field. I like the way you lay out the directions and notes on all recipes. Nice giveaway. Thanks Marie.

  250. Love your site! You’ve been many an inspiration for many dinner parties for me.
    Happy Anniversary and many more!!!!

  251. Frannie Leonard says:

    Congratulations! I “found” you via a pinterest pin almost 1 year ago (pork chops with Thyme and a cream sauce) I love to cook and love your recipes! (lemon risotto OMG) I look forward to each email update 🙂 frannie

  252. Congratulations, Marie. Six years of blogging is a real accomplishment full of good things and lots of challenges. You have inspired me to be more creative with vegetables and add lots more of them to my menus. Grilling has become a regular part of our routine. Thanks for six years of great recipes. I’m looking forward to many more.

  253. Congratulations on your blogiversary. I, too, stumbled upon your site by while searching for something, and now, you are the first site I visit for all my food needs! I love being able to cook for our Italian friends. They rave every time! Thank you for your efforts.

  254. I love that you make everything look so easy & delicious. Especially fun for me to read you as I am also in your neck of the woods in the western suburbs of Chicago. Thanks for blogging!

  255. LINDA ANNONI says:

    Congratulations Marie on 6 years of blogging. I really enjoy getting your recipes each week. One of my favorites is the grilled eggplant patties as they are very simple to make and they are so colorful. I am making them next weekend for a barbeque we are having with a large Italian group. Hope they all enjoy them.

  256. I tried the Veggie Bundles Wrapped in Phyllo (May 15, 2013) and loved them. I like trying recipes with Phyllo, because I love the light flakiness of the pastry. This recipe was delicious. I would also like to add that any of the salad recipes I have tried have been great eats and wonderful for beating the unbearable 100º+ summer heat we have been having in Texas. Thank you.

    • Congratulations on your 6th anniversary of the blog. May you be blessed with many more years… a blessing for all of us who have enjoyed your recipes.

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  258. Mu husband recently joined a company that sells glutton free pasta and other products and when testing with clients and also at trade shows, I print out your recipes and between the glutton free pasta and your recipes, the business has gone over the moon! One of their favorites is your Lasagnetti with crumbled sausage, asparagus and zucchini coins.

    Keep on cooking and creating dishes that have helped impact a growing glutton free company who uses your recipes religiously!

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    Happy Blogiversary! I love all of your recipes but my favorite is the Timpano. I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet but it is what brought me to your blog and I’ve been following ever since!

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    Marie, Your blog has been one of my constant “go to” for great easy recipes! The photos are stunning, the directions are easy to understand. You share a bit of yourself with every post! Thank you!

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    Congratulations on your 6th anniversary, please keep the ideas coming 🙂

  265. Marie: Congratulations on your 6 year blogiversary!!! I am new to the blog – a friend told me about you about 3 months ago and needless to say, like many others, I am hooked. I pride myself on being a proud Itailian cook myself – we have so much in common!!! I made your grilled artichokes with lemon aioli and and the zucchini ribbon salad – they were both quickly adopted into my family’s “must have regularly” menu items. I look forward to trying many of your other recipes very soon!

  266. The Tuscan Pork Roast and the Pasta, green beans and pesto. Happy Anniversary!

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    to my children, who love it also. So Healthy!

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    What I love about PROUD ITALIAN COOK is how you truly honor your heritage. PROUD is the key word here, which is what led me to check out your site. There are oodles of cooking blogs and sites out there, but yours brings me back to the trattoria’s of Italy. The aromas, the sounds, the warmth that is the amazing country of Italy and it’s gracious people. Your family must be very PROUD of their ITALIAN COOK!! Salute!

  269. To many to list i love getting the mails i save each one ….the photos always make me reach beyond my cooking skills and i’m … happy that they are alot easier then i think….always YUMMY….getting my family to eat more veggies has been an added bonus:)

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    Happy Anniversary! I found your blog about a year ago and so look forward to the beautiful photos and recipes…you’ve encouraged me to get back out to my local farmer’s markets here in San Diego and this summer I’ve started my own herb garden as well. We’ve enjoyed many of your recipes and because it’s summer, been doing alot of grilling as well. Loved the kale on the grill! Looking forward to the next six years!

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    Happy Anniversary!

  278. sonya miller says:


  279. Colleen B says:

    How do I love the “Proud Italian Cook”? Let me count the ways:
    1. I am originally from Illinois and love reading about all the Italian markets to visit. I’m keeping a list for my next visit!
    2. I am Italian by marriage into a laarrrgggee Italian family. Italian food has been my passion since I began cooking as a child. Your recipes help me to believe that my instinct for cooking – using what I have to create healthy, flavorful, colorful, and yummy food is Italian.
    3. Many of your recipes make it into my annual, completely homemade Italian Feast that I do for my husband’s family. It’s my gift to them. Thank you for contributing!

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    First off, Happy Blogoversary. I look forward to your blogs and the beautiful photographs and recipes. I am vegan and even though you don’t always list vegan recipes you do make things that I can eat or substitute rather easily with other ingredients.

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    I constantly refer to your blog, and have tried many of your recipes. I just made a ‘mess’ of Melrose Peppers your way due to the wonderful ones I got at the local farmers market here in Illinois, and am making the Eggplant Stacks tonite for dinner! I have yet to make it to Standard Market, but it is on my list of things to do. You should be very proud, you absolutely have an AWESOME Blog!! 🙂 Love all your recipes!!

  294. I am new to your blog and one of the reasons I subscribed (in addition to the great recipes, was because you are the only blogger I have found that is closer to my age! Gramma power!

  295. Valerie Carnett says:

    I’m relatively new to your blog. I started with the grilled polenta, then the roasted veggie overload and this week the lemon spring risotto…..oh, so good and my favorite so far. As you can tell, I’m a grains & veggies lover. I will keep trying different recipes each week. Thank you so much 🙂

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  300. Being Italian myself, I also love to cook. I never know which one of your recipes to make, as they are all wonderful and take me home. Tonight will feature polenta with roasted vegetables,(a favorite of ours) and the strawberry tart.

    Happy Blogiversary, Marie

    I look forward to your news every week.


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    Your recipes are yummy and not too complicated after a day of work.

  308. Hello! Happy Blogaversary! I’ve been following you for the five years that I have been blogging – and have your site linked on my Gumbo Ya Ya blog. It’s impossible to choose only one of your recipes – every one looks amazing and those that I’ve tried ARE amazing! But, the one that stands out, and has been a favorite of ours since I made it the first time about four years ago…. is the Limoncello Cosmopolitan. EXCELLENT!
    Cheers! And congratulations on all of your success!

  309. Julia Bellante says:

    A very happy anniversary! Maria I look forward to your emails and have shared with family and friends. I’ve never been disappointed with your recipes. Love the Italian Wedding Soup and Rainbow Carrot Ribbon Salad but honestly there are so many to thank you for. Looking forward to many more years of your great blog. Thank you!

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    Hi Marie,
    Your “Zucchini Boats” recipe circulating on Facebook this summer helped me find your wonderful site!
    My husband hates zucchini, but he is willing to try this recipe. Will let you know the outcome 😉

  313. Denise Brosch says:

    You have my 74 year old mother and I reading your blog regularly. You make us proud that you are the Proud Italian Cook! Your recipes bring back so many fond memories and encourage us to retrieve some of ours. And we were so surprised they were received with such interest and love. And we tried cappeletti & tortelini again, along with the ravioli. the family is torn between which they like better! Thank you so much for what you do.

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  315. Hi, Marie. Congrats on your 6-year anniversary!
    I love your blog, and many of your recipes have become staples in my house of teenagers — especially your Chicken Vesuvio, Roasted Parmesan Creamed Onions, Italian Chopped Salad, and (my personal favorite) Roasted Carrots and Shallots with Olives and Gremolata. I’m happy to hear you have no intention of quitting your blog. Thank you!

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  331. Maria Cinquanti says:

    Melrose Peppers!

    Happy Anniversary and best wishes.

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  334. Discovering your blog was like finding my grandmother’s secret recipe file!! What is most appealing to me is the way you fuse old world ideas with a dash of modern flair!! Your recipes are never “over the top” for cooks such as myself, and your occasional twists on traditional recipes helps keeps my menu fresh & fun. Thanks for the beautiful photos that inspire all of us to just “TRY IT” ~ and then be so very thrilled that we did. Happy Anniversary & wishing you many more years of success! I have recommended your website to several of my friends…and none of us have ever been disappointed by the outstanding job you do; preserving & promoting our much cherished Italian cooking heritage!

  335. Marie – the best part of Proud Italian Cook is the cook. It has been and continues to be a pleasure and honor to know you. I think I may have read every one of your posts from the very beginning. I am forever grateful for the inspiration. Your charming writing style, your colorful images, your expertise with all vegetables and fabulous Italian foods makes your blog an absolute hit. Top of the blogosphere. Cheers to continued success my friend!

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