Roasted Veggie Overload!

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Hi, My name is Marie and I’m a veggie-holic! Yes, when I’m in the produce isle I just can’t help myself, I have no control. Sometimes I get strange looks from people as I happily stroll by them with my grocery cart.  I’ve even had people say to me, “My, you do buy a lot of vegetables!” It’s not until I get home and start unpacking my bags that I realize, they might have a point!

So when I feel like I have an overload of veggies hanging out in my fridge, I just roast them all, as in the photo above, and figure out what to do with them later.

I always roast my veggies at 400F, drizzled with a good quality extra virgin olive oil and lately, and actually more times than not I’ve been using this, the mellow roasted garlic flavor just enhances the veggies even more, I truly love that stuff!
The thing about having roasted veggies handy is that you can quickly whip up a meal in no time, toss them into frittatas, pastas, grains, all sorts of things. I had a package of farro that I quickly cooked up and made this for a nice lunch but you could easily use brown rice, barley, couscous, you get the idea. For this I added a fresh lemon and olive oil dressing to it, along with fresh herbs.
Want something a little more substantial? Stuff it all into a pre-roasted acorn squash and serve it with a salad on the side.
But I have to say one of my favorite ways to use up all my veggies is to stack them high layered into a springform pan all wrapped up in phyllo dough pie.
Every time I make this I get rave reviews, it’s great for a luncheon with the girls, a main course or even a side dish to bring to a party.
phyllo vegetable pie
The wedges cut perfectly because the layers are slightly “glued together” with some grated cheese, I like to serve mine with a little roasted red pepper sauce on the side, so good!
Roasted Veggie Pie Wrapped in Phyllo
  • Assorted roasted vegetables of your choice
  • Grated parmesan or romano cheese
  • grated asiago, mozzarella, or fontina cheese
  • Phyllo sheets
  • Olive oil
  • 9" springform pan
  1. Brush springform pan with olive oil or olive oil spray
  2. Unwrap phyllo and cover with a dampened towel, keeping it covered as you work quickly
  3. Add 3 sheets into the bottom of the pan,1 at a time, spraying or brushing with olive oil and a sprinkling of grated parmesan or romano
  4. Fit one sheet partially on the bottom with the ends hanging well over the pan, spray or brush all over with olive oil
  5. Continue with the phyllo all the way around the pan, then do it all around 2 more times( phyllo is very thin) rotating pan so the sheets cover the entire rim
  6. Start layering your vegetables one layer at a time, in between the layers add a sprinkling of grated parmesan or romano and also your grated asiago, mozzarella or fontina, use enough to cover all around the vegetables,but not too much, pressing down lightly
  7. When you get to the top fold in the overhang of phyllo, making sure its sprayed or brushed with olive oil
  8. Add more phyllo sheets to the top to make sure all the veggies are covered
  9. Finish off by spraying or brushing with olive oil on entire top and a final sprinkling of cheese
  10. Place pan on a baking sheet lined with foil and bake in oven at 400 for around 20-25 minutes or until phyllo is crispy golden
  11. Let it cool down then cut into wedges with a serrated knife
  12. Note: No exact amounts here, just cover each layer with veggies and cheese, you could also use a smaller springform pan or a deep dish pie plate depending on how many veggies you have.
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  1. Looks really good. Can this be made ahead, refrigerated, and brought to room temperature (or reheated)?

    • Are you talking about the one wrapped in phyllo dough? If so yes but you will have to cook it then reheat it when you’ll eat it so the phyllo will crisp up again, it should be nice and crisp

  2. I made this tonight and it tasted amazing!! I used feta, mozzarella and romano sprinkled over the various veggies and all the flavors blended together and made my mouth sing. Thanks for posting and I can’t wait to try more recipes from this site!

  3. Success!! I roasted 2 pans of eggplant, zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and garlic last night. Hubby loves it with just bowtie pasta, so that was round 1, round 2 today I mixed in some shredded mozzarella cheese and cooked them in a whole wheat tortilla and made a veggie quesadilla…awesome! Gonna serve him that tonight as an antipasta and see what he thinks!

  4. This is such a great tip! I came home with bags and bags of veggies yesterday, and can’t bear to see them languishing in the fridge. Mine will get roasted and some will be popped into the freezer. Your story made me laugh — I often have the same experience! Always when I’m in line with someone who has nothing but box food in their cart. Makes me so sad for their family 🙁 Thanks for such a great tip and inspiring blog!
    xo, Andrea

  5. Every other night I am roasting a pan of veggies–I’m on a Brussels sprouts roll, can’t get enough of them! I have them for breakfast with eggs. Doesnt’ matter what vegetable it is, if it’s roasted, it’s delicious. I am salivating at your veggie pie–it’s got all my favorites. Yum…

  6. It’s funny – here we are in the dead of winter and I am also maxing out on roasted vegetables. That tart just draws me in. I love how vegecentric you are. You’re encouraging one of my few good habits! Off to the produce department!

  7. Oh Marie, I would eat vegetables 24/7 if I had this roasted veggie pie around. You always make everything that is so irresistible!

  8. I had to smile when I read the beginning of the post. My refrigerator is always stuffed full of fresh vegetables. Your veggie pie sounds delicious and looks so beautiful.

  9. I would love to be in your kitchen when all that wonderful vegetable roasting is going on. I can’t wait to try your veggie pie, Marie, and love that I can now so easily print out the recipe. Mouthwatering post.

  10. You are rocking your new site with some beautiful vegetables Marie!
    No wonder that phyllo dough pie is a hit! Gorgeous!

  11. Roger Bencivenga says


    A while ago I wrote about the Italian name for the sausage you refer to as “Barese Sausage.” In NY, we know it by it’s Italian name and my brother found the following site for you to review. This is what we call chevrolat (there’s probably a letter or 2 missing from this).


    • Wow roger, That looks just like our Barese sausage here, never heard it called that before, I learned something new, thanks!

  12. Hi Marie,
    I LOVE your site, I receive your PROUD ITALIAN COOK email weekly. I have a question about the roasted veggies; about how long will they stay in the fridge? And do I store them in those plastic containers, or ziploc bags?
    Thank you for sharing your recipes and cooking ideas with us.

  13. I’ve made your roasted veggie torte sans phyllo to rave reviews. . . . I can only imagine the star I’ll be when I make this version! Wow! Enough to make anyone a veg-aholic!

  14. I’m also guilt of overbuying veggies – then I’m always scrambling to use them up before they expire. Roasting them seems like pure genius! Do you ever freeze them after roasting? I think I would love a stash of roasted veggies to work with, in my freezer!

    Thanks for your blog, I read, but rarely comment – you always have something delicious cooking!

  15. I am getting really, really hungry looking at your beautiful pictures.

  16. I’m like you, Marie! Roasting brings out the natural sugars in vegetables a forms a wonderful carmelization. Your savory veggie tart looks delicious!

    I am discovering new types of vegetables here in Colorado and missing my favorie broccoli rab! I hope the new Whole Foods opening nearby will have it.

  17. This looks so amazing!! When I roast veggies I usually cube them. These looked sliced thin.Were they?? what vegetables did you use? Thanks!!

    • Carol, sometimes I cube them and sometimes I slice them on the diagonal, like zucchini to give it a bigger platform, also I used portobello mushrooms they have a flat surface, peppers, cut them around the core in large slices, things like that.Cauliflower I just placed about as is, it all works. I listed the veggies I used right on the bottom photo, hope this helps!

  18. Your veggie photos are so pretty. I love roasting vegetables when ever I can.

  19. Too many roasted veggies is not a bad thing!
    I love your idea to mix with farro, since I have a CASE of it from Umbria sitting here, waiting for a recipe (though I am making that chestnut, chickpea farro soup from the Abruzzo party the other night!).
    PS just put a datenut bread in the oven, thought of you!

    Yummy. xo

  20. Cheryl Blakley says

    Wow, what a beautiful sight. You are a woman after my own heart. I could give up meat in an instant but not my veggies. Love the stack. I am going to try that next. Love your blog. You inspire me.

  21. Oh that looks so amazing, as usual I can’t wait to try this beautiful creation, yum!

  22. You continue to amaze with your beautiful and delicious concoctions – vegetables, desserts, main courses — whatever you make! I usually buy only a few veggies at a time — just what I think I’ll need for a couple of days, but looking at your wide selection makes me want to rush to the veggie stand right now.

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