Tomato Harvest

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I’m sure many of you are thinking up different ways to use up your garden tomatoes like I am, I’m not a caner so I try to use them as they start piling up. So far I’ve made numerous caprese salads, ( a stash of fresh mozzarella is a staple in my fridge lately).
Tossed them into pastas, made gratins with them, used them with grilled meats and fish, stuffed them, made quick sauces, dried them.
I’ve roasted cherry tomatoes by the pan full and graced many things with them, pizza, panini, tarts, omelette’s, I could go on and on and so could you I bet!Recently I made this Tomato and Corn Pie and of course It has a little Italian twist on it. My only regret is, I should have made more than one, it was that good and disappeared in a heartbeat!
I just used a good store bought refrigerated pie dough, placed it into my pie pan, brushed it with olive oil and sprinkled with black pepper, then I pricked the dough all around with a fork.
I layered the bottom with a mixture of shredded asiago, mozzarella and grated romano cheese.
On top of the cheese I scattered caramelized onions and fresh basil. Place fresh corn from the cob over that and add a quick drizzle of olive oil and more romano.
Arrange sliced tomatoes on top adding salt, pepper, dried oregano, fresh basil and another quick drizzle of olive oil. Bake in a 375 oven until crust is a nice deep brown. Let it cool down before you cut into it.
Serve this with a green salad and you have a fabulous meal!
I made this for breakfast last Sunday, Baked Eggs in Tomatoes.
Basically you cut a 1/2 inch off the top of a tomato, gently scoop out the seeds and inner membrane, being careful not to break through the flesh of the tomato. Season, drizzle with olive oil and layer the bottom with fresh corn. Place in a baking dish lined with parchment.
Whisk up one egg per tomato, I added basil, romano cheese and a bit of asiago and divide and pour mixture among the tomatoes. Top with romano and bake at 350 for 45 to 50 minutes. Serve warm.
Recipe adapted from Martha
Pop some toast in the toaster, have the coffee brewing and the Sunday paper near by and enjoy a leisurely breakfast!
Cheesey, eggy, tomatoey goodness, oh my!I was touched in so many ways. 


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  1. Melissa Campbell says

    Hi Marie, I’m finally getting around to making this tomato and corn pie…I can’t wait. Do you remember an estimate on the cooking time? Thank you!

    • Melissa, I really judge it by the brown the crust gets because everything else will be melted and cooked, you want your crust a nice golden brown, be sure to prick the bottom so the bottom crisps up. Maybe a half hour or so.

  2. Happy anniversary, Marie! Love your tomato recipes – thought you might like to see the Great Tomato Taste Fest I did with my neighbors:

    And I will have to try that kale pesto, recipe, yum!

  3. I’m getting ready to make that beautiful tomato corn pie right now. Using some of my own heirlooms and some that I picked up at our local Farmers Market. Can’t wait to taste it!

  4. We finally harvested our last batch of tomatoes last week and pulled all of the plants out of our gardens this week, since the season starts and ends a little bit earlier down here in SC. But I LOVE how you added corn to this tomato pie! I’d heard of egg-stuffed tomatoes and now I need to try them after seeing yours!


  5. Tomato and corn pie looks delicious.
    Congrats to Becky! Good job!!

  6. Wonderful recipes and wonderful photos. My tomatoes are starting to turn red — lots of them. Your pie might be just the thing for me!

    Keep writing…

  7. Congrats to Becky! Such a nice comment.
    Man oh man that tomato and corn pie looks good!!

  8. Both look amazing….especially the baked eggs! No pink on my tomatoes yet…..but just wait. Think the tart will be the first think I make. Thank you!

  9. Made this for dinner tonight paired with a nice salad and bread. I drizzled a lil of the balsamic glaze over it too. Wonderful!! Thanks again.

  10. This is such a great time of year with all our fresh veggies. I just made a tomato tart, too — with zucchini. (Why do they grow so well, so fast!?) I love the stuffed tomato, too. Becky was right — your colorful Italians dishes are inspiring.

  11. Those look very scrumptious! Too bad I just finished off my heirloom tomatoes… but that just means that I need more. 🙂

  12. Congratulations to Becky! She is going to have lots of fun with that pasta machine 🙂

    I love the addition of fresh corn to both your tomato pie and eggs baked in tomatoes, Marie. I’m in heaven when fresh corn is in season, as it is one of my favorite summer treats!

  13. Wow Marie – You never let up – one delicious thing after another. I wish I could bite the screen and have a slice of this.

  14. Tomatoes and corn are two of the best things about summer. This is such a beautiful tart and I want to eat it right now!

  15. This is the best way how to use tomato. ->”Cheesey, eggy, tomatoey goodness, oh my!”. Too bad here is tomato four times more expensive then in winter:(.

  16. I have a tomato tart post today too! and tomorrow is the tomato corn pie!!! (I will schedule it for next week instead, yikes!).

    Can you call me in the morning so we don’t wear the same thing to school?


  17. Fabulous tomato goodness here! I so want that pie for lunch!

  18. Both dishes look delicious and we’ve been going thru the same thing with our tomatoes but it’s worked out great as we now have new tomato sauce and soup recipes.

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