The Heat Is On!

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The temperature is rising here in Chicago so lighter meals and salads are now on the menu.
This extremely delicious salad just screams summer! It’s fresh and bursting with healthy vibrant color, how could you resist?
Ribbons of yellow squash and green zucchini take center stage on a bed of mixed greens tossed in a light vinaigrette.
 The other components are, sliced mini heirloom tomatoes of various colors, red and orange pepper strips, purple onion,
peas and grilled corn, ( which I grilled inside) finished off with dots of creamy goat cheese and crunchy hazelnuts and a drizzle more vinaigrette.

Crispy bread and a tall iced tea and your set for the perfect summer meal, of course feel free to add in some grilled chicken for a little heartier fare, but I was totally satisfied.
There are no exact ingredients here just add in as much as you want, you can’t go wrong. I layered a platter with mixed greens to start. For mine I used 2 zucchini and 1 yellow squash, the ribbons were made with a vegetable peeler.  It was way too hot to go outside and grill so I put 2 ears of corn in the microwave for 5 minutes then threw them on my grill pan inside to give them a good char.

It looks beautiful spread out on a big platter because of all the colors, so keep this in mind for your July 4th cookout, it would work great as a side.

Stay Cool!

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  1. I used the biggest platter I own to assemble this salad…the entire thing was devoured in one sitting by four people. So so good!!

  2. Great Salad. Made it yesterday for a family picnic. I didn’t have hazelnuts, but had steamed chestnuts that were vac packed from Trader Joes.

  3. Hi, what is EVOO that you use in the vinegarette for the veg. salad? Please write and let me know. Thanks

  4. One question, The zucchini is raw?

  5. This is my current favorite summer salad in rotation. So versatile! Add what ever fresh veggies you have on hand. I’ve even done a grilled version of this salad. Works with all kinds of cheese too. Simply delicious!!!

  6. I made this for my book club tonight and it was delicious! I substituted toasted pine nuts for the hazlenuts and added edamame and blueberries to the mix. Thanks for the great ideas!

  7. Does it get soggy if you make it a day ahead?

  8. I’m glad I found your website. I saw one of the photos for this awesome salad on Pinterest, but when I clicked on the link it did not come to your website. I finally found you! I will definitely make this salad. Thanks!

  9. I just finally made this and it was delicious!! I added lemon juice to the dressing as well.

  10. This looks absolutely delicious. Buying up some summer ingredients today to make this for my lunches during the week!

  11. I made this for dinner tonight and it was a total hit! I used a garlic vinaigrette that I happened to have and it worked out really nicely. I’ll have to try your vinaigrette recipe next time. Thanks for posting this recipe, it’s fabulous!

  12. Hi! Came upon your blog by chance and have tried a couple of your recipes after returning from a 4 week vacation in Italy. This salad recipe is definitely a favorite! We eat a lot of salads, and my kids – all boys – will eat themselves full but usually show little to no enthusiasm. This salad though; oh boy! They kept asking for more, and giving it praise. THANK YOU!

  13. Hi Everyone, Since I’ve been getting so many requests for my vinaigrette recipe I’m going to post it right here.

    3 parts EVOO to 1 part red wine vinegar ( sometimes I add a touch of balsamic too, it sweetens it up)
    1 smashed garlic clove
    1/2 – 3/4 teaspoon of djon mustard
    a pinch of salt and fresh ground pepper
    a good pinch of oregano

    Put it all in a jar and shake, you’ll have extra, just refrigerate.



  14. Simple and light, the perfect combination for a hot summer night.

  15. Mmmm, this looks delicious – perfect for a warm summer evening! So refreshing. 🙂 Just got summer squash in my CSA so I definitely need to try this out.

  16. That salad looks amazingly refreshing.

  17. Anonymous says

    Beautiful salad–it was exactly the kind of thing I’d been dreaming of. This last weekend I included this salad in my menu for a wedding rehearsal dinner party. I served 70 guests and nearly everyone came to the kitchen to comment on how much they loved the way the salad looked and tasted. Thanks!

  18. A true work of art! Love all the colors in this salad.

  19. Anonymous, No you do not cook the squash and zucchini it is raw, email me at for my vinagerette recipe

  20. Anonymous says

    Do you cook the zucchini and squash at all? Any dressing suggestions. I can’t wait to make this!

  21. Gorgeous salad!

  22. Hi, so glad I found your blog today from “Panini Girl”. Your food looks great! Look forward to reading more.


  23. The weather channel says it feels like 114 degrees today. This dinner will be on our menu!

  24. Very pretty. I can see serving that at my next dinner party!

  25. Anonymous, email me at

  26. Anonymous says

    Your salad looks so scrumpdillicious (is that a word??) Could you please share your vinaigrette recipe as I’d hate to go through all that work and ruin it with a so/so vinaigrette. Thanks so much.

  27. This salad is calling my name…oh it looks so good.

  28. Keeping cool alright!
    That is one fabulous salad Marie. The colors are fantastic, I’d skip the chicken too.

  29. Anonymous says

    Hi there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group?

  30. Marie – Your salad looks like an artist painted it, but you can eat this delight too.

  31. Oh my yumminess! I am so glad I subscribed to your feed!

  32. What a gorgeous salad!!! I couldn’t help but notice the nice looking bread in the background. I’d eat that first

  33. we’ve been doing a lot of salads. or should I say I. hubby is not a salad person unless it’s all condiments and no veggies. lol

  34. Anonymous says

    This looks amazing! I’m gonna have to make this soon!

  35. This looks so pretty, Marie, and nice and easy to prepare which is a bonus on these hot days!

    Thanks for your kind words and prayers for Colorado. I have been so worried the past few days. My children and grandchildren are in safe areas for now, but the fires are popping up everywhere due to the dry conditions there.


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