Mamma Agata’s Sausage and Red Pepper Pasta

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Do you know who Mamma Agata is? Just in case you don’t, let me introduce her to you. Mamma Agata is a legend on the Amalfi Coast and Ravello. At a very young age her cooking talents were being noticed and shortly after, her name became famous among American movie stars and politicians.
Mamma Agata has cooked for Humphrey Bogart, Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Fred Astaire, and Jacqueline Kennedy just to name a few.Today you’ll find her still in the kitchen along with her daughter Chiara and son-in- law Gennaro right beside her, conducting classes in their cooking and wine school that is actually their private home. Their beautiful home sits on a clifftop, 1000 feet above sea level with a spectacular view of the Amalfi coastline.
This has been on my “bucket list” for years!
You can imagine my excitement when I received an email from Chiara asking me if I’d like to review their cookbook, pasta and olive oil. I couldn’t wait to open up the package the day it arrived. The cookbook was hand signed by all in the family and there were two different pastas, pappardelle and spaghetti, a bottle of their newly launched olive oil and a beautiful handwritten note from Chiara.
I was dreaming about the Amalfi for days! This is the actual view from their terrace! Wouldn’t you love to gaze out at this every day?
I can see why her school is called, ” The Hidden Treasure”.
 Mamma Agata, “Simple and Genuine” was a labor of love written by Chiara Lima, Mamma Agata’s daughter. She wrote the book to “save” her mothers treasures for generations to come, her experiences, recipes, secrets and techniques.
Their first cookbook, which was self published, has been honored with the” Gourmand Best in the World 2010 Award” coming in second in the category ” Best Easy Recipes”. This book is filled with mouth watering recipes, there are so many I want to make like her Lemon Chicken that has a wine and herb infusion prepared four days before the dish and her Lemon Cake which she is so well known for.
You can only order the book on her website, they ship all over the world, and each and every copy will be personally signed!
I couldn’t wait to try the pappardelle, so I decided to make the Sausage and Red Pepper Pasta from the book, following the instructions to cut the peppers not to thin and not to thick.
After sauteing the peppers ahead of time I added sliced onion and cooked until golden brown.  Mamma Agata likes to cook the sausage whole in a ring, then pierce with a fork, it allows the juices to flow in the pan and will enhance the flavor of the sauce.
The pasta is hearty, toothy, made with the highest quality durum wheat produced exclusively in Italy. The surface is slightly rough, perfect for absorbing your sauce!
After your sausage is seared you add in cherry tomatoes, fresh torn basil and a cup of fresh tomato sauce, I had some homemade marinara that I added to mine.  Remove the sausage, cut into slices and toss it all with your slightly under cooked pappardelle and allow it to cook a couple of minutes more in the sauce. The end result is amazing!
Before we devoured the main course we sampled the olive oil, very fresh tasting with a nice peppery bite!
If you’d like to have a taste of Mamma Agata’s kitchen you can order the pasta and olive oil . Remember, they ship all over the world!
One day, I know I will be sitting here!


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  1. My bucket list is full, but the Galapagus islands are on my list. Just found your blog and look forward to more from it. Nice pics.

  2. Trained by French Chefs to make authentic pastry, I used to feel like I was cheating when I cooked Italian dishes. I just have to accept that I am drawn to the Italian style of cooking and will continue to grow in this area. On my Bucket List is a trip to Italy to learn to be taught by the best. I often travel alone and while this can be daunting, I must do it!!!

  3. I had the pleasure of attending Mamma Agata’s cooking school last fall (2012) and all I can say is….GO! For the love of god, GO! At first I was on the fence about signing up because it is not cheap, especially after the currency exchange, but it is by far one of the best experiences of my life. Worth every penny. The food, the wine, the family, the setting….all exceptional! You will not regret it so GO!

  4. Marianne Baker says

    Wow! This is making me sooo hungry. I have only very recently discovered Mama Agata, thanks to ‘Masterchef’ a cookery show here in the UK, and I am seriously inspired. I LOVE Italian food and my bucket list entry would have to be …..a culinary tour of Italy with a stop off with Mam Agata.

  5. Graham Johnson says

    Recipe looks absolutely delicious, will be trying tonight

  6. Vicky Foraker says

    Oh, the bucket list. I have so many things I’d like to do. At this moment, I can think of two: rock climbing, preferably in some romantic area of Spain, and make pasta from scratch. Pasta that tastes good, that is.

  7. Mamma Agata’s was closed when I was on the Amalfi Coast a few weeks ago, so I did a cooking class at Il Ritrivo. Such an inspiring area.

  8. I attended Mamma Agata’s class just a couple of weeks ago, and she prepared this dish for us. I can attest that it was fabulous as was everything else she made, and the time at her home was nothing less than spectacular.

  9. We have been to Mamma Agata’s kitchen and eaten lunch on her beautiful patio. We have been there in the brilliant sunshine. IT IS STUNNING!!! Chiara told us that their family has owned the land from their home all the way down the hillside to the sea, for centuries. There is no better place on earth than Ravello and the Costiera Amalfitana.

  10. Very appetizing pictures! Italian pasta is yummier if mixed with big sausages like this. Mama Agata is an excellent cook. You just need to see these pictures to know that these dishes are to die for! And her book is definitely a great help for those who are aspiring to be cooks. They can surely get useful tips from Mama Agata.
    Alex Staff

  11. Hi, We were on the Amalfi Coast last October. It was beautiful! I tried to reserve a day at Mamma Agata’s, but she was already full. We are Amercian’s living in Denmark, so over the last 2 years have seen many things on my bucket list and feel pretty blessed to have had this opportunity. If I had to add more places, it would be Australia, Victoria Falls, South Africa, and Alaska.

  12. Amazing view–I would love to visit this cooking school! The pappardelle looks fantastic too. A leisurely, open-ended trip around Italy is on my bucket list.

  13. Mamma Agata so reminds me of my own mother. Would love to win this giveaway. On my bucket list is to visit the hometowns of my parents in Spain and Italy.

  14. I was in Positano last summer and fell in love with Ravello. Unfortunately, I was only able to spend the day there. In fact many of the pictures you posted were the same beautiful landscapes as the ones I took! It was the beautiful lemons that inspired me to make your Limoncello tart for my mothers day dessert. It won rave reviews! My dream is to take my daughter to Italy. I promised her I would take her for a graduation gift since she took 5 years of Italian and speaks it fluently. She started to college in the summer so I was unable to take her with me! That is on my bucket list!

  15. A trip to Italy is definitely on my bucket list. And I have now added a new location in Italy I want to visit!

  16. Love your blog and recipes! The photos are fantastic…anyway I went to Italy for a month after my college graduation. I plan to return again someday when my kids are older. I want to spend an entire summer there, living as a local.

  17. What amazing photos! Exactly why it’s on our bucket list to get to Italy, where my husbands family is from, and visit. I would love to tour the Amalfi Coast and Capri. To take cooking lessons while there would be even better. We’ll have to look her up one day! Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Hi Marie – never heard of Mamma before, but this place is now on my bucket list too. I’ll meet you there!

    Hope you are having a fabulous Mother’s Day.

  19. Bucket list….a trip to Italy! I’ve never been, but never say never!

  20. Anonymous says

    What a great giveaway! My bucket list includes traveling to Europe. I would love to tour Italy and visit where my ancestors came from as well as visit other historical places throughout Europe.

    -Carmela C.

  21. I can’t wait to make this!

  22. Oh, Dear God. These are some of the most drool worthy food shots I’ve seen in a long time. That sausage! I might have Italian blood somewhere in my DNA… because I love that cuisine so much. My bucket list is too long to choose one. After seeing those photos– I wanna go there! I wanna take a class there! Ooops, that’s two things.

  23. On my list: to live and travel Italy for a month or so.

  24. I want to see the Tour de France ending stage in Paris. And eat a lot of bread while there.

  25. I’ve just come back from a week in Naples & we had a fabulous time. Travellers need to ignore all the negativity about Naples and just go, the food was great, lots to do but the best thing was the people. We have travelled quite extensively, mainly in Northern Italy but the people in Naples were the most friendly and helpful that we’ve come across anywhere in Italy. We didn’t get as far as Amalfi but that’s something to look forward to. My bucket list is an appatment in Italy with a big terrace!

  26. The Amalfi coast is truly gorgeous, my bucket list would be to live in France, have a bread and breakfast and give out cooking classes.

  27. I love this blog. I believe you live somewhere near me because of the places you visit. I am Italian and have never had the opportunity to visit Italy but it is on my “bucket list” I WANT THIS BOOK!:) Thanks

  28. I need to follow that link, Marie – love simple and fresh. Love that you introduced to a new cookbook and a remarkable woman I did not know. Ahhh…bucket list… so many – but wintering in Italy instead of Florida is a dream.

  29. I would love to travel to Europe especially Italy and Greece. I definitely now want to attend a cooking class at Mamma Agata’s school if I ever get there!

  30. top of my bucket list is to visit my husbands home country in Jamaica.

  31. One of the things on my bucket list is to meet a famous chef. Cooking is my passion and I would love to meet someone who does this for a living and gain some inspiration from them! Love your blog and recipes!


  32. Thank you for this give-away.
    I would love to travel through Europe, I have yet to see most of it and experience the cultures and food.

  33. Yumm! Wow, the food, the view…everything looks amazing. i will be adding Mamma Agata’s school to my bucket list as well. My husband plan on going to Italy sometime in the future. thanks for the recipe and the opportunity to get wowed. Happy Mother’s day.

  34. To spend a summer living in my grandparents’ European villages.

  35. Just back 2 days from Rome, Italy, I would love to go back next year and visit the Veneto.

  36. I am adding Mamma Agata’s Cooking School to MY bucket list. Amazing post! Thaanks, Marie.

  37. SandyRomeo says

    Wow, the dishes look delicious! My bucket list….mmm…I would love to go to my family hometowns in Calabria and Sicily and find long lost relatives!

  38. This would certainly fit any cooks bucket list but my first is to take a cooking class from Dean Max at 3030 Ocean in Ft. Lauderdale. The master of all things seafood.

  39. I was born and raised in Eastern Europe, but Italian cuisine remains a staple in my life. This book would only enrich my experiences and I would treasure it forever. I promise to make every single recipe from the book 🙂

  40. On my bucket list: to study for a MBA in a top university in North America, particularly USA. Why US? I love the innovation, entrepreneurship, politics and passion in the country.

    And I also LOVE italian food. Choose me to have the cookbook pretty please!! You can be confident it will be well used 🙂


  41. I have been to Ravello and had her food…..simply amazing!!! We still talk about it! Thanks for sharing!

  42. Anonymous says

    I love your blog, your recipes and your descriptions of places in Italy is amazing..Would love to win the book and also on my bucket list is to visit the coast of spain where my familia is from and would love to visit this part of Italy, oh, my…Thanks for making each day I read your blog wonderful..ciao mi bella mjs from!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Wow so many comments! Come to Positano and we can have a Mamma Marie session on our terrace. That’s on my bucket list!

  44. What a wonderful post. The pasta looks amazing and I can’t imagine how wonderful it would be to actually sit on that terrace and learn from Mamma Agata. What a privilege to be asked to review her book.
    We’ve been to the Amalfi and have often said how lovely it would be to return and spend more time there.
    I’ve so many things on my bucket list but one for sure is to spend some time on Prince Edward Island. We’ve visited all the provinces except that one and from all accounts it’s worth making the effort to get there.

  45. Sheri W. says

    The number one thing on my bucket list is to go to Italy with Mario Batali…I remember seeing him on Fine Living a long time ago and he would go all over Italy and visit all types of places and describe the culinary delights you would find there. Hopefully I will get there and if I could go Mamma Agata’s cooking school then that would be heaven!

  46. This looks amazing! I’d love to go to Italy. Running a marathon is on my bucket list.

  47. It would have to be taking my girlfriend to Italy and visiting the family that I have over there. Btw, love your site!

  48. says

    This sausage & peppers looks amazing! Reminds me of when we lived in NYC, and went every year to Little Italy for the San Gennaro festival just to eat it on Italian bread! On my bucket list I most definitely have down for one day to own a Meal Time Quickie Food Truck!! Love to cook, and make people happy with the dishes I serve!

  49. Well, after seeing those pictures I’m going to have to put the Amalfi Coast on my bucket list. Aside from that, I would like to go to Iceland.

  50. That pasta is looking so tasty!

  51. I’m new to your blog and would love to win Mamma Agata’s. Cookbook. I’ve been fortunate to have travelled to the Amalifi Coast and it is stunning! No. 1 on my bucket list is the French Riviera.

  52. Jim Colello says

    Sicily tops my Bucket List. I’ve been to Italy 3 times and haven’t made it there!

  53. Michel McIntyre says

    Visiting Mama Agata’s Cooking School is now the first item on my bucket list!! Thank you for sharing your always-beautiful photos and introducing me to her!!

  54. Just barely made this at home! This is a wonderful recipe. My family originates from Switzerland and even though this is Italian, it reminds me of Switzerland!

  55. Anonymous says

    go to Wine country in CA!!

  56. We went to Florence last year for our 25th Anniversary and loved our time in Italy! It wasn’t long enough as we would like to go back some day to explore more and most of all eat more! I would love this cookbook! Thanks for a wonderful give away!

  57. What a dream come true it would be to learn authentic regional Almafi recipes from Momma Agata, Marie! Look at that fantastic view she has from her balconey…it is heaven on earth!

    Her cookbook must be amazing, as well as her food products. Please count me in as an eager particpant in your give away.

    Right now my bucket list is just a prayer for a sunny warm day for my daughter’s wedding. 🙂

  58. I would love to sew a dress from scratch! How beautiful are those pictures!

  59. ITALY { ab. so. }

  60. this looks divine. among my bucket list is an extended vacation in Italy. Where , I would perfect my Italian cooking, I would also spend a extraordinary amount of time tasting everything in site!!

  61. says

    I now have a new entry on my bucket list as well! I’m going to expand it a bit and state that I want to spend a year “cooking my way through Europe” … although I know that being 50% Italian and all ready having been to Italy and feeling like I was “home”, I’ll probably spend 80% of the the time in Italy. Spain, Portugal and Greece would be my other “must go to” places.

  62. Bella lady says

    I want to have my own wood burning pizza oven for my back yard. That would be on my bucket list and also return to Italy someday. It was so beautiful. I enjoyed your post this week and would love to go to a cooking class in Italy, a true dream come true!!!

  63. Breathtaking. I’ve been an Italophile since I was in junior high. I haven’t been yet, it would be my biggest bucket list item. I love Italian food & cooking. Thanks for sharing. I agree with your sentiment in the photo…one day I will be sitting there!!!

  64. Anonymous says

    I have just added Mamma Agati’s Cooking School to my bucket list~!!!!!

  65. I’m not sure I’ve ever thought seriously about my bucket list. However, I really love family history, and I’d love to go visit the homes of my ancestors in Britain and Ireland.

  66. I like Italian food. My desire is to get real good at it and this book just may be the beginning.

  67. It has been a dream of mine to go to cooking school in Italy. I can picture myelf sitting at that table, eating simple but wonderful food, and just feeling on top of the world.

  68. It looks delicious. I would love to have the book! Something I always wanted to do is to get so good at cooking Italian food even though I am from Ohio!

  69. Maria Luisa says

    This dish is so yummy and comforting, your blog and photos are beautiful.
    My bucket list includes Capri, the Aeolian Islands and Pantelleria.

  70. Gorgeous photos, wonderful recipe. I want to be sitting on that terrace enjoying the food and the view!

  71. My bucket list includes running the marathon du Medoc in France. Every water station is a wine tasting station!

  72. Sandy Bruno-Killeen says

    This one is an easy one for me! The one thing on my bucket list is to go to my Mom’s hometown in Italy. Simbario is in Calabria (“the tip of the boot” as my Mom would say). It would have been a dream to go with my Mom but she passed away at the age of 70 from breast cancer in 1998; god rest her soul. When I was a little girl, I would ask my Mom to tell me stories of her growing up in Italy (she was 10 when she came to Chicago) and she would tell me all about Simbario; what the church looked like, what their house looked like, etc. She still has family in Simbario and I would love to meet them! THAT IS THE ONE THING ON MY BUCKET LIST!

  73. Sharon in Tulsa says

    Going to a cooking school in Italy was already on my bucket list – I now know which specific cooking school!

  74. Hi Everyone! I’m loving all your comments!

    Oh and Lisa D, Blogger would not publish your comment for some reason last night, but consider you are in.

  75. What an absolutely lovely place to live. Or even visit. I want to enlarge that picture and hang it around my porch!!

    My bucket list includes Australia at the top. It is just such an intriguing place.

    That pasta looks FANTASTC!!

  76. I have always wanted to visit Italy for an extended period of time as my mother was born there, and I’ve never been. Now, this cooking class has definitely been added to my list!

  77. There are so many places to visit (and revisit) on my bucket list, I till haven’t been to the African continent, so I will put down Cairo and Marrakesh for this purpose.

  78. Love the recipe, and the tips on making the sauce more flavorful; I love to pass on tips like this – simple ways to put your cooking over the top.

    I’m working hard on making my bucket list come true – I’ve joined with a local in Italy to offer culinary bike tours in the Northeast regions. We are just getting off the ground, but have run a few exciting tours, some with James Beard award winning chefs. It’s a labor of love, but I’m having so much fun researching the foods and wines of the regions we visit.

  79. Anonymous says

    One of these days I am going to make it to Sicily to try and find the town my great grandmother was born in.

  80. I try to take a cooking class where ever I go and Italy has-been on my list since 2001 when we were to go and you know why we did not- now when I do go in a few years when my husband retires this is added to my travel cooking dreams-thanks Marie

    Great blog-Sandy

  81. My bucket list includes Macchu Picchu. I am a retired teacher and teaching kids about this amazing place always had me pining to visit. Such a mysterious and beautiful place in photos – I can only imagine seeing it in person.

    The Amalfi Coast is also a place high on my bucket list. Perhaps when we visit Tuscany in September we can visit this gorgeous, enchanting place.

  82. PATTI MURPHY says

    I so look forward to your blogs! My bucket list would include a trip to Italy where my ancestors came from, and include discovering the Imalfi coast. Of course I would LOVE to attend Mama’s cooking school in the visit!!An oh, just thinking of tasting those incredible Italian Red Wines! Life does not get better than that!! 🙂

  83. Wonderful pics! Am hoping to make it to Italy and France one of these days…..oh a girl can dream!

  84. Anonymous says

    I LOVE cook books – I look at them and dream about cooking every recipe. I have never even thought about writing up a “bucket list” – I’ve always got tons of other lists going – things to get done, etc. I’ll start to think of things to add to mine. Thank you for your blog – the pictures are excellent – makes all your food look mouth watering. Michelle Nielsen

  85. I am 100% Italian and must go to Italy! I’ve lived in Hawaii for most of my life and have been frustrated by the scarcity of good Italian products. I am a good cook, and that helps, and living vicariously through sites like Proud Italian Ccok, magazines and books has helped keep me sane. I really enjoy the gorgeous photos you post that bring so much life to your mouthwatering recipes and visits. Thank you for everything.

  86. So fabulous, I would love to win this cookbook!!!

    On my bucket list…I would LOVE to go make a cooking course with Mamma Agata!

    I’m from Portugal but my Favorite food is the italian tradicional food, love the simplicity, the fresh ingredients, the smells, the processes, the flavor is complete! It doesn’t have a “noise”, its clean like we always know what we are tasting, and can taste the freshness of all the ingredients.

    This view is awesome …would love to sit there, in that balcony, and enjoy this amazing food!

    Ana Araujo
    Lisboa, Portugal.

  87. What a lovely and inspiring blog post.. I had the pleasure of visiting the Amalfi coast last summer and can tell you freely that the pictures do every bit of its beauty justice… You will love it there.. This cookbook looks like a must have for every Italian foodie, I would be honored to get it! My bucket list is to attend great cooking courses in Greece, Italy, and France (among others 🙂
    Great blog!!!

  88. I definately want to go to Italy and go to a cooking school, like my sister did. She broght me the cookbook and I LOVE it. I have that on my bucket list and WILL do it someday.

  89. Living in Florence for six months and then Venice for another six would top off this decade. Along with getting my Great dane puppy to behave. View is gorgeous!

  90. Italy is definitely on my bucket list!!

  91. My bucket list would include bringing my mom to live in a small cottage on the Amalfi Coast for a month, spending our days exploring local markets and making our own limoncello.

  92. oh my to choose only one thing from my bucket list, well I would like to take a year and explore the United States by car traveling the back roads, stopping along the way to sample breakfast, lunch and dinner at some place different. stopping at places that catch my fancy or that are recommended by the locals. along the way I would collect the menus and at least one recipe from each place I eat to be published in a combined travel log/cookbook/photo book. and I would do the tour in a BMW Z4

  93. Wow! Amazing! I am new to your blog and am loving it so far! I will now add Mamma’s to my bucket list but on the top of my list is dinner at The French Laundry. Thanks!

  94. I love to cook Italian food. My bucket list would have to include a trip to Venice with the love of my life – my husband for nearly 33 years.

  95. Gorgeous post! I’m going to Naples and the Amalfi coast this fall, to see the villages from which my grandparents emigrated. Now I have to add a cooking class to my “must see” list. Thanks for the inspiration.

  96. Anonymous says

    i so want to go to Italy someday. My grandparents were born in Italy, I want to see where and how they lived. I have polio and everyone tells me how hard it would be for me to travel there. I need a scooter to get around. Actually i would be content to just sit with someone and watch them in their kitchen. I want to experience their culture. Just to be there would be enough for me. you know just watch the people of the country that my ancestors came from.

  97. joann Giugliano magoch says

    Well my bucket list is bigger than me ha, well I would love to go to italy being italian american and have some family still in naples and sicily i would love to see where my grandparents came from,and i would love to bring both my kids Im alot like my dads mom but look like my moms momma i Love to cook and bake mostly all italian and homemade and from scratch and from my heart ty for the opportunity to enter this contest ciao, Joann

  98. After living in Gaeta, Italy for three years, I want to go back and savor every morsel again! Then I would love to go to Provence!

  99. All your recipes are amazing! Thank you for sharing your passion. Italian food and cooking is also my passion. I have a few things on my bucket list. Going to Italy is one of them, but my ultimate dream would be to dance with John Travolta! 🙂

  100. Bernie Wawczak says

    Sausage and peppers look great, Marie!

    My bucket list includes so much travel that it’s hard to narrow it down, but I’d love to get my family to Ireland. I was there when I was thirteen and I could not appreciate the fresh seafood. I would love to go back now and love every second of the greenery, the people and the seafood!

  101. Since i’ve already been to Italy many times, I’d like to go to Australia. My husband said it was so beautiful when he went that he didn’t want to leave.

  102. I have two things on my bucket list – to ride a unicycle and to play the accordion! That pasta looks delicious, so simple, colorful and delicious, my favorite kind of food!

  103. My bucket list would be complete with a trip to Wales.

  104. My little brain has only had “I want to go to Italy” sitting there for so long, you remind me I need to narrow that down a bit if I’m really going to get there. I have some (far-removed) relations near Naples, so I will need to stop there before Amalfi!

  105. My bucket list would start today with:
    To attend Mama Agata’s cooking school!
    Thank you!

  106. Wow! The Amalfi Coast looks beautiful. What’s on my bucket list? I just got my yoga teaching certification (at age 50!) and now I would love to teach yoga in Italy – home of Vanda Scaravelli (an incredible Italian yogi!). I think that days of yoga overlooking the coast and evenings of wonderful, fresh food, would be something beautiful to savor.

  107. On MY Bucket list? Personally tossing my very own Canadian quarter in the Fontana Di Trevi!

  108. Ann in Addison says

    Will be on the Amalfi Coast come Fall. It’s been on my ‘bucket list” for a long time. Want to see Ravello, Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi; want to eat the food; want to hear the language I heard as a child. Love the smell of my kitchen when it smells like my Sicialian grandmother’s.

  109. Ann in Addison says

    Would love to have this book before my ‘bucket list’ trip to the Amalfi Coast this Fall. The lemon cake sounds like something I would like to make but it is probably best made with the superior Italian lemons. I am so excited to see Sorrento, Positano,Ravello, Amalfi. We’ll be practicing our Italian. And I plan to eat all the wonderful fresh things from the sea in addition to the pastas. Love when my kitchen smells like my Sicilian grandmother’s. Proud Italian Cook is a great reminder of the foods of a Chicago Italian-American who wishes she appreciated it more as a child.

  110. I want to build my own brick pizza oven in my back yard,I’ll have made the sausage and red pepper pasta a couple of times by then 😉

  111. We just got married and are planning a honeymoon to Italy and the Amalfi coast.. I will be putting this on my to see list right now!! Thank you so much for the introduction!!

  112. My grandmother was a tiny, classy, sassy woman with violet-colored eyes and hair that turned white when she was still in her twenties….and she was everything to me. Even though she passed over 30 years ago (!!!), I still miss her terribly. And yes, she was some kind of cook! ALL my childhood food memories are from her kitchen. Her family came to America from a tiny village north of Turino- very close to Aosta. Going to see her birthplace and the home of her family has been at the top of my bucket list FOREVER.

  113. I want to visit California. I live in Michigan so that is a very far off place for me. Add to that it is also warm and sunny. I want to swine in the ocean and visit the coastal cities.

  114. I’d love to go to the French Riviera…specifically Monte Carlo.

  115. I want to travel through Greece.

  116. Everything looks wonderful.

    I’d like to be sitting across the table from you and meeting Mama Agata!

  117. Oh what a relaxing view! I would say an item on my bucket list would be to visit Europe. To go walking along the streets Rome and sample the fresh foods they make.

  118. Hello Marie! I’ve been following your blog for long. I love your style of cooking, simple, fast for today’s busy person but nontheless delicious. Your suggestions on good honest ingredients and the mix of flavors are amazing. I am from Greece living in Boston for the last almost 30 years. In my bucket list is to be able to go back more often and live there longer periods of time. I would love to travel to Italy, so close and so simular and yet so amazinly rich in history and views. Sicily would be first on my list probably as my cousins and I pinpoint our roots! We have a very uncommon last name for Greeks 🙂 but in our search it seems is somewhat common in Sicily (according to Ellis Island Imiggration records)! Ok that’s a long post and before it gets totally of the subject 🙂 my next stop would be the Amalfi coast and I would like to stand up there and take in all that breathtaking view!! I would love to win the book, but if not I may as well order it. Your pics and way of writing convince me is well worh it! Thank you for giving me the pleasure.

  119. Running a marathon 🙂

  120. Those scenic pictures look incredible! On my bucket list is to spend time in Greece, learning all the ins-and-outs of mediterranean cooking, which is so healthy! The nutritionist in me would love to cook fish fresh off the boat with that smooth olive oil, hand roll some stuffed grape leaves, and end the meal with sweet honey on that deliciously tart yoghurt. Oh the pipe dreams! 🙂

  121. Top of my bucket list includes getting married to the love of my life and having children.

  122. Please wait while I wipe the drool from my lip…the sausage and peppers look unbelievable! I would love to take my family (husband, boy/girl 9 year old twins and 4 year old daughter) to the Galapagos Islands. They talk all the time about going there to explore all of the sea life and island creatures. My son just told his teacher that we are going soon! I wish! That is one item on my bucket list. And, now Mamma Agata’s school/home is also on my bucket list thanks to you 😉

  123. The view is amazing. The top 2 on my list of places to visit are New Zealand and Egypt.

  124. What an exciting give-away! Part of my bucket lists is to visit Europe! Paris and Italy for sure:)

  125. Wow! What an incredible breath-taking view!! I checked our the website and the food looks so good!I have many things on my bucket list which entails extensive traveling and more. However, one that comes immediately to mind is to go to Lobster Fest in Maine.

  126. Wow! What an exciting task! My husband and I went to the Amalfi coast a few years ago and now I am kicking myself that we didn’t know about her cooking school! A reason to go back 🙂 I studied abroad in Florence when I was in college so I love everything Italian! Can’t wait to make this recipe. Thank you for all your beautiful pictures, brings back a lot of memories! I hope to be sitting at the table one day too!

  127. This is my first time visiting your blog–wow, your photos are gorgeous and that is some pasta! On my bucket list is getting my sommelier’s degree and getting to pair food and wine for a living.

  128. Wow, it’s great that you were asked to review her book!
    The photo from their terrace looks amazing, it reminds me of the great sea and beaches we have in the Mediterranean…
    What’s on my bucket list? Hmmm, too many trips I want to do in my life, but that’s my priority:
    1. Cute places in Italy. I’ve been to the big cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, but I want to go to Capri, Como, Tuscany…
    2. French Riviera…
    3. English countryside, feel like playing in one of Agatha’s stories…

  129. I would like to spend 6mo to 1 yr in Italy, then spend 2 mon/yr for the rest of my life. Thank you for sharing this wonderful book!

  130. My bucket list is pretty long but going to Italy, Germany and England are all on the top of it.

  131. The biggest thing on my bucket list is to own a home on the Amalfi Coast.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  132. Anonymous says

    Once in my liftime I would love to sit on the coast of Italy sipping Italian red wine! dreams do come true

  133. There’s loads on my cooking bucket list – making my own pasta is one thing that springs to mind 🙂

  134. So awesome! I would love to go to Italy some day. Definitely on my bucket list!

  135. I want to rent a villa in Tuscany for a summer, and invite all of my friends to join me for a meal at a table like this one! You can be the guest of honor! The book looks great!

  136. Wow that book looks amazing! I would love to see the Northern Lights one day.

  137. just stumbled upon your blog. this dish looks AMAZING. will definitely have to look back through your other posts.
    I’ve never been anywhere except Israel many, many years ago. Spain, Greece and Italy are all on my list!

  138. Oh Marie – Your photos of these Italian dishes just bowl me over. Cooking the sausage in one piece really does make for a most attractive presentation. It’s so bizarre that just last night I was fishing around the internet for something else, and Mamma Agata’s book popped up. And then I see your post today. It sounds like something I need to add to my collection for sure. I’ve been at places along the Amalfi coast that look just like the photos, but it’s been too long ago and I need another Costa Amalfitana fix.

  139. I am really scared of heights so I’d like to go skydiving..So scary!!

  140. OMG, Marie, could there be a more beautiful setting anywhere. Dining at such a stunning place would be on my bucket list too. Looking at that beautiful pasta and sausage dish is making my mouth water and I’m still working on my first cup of coffee!!!I would love to win a copy of that wonderful book. Great review!

  141. I think I just added Mamma Agata’s cooking classes to my bucket list!

  142. gorgeous view. I’ve been to Greece, and I’d love to go back and visit Italy as well!

  143. Anonymous says

    :)) Your blog always makes me smile. Even more today because I know how excited you were to receive this package!!

    Hugs and Kisses..your Bolingbrook neice 🙂

  144. I managed to cross one item off my bucket list last fall when I fulfilled a long-time dream of a horseback vacation in Tuscany. I would like to visit southern Italy as well. Eventually I want to do riding trips in the French countryside as well.

    I have a laundry list of European cities I’d like to see (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Vienna) and several cities in the US I’ve never seen (New Orleans, Charleston, Savannah, San Francisco, Salem MA).

    What a gorgeous cookbook and a beautiful recipe. I wanted to eat it as soon as I saw it. You were very lucky to have this opportunity to review!

  145. What great timing as I will be vacationing on the amalfi Coast in the Fall! Now I have added “eat at Mama Agata’s” to my bucket list and look forward to crossing it off in a few months. Still at the top of the list is to dive the Great Barrier Reef!

  146. So ironic that you post this today. We’re going to Ravello next month and I was just reading about Mamma Agata’s cooking school last night! Not sure if we can afford it so winning her book would be a good second! Not sure that I have a bucket list per se…but just hope I have the ability to travel as much as possible throughout my life!

  147. This looks like a cook book I need to have!

    Bucket list? Tuscany for a week doing nothing but eating and drinking. *sigh*
    So fabulous!

  148. What a great honor to be asked to do a book review. I think I could enjoy sitting our her terrace and sipping wine and eating some of this delicious meal. I like the idea of cooking the sausage as a ring. One of the things on our bucket list is to spend a month in Italy – Tuscany for sure and now I may have to include the Amalfi Coast.

  149. Angelina Crispino says

    I grew more and more excited for you as I kept reading this post! Mamma Agata is one of my favorites. One of the top items on my bucket list (next to starting a family, of course!) is to vacation to Sicily, where my large Italian family started. And to also explore a few other parts of Italy. I want to experience the delicious meals and taste the wholesome ingredients that I will never have access to here in Virginia.

  150. One day I’d like to be sitting there beside you! 🙂 Gorgeous scenery. Gorgeous food!

    I’d love to spend enough time in Italy to get a feel for living there. Someday.

  151. Hhmmm, my bucket list. Explore Greece. I lived in Italy for 4.5 years and it was the one place I really wanted to get to, and didn’t.

  152. Oh my word, I would love to win this cookbook!!!

    I have so many things on my bucket list…I would love to go to Italy with my husband, but on top of my list is to visit the Holy Lands.

    Those pictures of her terrace are amazing….I think I just added that to my bucket list!!!

  153. I would love to travel to Greece and spend a few weeks just wandering ….

    Although the view from that terrace absolutely takes my breath away!

  154. Emily Gibson, You can’t purchase the book on Amazon, only on their website where I have the links!

  155. Marilyn Gartley says

    Oh, Marie, Again you have identified a passion and desire of mine! I would love to be a part of that celebration of life and also explore the small villages in Italy and go to the local food markets for fresh ingredients to prepare for friends and family. Thank you for sharing this with me!

  156. I can’t imagine cooking and having that view at the same time! It’s almost unbelievable.

    I’m one of those crazy ones who refuses to make a bucket list because it’ll just remind me of the inevitable. lol

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  157. Forgot to add one thing on my bucket list!!! Madagascar!!!!! We’ve had an authentic experience in Italy and love, love, love it here!!! When I come to your blog I am reminded of how wonderful the American and Italian lifestyle is!!! Arrivederci!!! Emily Gibson

  158. I’d love to go to Tuscany! My dream!

  159. We’ve lived in Italy for over a year!!!! Love the location of Mama Agata’s cooking school in Ravello and frequent the Amalfi Coast as much as we can!!! Before we move to Portugal next month we planned on purchasing her book. I only made it down to her location in the fall and took photos of her place located here!/2011/11/falling-in-love.html That is a link to the blog of fall flowers all around her cooking school. I wanted to take a course with her but we live on an Italian farm in Pozzuoli and I felt like I would be cheating on my Italian family if I went somewhere else for lessons!!!!! So making the purchase through Amazon will have to do….(Unless I win your giveaway!!!) Love your online recipes and I would say you did a fantastic job recreating a yummy Italian dish!!!! Ciao! Emily Gibson

  160. Gorgeous view and thanks for the opportunity to win the book!!

  161. Please add me to the contest. I would love to see Italy- each and every part.

  162. i want to skydive

  163. Extremely nice meal, pictures knocked me down!
    My bucket list….well, to attend Italian cook school somewhere in Tuscany or at least in Amalfi 🙂

  164. Any breathe taking views like the ones you posted would be my dream to experience one day. Just beautiful.

  165. Brooke Brown says

    Bucket list! Oops! Forgot that because I was so enchanted with that view and that dish!!! So many things to do and see, yet so little time! But this has now been added to my list!

  166. Brooke Brown says

    What beauty!!!! That dish is gorgeous! And so is the view from the terrace!

  167. That recipe looks amazing, I am salivating just thinking about it. My bucket list is ever evolving but I really want to take my girls to Africa on safari. When they are odl enough to appreciate it that is!

  168. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  169. I love this. The Amalfi coast is breath taking. Amongst many items on my bucket list, I want to take an extended vacation to Sicily, where I will learn to make cannolis the right way. I traveled there 5 years ago and have been searching of anything remotely like what I tasted there and have yet to find it.

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