Grilled Shrimp and Lobster Gremolata

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Gremolata is not just for garnish anymore! Here it serves as the main ingredient to intensely flavor  baby lobster and shrimp, then all is cooked rustic style in foil right on top of your grill. Perfect for summer entertaining or a special dinner for two.
Gremolata is so easy to make, I used my mini food processor or you can chop it all by hand. Start with four large garlic cloves and a full bunch of Italian parsley, process or mince them together. Place in a bowl, then add the zest of two lemons, the juice of one and enough olive oil to make the consistency loose. Rub the mixture all over your seafood and let it sit for about twenty minutes or so.

Have your grill heated on medium and make a “pan” out of heavy duty aluminum foil. Add your marinated seafood, a little red pepper flakes if you so desire, a handful of grape tomatoes, lemon slices and an extra drizzle of olive oil.

I had two baby lobsters that I precooked in boiling water for five minutes ( I wanted to make sure the lobsters would be cooked through)  and a pound of shrimp, you could use shrimp alone or even some scallops. May I suggest reserving some of the gremolata to toss into warm angel hair pasta, the perfect accompaniment for those flavorful juices!

Cook open faced, with no foil on top, just the lid of your grill down until juices are sizzling and the fish is cooked through.
The smell in my backyard was so enticing that my neighbors were all commenting!
You have to try this!
See what I mean about the pasta and the juices?

Happy Grilling!

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  1. What is this??? it is what I said first time I saw the picture and recipe. So, I made it today (Sunday) instead of our regular day of red meat.

    What a surprise. The flavors are delicious. The lemon gave that subtle note of citrus. We cook rice instead of pasta. MEGA YUMMI

  2. Denise Smith-Lamb says

    Marie: Just wanted to say that my husband made this dish again
    for my sister and brother -in-law for the fourth year. They were
    as overwhelmed this year as each of the last three years.
    They say it tastes better every year. Thanks so much for all the
    delicious recipes that you post. Have not been disappointed by
    any of your recipes.

    Denise Smith-Lamb

  3. Raquel Alicea says


  4. Denise Lamb says

    Marie: My husband made this dish for dinner tonight.
    Just have to say it was so delicious and my sister and bil
    were so happy that we invited them to join us in enjoying
    your delicious recipe.

    I will be posting a picture of this dish with credits to you, if this
    is ok wit you. It would be on facebook.


    • Denise, By all means go ahead, thank you so much for letting me know and I’m so happy all of you enjoyed it!!

  5. I made this dish, the best recipe I have ever used. Kudos to this recipe. I also did sway fish using the same ingredients. Awesome!

  6. Tonight I am making this for my friends visiting from England. My hubby and I love this recipe with scallops in place of the lobster. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. This looks so good! Do you think it could be made in the oven? If so, how??

  8. Lori, You made my day!

  9. I made this yesterday and my husband loved it. I think he said something like he loves you. Lol. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful recipes. I made your vegetable tart yesterday as well. Every recipe is better than the next!!! Thank you

  10. Well Marie – You’ve just made my life easier by giving me the idea for a Father’s Day menu. My dad will flip over this.

  11. This sounds and looks amazing! I’ve pinned it on Pinterest and plan on making this very soon!

  12. Looks ridiculously good. Will try this week.

  13. This looks fabulous! I love seafood on the grill. And gremolata takes it to another level, I’m sure…

  14. Wonderful photos.

  15. I have to frozen lobster tails, waiting to become something. Marie, you are the Queen of grilling ideas! Such a great idea, and I’m delighted to make it for my own family. Bravo!

  16. Oh Marie! This looks so good! Love how you serve it right in the foil.
    This is a keeper!

  17. Mother Nature didn’t allow for grilling but the stove didn’t let me down. a five star SLURP!!!

  18. Shellfish heaven. Love gremolata and willing this to come here to my table – for breakfast.

  19. Gorgeous and LOVE this!Thanks!

  20. Oh la la!! I am checking out flights to Chicago right now, as I am drooling, so save me a packet! Yum! xo

  21. Be still my heart! You’ve made two of my favorite food…lobster and shrimp! I love the addition of gremolata to the grill packets.

  22. This looks amazing! I am jealous of the baby lobsters!

  23. You always make the most elegant yet simple dishes. Love this!

  24. Oh my goodness…heaven. Total heaven!!

  25. OMG Maria, you’re killing me. This looks terrific! I’m gonna hve to try this one myself soon!

  26. Chillin’ and Grillin’ w/ Marie!

  27. What time is dinner? This looks so delicious Marie!

  28. This looks amazing and packed with flavor! It is grilling time…this would be a perfect meal for Father’s Day!

  29. That sounds delicious! I am copy this recipe 🙂


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