Winter Vegetable Torte

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I love my spring form pans I use them for so many things, I think I have every size they make. They’re great for layering vegetables that are “glued together” with various cheese, as in this torte.
This recipe was born from small containers of roasted vegetables I had tucked away in my fridge, and one large sweet potato, and I must say it turned out mighty good, a different variation than my zucchini, eggplant version.
You can’t get a better side dish because everything is all contained in one flavorful wedge!

I started with very thinly sliced sweet potato, it makes a nice sturdy base to start off with. Then each layer a different vegetable which in the end it will make it look pretty when cut into a wedge. In between each layer sprinkle grated cheese and shredded cheese like mozzarella or asiago for the “glue” to hold the layers nicely together. End with another sturdy vegetable like sweet potato or even sliced butternut squash, top with a sprinkling of more cheese. 
I used a 6 inch spring form pan that was deep and allowed me to have many layers, just remember to press down in between, place the pan on a baking sheet so you won’t have drips in your oven when cooking and cover the top with foil. Roast at 425 for 20 minutes, then take the foil off and roast another 15 minutes or until the top is golden. Let it rest for 30 minutes or even longer before you slice it into wedges.

Use your imagination and the vegetables of your choice, here’s a list of what I used for my winter vegetable torte.
No doubt I will be making this again!
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  1. Is everything pre-cooked or raw before layering and roasting in the oven? Is the sweet potato also cooked first?

    • Yes everything is precooked and layered, basically it has to warm up and the cheese has to melt between layers to keep the form.

  2. I took the basic premise and used from bottom to top: thinly slice sweet potato, zucchini, sprinkled rosemary, pink salt, onions and mushrooms sauteed together with late seasoning of pink salt and rosemary, 4 cheese Italian mix, carrots, light amount of turnips, potatoes, rosemary and pink salt and the rest of the cheese. Mine was larger than the size that you recommended as it is for church potluck. All vegetables were very thinly sliced. Oh yea. You said use what we wanted and in this case it was the best that our small market offered.

  3. Looks absolutely delicious, really great way to eat your vegs

  4. Just tried this recipe. First of all, it was amazing! Used sweet potatoes, zucchini, summer squaah, eggplant, campari tomatoes, and red onion. None of my veggies were pre-cooked or roasted ahead of time. I used a much bigger pan. My finished dish didn’t stack up as high as yours, probably because the veggies were not precooked and there was a lot of water loss in the cooking. I used whatever cheeses I had in my fridge…some parmesean and romano. I also used some shredded mexican blend cheese. Used fresh basil and cilantro on top of some of the layers. I don’t generally eat a lot of cheese, so I wasn’t heavy handed with it. Also…I put a little olive oil between a couple of layers and some fresh cracked pepper and kosher salt here and there.

    I ate this for dinner tonight. I plated a generous wedge of veggie goodness on top of a small pool of marinara sauce. I sprinkled it with some fresh basil and red pepper flakes. Very, very, good. This dish does take some effort and a mandolin sure came in handy. I will make this again and again. I love the ability to vary the veggies based on what you have around the house.

  5. I am so impressed with your recipes. I consider myself a pretty good cook with and Italian husband and many, many Italian recipes in my grip, BUT, you have some really great recipes that I never even thought of. Thanks from Canada.

  6. I would love it if you wrote it with an ingredients and directions, some of us are first time cooks and need a little more instruction (me anyway lol)
    Thanks Mal

  7. featherinmycap says

    I just discovered your blog and can’t wait to try your incredibly inspired recipes. You need to publish a cook book!!!

  8. Ok – now I have to buy a spring form pan! Thank you for sharing this beautiful recipe – I can’t wait to try it!

  9. I made this last night, it was excellent for a one dish meal……Thanks

  10. I made this for a dinner party at a friends house. Everyone loved it. Was very easy to make. It was fantastic. Will make ti again.

  11. I bought a springform pan after seeing this- its just gorgeous! I am making it right now after seeing it on Pinterest!

  12. I wish you would have wrote this recipe out in the usual way. I had to discover what you did from the comments. I realize this is off the cuff but I didn’t know you had to pre-roast the veggies before hand. Questions:
    How long to roast these veggies before assembling and at what temp? Might a Ricotta and egg mixture help to hold everything together or does it keep it’s shape with just the cheeses?

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  16. Yummy… This looks awesome.. I can’t express how beautiful this looks. I am feeling hungry now. Photos are beautiful. After seeing those photos my mouth is watering.

  17. WOW! This looks fantastic!

  18. What a beautiful dish, Marie! Love all the veggies cuddled up with cheese.

  19. I gotta pull out my springform pan. This is fabulous Marie.
    I was in your neck-of-the-woods for a quick visit with the family last weekend. Gee, I sure do love dining in that town!
    P.S. Thanks for that sweet comment on my post about the quinoa meatball landscape!

  20. Wow, that’s spectacular, Marie. I’m making a birthday dinner next week for my son and this will have to be on the menu. Love that you started and ended with sweet potatoes.

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  22. What a beautiful way to enjoy veggies! Darn tasty, too~

  23. What a beautiful torta! This is a good idea for one of our next meals. Thanks for dropping in to my blog. You have so many good recipes here.

  24. Splendid! That torte looks incredibly delicious.



  25. Gorgeous! What a beautiful way to use up leftovers and make them appetizing (an understatement if there ever was one… 🙂 )

  26. Thank you so much for responding to my 2 questions above! MOST appreciated. I will use my mandoline to slice the sweet potato really thin as you had advised. Will probably just roast the squash and slice rather than puree to save a step too. Can’t wait to try this – and your other veggie torte variations I found that you have posted previously.

    Oh, and on a side note, wanted to share I made your broccoli side salad (from “Party Sides” posting this past April) over the weekend. I paired it with your stuffed acorn squash – minus the sausage & plus some other veggies instead. Both were DELICIOUS!! Especially the salad – blanching the broccoli was a marvelous idea and pairing it with the saltiness of kalamata olives, etc. with the roasted sunflower seeds I threw in made it so tasty – a fantastic variation on the usual creamy broccoli salad. In fact my fiance ate 2 bowls of just the broccoli salad and half a squash and he isn’t that big of an eater normally!!) Definitely going on the regular menu list!! THANK YOU!

  27. Now this is a great way to enjoy some vegetables!

  28. You MUST write a cookbook! Are you just waiting for the right assistant to come along? Here I am. Let’s get started 🙂

  29. I can’t express how beautiful this looks. I can’t wait to give it a try.

  30. I’d enjoy this any time. Not just as a side dish—it’s a fine main course, if you ask me!

  31. Wow, Marie! Timpano and now THIS? You’re killing me…And, in the middle of winter? I have this on my “list” for next month, now. I don’t get enough vegis and hate cooking them separately. And, salads seem so “cold” in the winter time, even in CA. This covers a lot of vegi-ground, so to speak. Manga!!

  32. Wow! A Tower of beautiful colors and lovely veggies. Who says eating vegetarian is boring? Beautiful job!

  33. wow..sounds scrumptiously tasty..
    just found your space…awesome space you have..
    lovely posts with great cliks..
    happy following you..;)
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  34. I pinned this recipe – absolutely fabulous idea! I’ll be making this for my next dinner party.

  35. Love using up leftovers like this…makes a great vegetarian meal. I agree…spring form pans are fun.

  36. Anonymous, I did not cook the sweet potato first, no need to I sliced it very thin and you cook it for 20 minutes with foil on top. The sweet potato is on the very top and the bottom of the tortr. All other vegetables were roasted ahead of time, and it dosen’t matter if you use sliced or pureed squash, it all works. Remember to let it cool down before cutting into it.

  37. Hi,
    Recently linked to your site from another and added you to my Google Reader. Want to make this! But, first two questions:
    1. did you cook the sweet potato first? If not, I was thinking that it might have trouble cooking through – but perhaps it didn’t since it was on the bottom.
    2. I have to assume your squash was pre-cooked…did you do it in slices or puree and “spread” as a a layer? I guess either might work but was curious to know your method.

    Thank you – as a vegetarian it is wonderful to see such healthy and varied dishes!

  38. Vegetables never had it so good.

  39. OMG! that looks so good.

  40. You have a little bit of everything in there, looks so good.

  41. I bought a spring form pan after reading about it on this site and shall be making this very, very soon. Looks absolutely beautiful. Great job, thank you.

  42. Looks delicious! I would eat this as an entree too – maybe with a cup of soup or a meat & cheese antipasto.

  43. It is gorgeous and I am hungry for it right now! You’ve inspired me to make a brunch version of this when my daughte and new boyfriend come to visit next week!

  44. This is beautiful and creative. Great for vegetarians. Wonderful! Brava!

  45. It looks so tasty! And you can prepare it in advance and eat it when you like it.
    Thank you 🙂

  46. Wow. Just bookmarked this and will make it this week. It is beautiful!

  47. That looks extremely yummy!!

  48. gorgeous! love this!

  49. YUM!! I LOVE these kinds of meals and my guess it would keep quite well. I can’t wait to give this one a go! 🙂

  50. It llok beautiful, Marie, and it is a wonderful way to eat the assortment of vegetables we should have each day to stay healthy.

  51. This looks so delicious, actually a complete vegan meal. xo

  52. How do you come up with these great ideas? Such a spectacular dish for both vegetarians and non- vegetarians.

  53. oh my!!!! you knew I would love this!


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