Pizza on the Grill

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Want something fun to cook on your grill this Memorial Day weekend? If you haven’t tried grilling pizza yet, forgive me, but what are you waiting for? The texture you get from the dough cooking on the grill is incredible! Light, crispy and crunchy!

Start with good quality dough, either homemade or storebought. Let it come to room temperature before you even attempt to roll it out. I like to cut my dough ball in half, it’s much easier to manage on the grill.

Make sure your grill is super clean and all that former BBQ sauce has been burned off and scraped clean. Get the grill nice and hot, coasting on medium high. Your dough is going to cook up so fast, so don’t walk away, it can burn!

Fresh, lighter ingredients work best for grilled pizza, have everything ready to go because things go really fast! For this pizza I used veggies that I grilled the day before, eggplant, zucchini, red and yellow peppers with fresh mozzarella for my cheese, all on top of a light tomato sauce base.

In the past I’ve made many margherita pizza’s, you can’t go wrong with that, or just melt your favorite cheese on the dough and when its done add some prosciutto and arugula, actually that’s one of my absolute favorites!

Think caramelized onions, pancetta with blue cheese, feta or goat, cherry tomatoes tossed with fresh basil and olive oil spread all over creamy bubbly cheese. Another favorite of mine is shrimp with pesto, I could just ramble on and on for an hour about all the good combinations you can make! Chicken is good too, alright, alright I’ll stop!

No matter how hard I try my pizza never comes out round, I roll it out round but when I plop it on the grill it morphs into another shape, who cares, it’s all about the taste!

And believe me it tastes phenomenal! Pour yourself some wine or grab a beer, ice tea or lemonade and enjoy casual dining at it’s finest!

Here’s what you do:

Heat your clean grill up to a medium high heat, I like to oil my grill grates a little too.** While the grill is heating up, roll your room temperature dough out and brush the top with olive oil** Place dough, oiled side down on grill, don’t move it, it will start to bubble up and cook, use tongs and check the bottom side it should look crispy with nice grill marks, once cooked it will be easy to flip** Pull it off, lower your heat and add all your toppings on the cooked side.** Place pizza back on the grill and when the cheese is all melted and bubbly and the underside is cooked it’s done.

Happy Grilling!
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  1. Your pizza looks delicious. I use the exact same process and am always pleased with the results. I believe the irregular shape is part of the charm.

  2. I love grilled pizza. What could be more American than that for a Memorial Day BBQ, perhaps burgers and apple pie?

  3. You’re making me rethink my Memorial Day menu. Your pizza and grilled veggies looks so tempting, but so was the other grilled pizza you made a while back. Guess it’s time to clean those grill grates.

  4. I’ve been making pizza on the grill for years – a great alternative to turning up the oven in the summer!

    I tried to post a pic of my grill in action from last summer but it wouldn’t work…..

  5. WOW… that looks great and healthy!!! My mouth is watering.
    Buon weekend!

  6. I have one question, do you deliver?

  7. I love grilled pizza. It’s one of my favorite summer meals.

  8. Anonymous says

    we love grilled pizza, but getting it off the parchment rounds and onto the grill was so hard! can you be more specific on what you do? Have you ever tried the pizza stone on the grill? I was thinking about that method too…Thanks, Ariana from Chicago

  9. This is on the list for BBQ season. I haven’t tried it and I really must. It looks fun and delicious!

  10. Ariana, I don’t use a pizza stone, I put the dough directly on the grill grates, I don’t use parchment either, I bring my rolled out dough out to the grill either on a paddle board or a baking sheet and literally just pick it up on the edge and plop it right on the grill, make sure the bottom side is brushed with olive oil, don’t move it until it’s cooked, you’ll knopw by the looks of it. Try smaller pieces of dough for individual size pizza’s, easier to work with at first.

  11. I am thinking the prosciutto with arugula as an appetizer – individuals. And now, it’s time to start makin dough and freezing it. I think I will use every idea you have in June! This post is bursting at the seams and I am catching every drop.

  12. How funny the timing – I just told my husband maybe we’ll have grilled pizza today!

    Do you have to grill the veggies first? I would think you should because of the excess liquid.

  13. Yes Liz, all veggies were grilled the day before.

  14. Thanks – we have pizza every Friday and the kids love it when we do it on the grill (BBQ)but we tend to heat our pizza stone on the grill first.

  15. Grilled pizza is something I’ve not made yet. Every summer, I say I’m going to– and I don’t. Thanks for inspiring me to make THIS summer the time to just do it. I’ll bet that the slight char gives a terrific flavor to the pizza dough. Yummy!

  16. Hi Marie!

    Can’t wait to give this a try!! I love the idea of making individual pizzas because then I can get the veggies and the picky boys can have all the pepperoni they want. Have you had any luck with whole wheat as far as a pizza crust? I would love to try this with some whole wheat too. Thanks for another wonderful post!

  17. Hi Marie,

    I want to try this right away (darn all this rain)! I love the idea of individual pizzas…I get my veggies and the boys can get their meat-centric versions! Have you had any luck with using whole wheat in the crust…would love to give it a try that way as well. Thanks for another wonderful post!

  18. Luv’n, I haven’t tried grilling whole wheat dough but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Roll it out thin so that it won’t be doughy tasting and it will crisp up on the bottom real good. For individual pizza’a just take a ball of dough and cut it into four pieces. Let me know how the whole wheat turns out, I might give it a try next time!

  19. I have still not attempted a grilled pizza w/ homemade dough, I am always afraid of burning it!
    I made eggplant parm on the grill, and it was great, so I guess this is next! Love those skinny sliced eggplants!!!
    Happy weekend. xo

  20. Marie, Blogger is mind-boggling theses days so I don’t get to see your new posts automatically! I am glad I stopped in for a visit….this pizza looks delicious. I never tried it myself. Have a good Memorial Day. xo,

  21. The crust looks so light and crispy and delicious, Marie! I think the rectangular shape of the finished pie looks beautifully rustic. Who needs an expensive pizza oven when a grill can make a culinary work of art like this?

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  23. Fabulous pizza!!! A feast all it’s own just bursting with color and flavor. The elongated shape adds character.

    My first grilled pizza was forced by hurricanes. That was the only good thing about the whole ordeal.

  24. I love grilled pizza. Some of my favourites – fig and blue cheese with arugula . . . peaches, prosciutto and goat cheese . . .cherry tomato and bacon. YUM

    I’m going to need soem grilled pizza soon I think!

  25. It is that crust that has got me salivating! Yum! Thanks for a great reminder to make pizza on the grill: it is hot enough for it now!

  26. Your grilled pizza really does look delicious, Marie, and you make it look so easy. My several attempts have been less than hoped for because, by the time the cheese melts, the crust is burnt, even on low heat. Maybe I should try again.

  27. Great idea! I’ve never made a pizza on the grill before.

  28. I grill a pizza with my sourdough pizza dough to start. I grill the dough, flip it and drizzle with olive oil, sliced red seedless grapes, chopped fresh rosemary, goat cheese and a little sugar. Easy and unexpected for my southern friends. Love your blog,

  29. I love the idea of grilled pizza and it looks so so super yumm.

  30. I don’t even use olive oil, just plenty of corn meal on my pizza peel so it slides off easily. I have a charcoal grill, so it’s tricky AND very fast. You want the coals hot enough to bake the dough (500 or so) but then not so hot to burn it while you’re melting the cheese. I’m thinking the coals on one side of the grill only. When I used to use gas, I would just put the pizza on the top grate for the melting – it worked perfectly every time.

  31. One of our very favorite ways to cook pizza, Marie and your looks awesome! Great veggie ideas. YUM!

  32. I love grilled pizza, Marie, especially yours with the eggplant, squash and eggplant!

  33. Looks delicious. I like using fontina cheese on my grilled pizzas as its slightly stronger flavor adds a little punch and enhances the taste of the grilled veggies.

  34. Is looking we going a have a nice sunny weekend in souhteast england. So pizza grilling instead of meat sound great!!

  35. We just got a Big Green Egg and have been using that for pizza…they have been amazing. Your pie looks wonderful.

  36. Marie – the shape of your pizza is charming.
    And knowing you, I bet it rivals the best Chicago pizzerias have to offer.

  37. Heather Martinello says

    I don’t care what you post on your blog, everything looks so delicious! I can’t wait to see what you’ll create next! It is so easy to see that you care about what you cook and how you share it with all of us…..

  38. Awww, Thank you Heather!!

  39. This looks incredible!
    All your photos look amazing and I love your blog!

  40. My husband and I made this a lot last year thanks to you! It’s sooooooo good!! 🙂