Cauliflower "Steaks"

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This is an amazing first course or side dish. Roasted slabs of cauliflower topped off with a tomato olive type salsa. I read about this technique in an older issue of Bon Appetit. Taking a whole head of cauliflower, peel off the outer leaves, standing it on its core end and cutting slabs from it’s thickest part, a good half inch or a more keeping everything intact resembling a little tree. I decided to roast my “steaks” so I drizzled each side with olive oil, salt, pepper and a sprinkling of romano or parmesan cheese of course!

Bake in a 400F oven until tender and golden on each side gently flipping each “steak” over with a spatula. Don’t worry about the stem and core being attached you’re going to eat it all!

The end result gives you the perfect surface for a topping of your choice, think about it for a minute, the possibilities are endless! I might even stick a fried egg on top for some “steak” and eggs next time!

The topping I made had quartered grape tomatoes, sliced green and kalamata olives, finely diced red onion, fresh basil, parsley and olive oil, if I had a jar of artichokes I would have chopped a few in there and maybe even a couple sun dried tomatoes.

It was the perfect compliment to the creamy roasted slabs of cauliflower, and a definite WOW factor! I hope you give it a try.

Buon Appetito!

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  1. You have to put good food in your mouth to keep your body healthy. This is one of my favorite dishes.
    So very tasty and healthy. Changing your palate to crave healthy food is the first step to good health.

  2. These look lovely and are a creative wa to serve this vegetable. Can’t wait to try this!

  3. Thank you for the great recipe that inspired me to make my version. It is healthy and it sure looks great.

  4. this looks delicious, thanks for sharing

  5. Made this recipe, and it turned out amazing! I will definitely make these again and again!
    Gave all credit to you on my blog 🙂
    Thanks for a great recipe!


  6. Tom Salamone says

    Marie: I made them and they were beautiful (just like your picture) and my wife and our neighbors love them. My neighbor said these were something she will make. I gave her your web site. Today I buy another cauliflower and make it for my vegetarian daughter. I truly enjoy making your recipes. As an amateur cook I tend to make mistakes using some of your sometimes vague (to the novice) instructions but they always work the second time around because I learn from my mistakes thereby adding to my book of experience – something cooks women get at their mothers side., not after retirement. Be well and thanks, Tom

  7. Rich Asselta says

    Marie, I made this the other night and it was amazing. This is now the 6th or 7th of your recipies that I’ve tried and they’ve all been fantastic so my wife suggested that I let you know how much we enjoy your vision of great tasting Italian dishes. Your easy-going approach to cooking encourages experimentation and it fosters creativity in the kitchen for us ‘wanna-be’ chefs.

  8. This looks fabulous. I think this is the most beautiful dish of cauliflower. Beautiful pictures.

  9. Wow That looks awesome… Can’t wait to try it….

  10. Not a fan of the olive topping. But I love the “steak” idea. Cutting the cauliflower into little flat trees look really cute. It’s a nice change from just roasting the florets.

  11. Cauliflower is one of our favourite vegge.. Roasted slabs of cauliflower topped off with a tomato olive type salsa sounds delicious and mouth watering too. I can’t even wait for this..

  12. You have the gift of making vegetables look like the stars they are. Thank you!

  13. I am going to prepare it for dinner!
    I admit I had never saw such an easy,simple…and inviting recipe with cauliflower!


  14. Awesome idea! Great main for a vegetarian (or just those of us who love veggies)!

  15. I like the sound of serving cauliflower like this!

  16. Wow, indeed, Marie. These are brilliant! I love roasted cauliflower but never thought to slice them like “steaks”! Can you imagine some pesto on top? Love your combination of olives, onions and tomatoes.


  18. I happen to have cauliflower that needs using up before I go on holiday. Very inventive!

  19. You make cauliflower look so beautiful. I love how you cooked this, and the topping. Perfecto!

  20. This is an awesome idea!!

  21. I saw this idea somewhere not that long ago and thought it sounded wonderful – yours look beautiful! Definitely going to have to give it a try.

  22. Very nice looking cauliflower. I often do this with steaming them, but oven baking them makes a lot more colorful presentation before adding the topping. I might just have to give these a whirl. I’ve uses a simple green sauce, so this riot of color is another good variation. I love cauliflower and making it this way is sure to make some converts of the indifferent cauliflower eaters.

  23. I love this idea! Roasting is my favourite way to cook cauliflower and this method makes it into quite a substantial dish. Beautiful dish.

  24. I came back to have a second look but didn’t see my comment, so am leaving another. You have a way of making any vegetable appealing to even the most finicky vegetable hater.

  25. Looks delicious, and so pretty! Love cauliflower.

  26. Marie…you’ve done it again! I love this…and I’m thinking cauliflower steak parmigiana.

  27. Roasted cauliflower is one of our favorite ways to eat veggies. You took it to a whole new (and healthy) level. LOVE this idea as an appetizer, especially for our vegetarian friends. Another Marie idea that I’m saving.

  28. Marie these are beautiful and so yummy looking!

    They should really have an oven named after you for your perfect usage of baking and cooking wonderful veggies dishes in your oven.. Your The BEST!!

    Miss you and hope your well.. can’t wait till Spring!

  29. Marie, Beautifully conceived, executed and photographed. We Italians know food!

  30. Marie,

    Beautifully conceived and photographed. We Italians know!

  31. Hi Marie – I tore out that page from Bon Appetit too. It was a long time ago – – and still plan to try it, thanks for the motivation. Your version looks fabulous!

  32. WOW – what a great idea and pretty too! An egg on top would be just fantastic.

  33. I saw this, too, but yours look spectacular! As usual!

  34. What a fun idea. Roasted is the only way I eat cauliflower and the topping makes it even more interesting. You could even call these low-carb crostini for those who care about that sort of thing. Definitely a way to enjoy crostini and cut calories.

  35. How beautiful! This looks like it would be a great entree or light meal!

  36. Looks like I’m buying some cauliflower tomorrow. Also some ricottas cheese to make your ricotta stuffed meatballs. You really have some “good stuff” Keep ’em comin’

  37. I love roasting cauliflower this way–it’s so lacy and beautiful. I’ve never added a “topping,” but can’t wait to try it.

  38. I remember reading this in BA too and trying it myself, but mine did not come out nearly as pretty as yours! They all fell apart. But now I must try again!

  39. What a terrific idea. Now I can actually have something new to try with cauliflower!

  40. They look fantastic! I love roasting cauiflower as it adds a whole new dimension to it. Love your toppings, Marie!

  41. I’ve been making these “steaks” for almost a year now. Absolutely LOVE them and how easy the recipe is. But the best part is how unbelievably delicious cauliflower is made this way. LOVE your blog and your photos are mouthwatering—every one of them!!!! 🙂

  42. This will definitely get my children to eat more cauliflower! Delicious!


  43. Great technique and a nice way to branch out of the cauliflower and tahini sauce I am always fixing!

  44. Roasting vegetables is a great way to intensify their natural flavors. This looks fab!

  45. Talk about your “wow” factor – the world would eat their vegetables if you prepared them. And so shall I. With that salsa. Who need meat?

  46. What a great vegetarian meal! It looks so vibrant and packed with flavours, not boring at all 🙂

  47. Yet another way to prepare my favorite veg.
    I think a fried egg on top is needed!

  48. What a cool side dish, and it looks so pretty too!

  49. Claudia, I believe this is the most beautiful dish of cauliflower I’ve ever seen. So colorful and full of flavor.

  50. Simple things are the best, no?

    We did cauliflower in the wood oven recently, with garlic and anchovy. Next time thinking of doing the whole head uncut, see how that works.

  51. I certainly shall give it a try. Oh so many ideas here, so few meals – I still haven’t made the artichoke pasta!

  52. Ooh, Thank you! What a GREAT idea! Chopping cauliflower into those pretty little pieces can take so much time. I love this option. And I LOVE roasted cauliflower!

    I snuck home a head of cauli just yesterday. Maybe I’ll top mine with crunchy garlicky bread crumbs, since I’m really low on veggie toppings. I do have some parmesan I could add…Yup, you are right. Endless possibilities.

  53. This is genius, not to mention absolutely gorgeous! Love it.

  54. Veggies show up often around here.

  55. I love all these beautiful veggies – roasted cauliflower is one of my favs. Love that topping, too. xo,


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