Open Faced Portobello Burger with Zucchini "Fries"

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This burger is so good I promise when you bite into this you won’t miss the meat at all! Portobello mushrooms have such a meaty like texture, the large caps are a perfect replacement for a beef burger. I try to make a few vegetarian meals each week and this has been one of our current favorites.

I like to grill up a bunch of different vegetables over the weekend and then use them in various quick meals during the week. I almost always do onions, red and green peppers, zucchini, and eggplant, however with the portobello’s I like to cook them up right before I assemble this, which I did inside on my grill pan.

For this burger roasting or grilling the vegetables will give you the same results.
I like to remove the gills on the mushrooms but you don’t have to, then just a quick toss in olive oil, salt and pepper is all you have to do to prepare them.

Each component together gives you an amazing end result!

Toasted ciabatta bun
Grilled red pepper
The portobello, gill side up
A dollup of basil pesto
Fresh mozzarella
Grilled onion
Garnish with a balsamic glaze over top

You could eat this with a bun top but it was so huge, I would suggest using a thinner bun.

The zucchini fries were made by tossing them in olive oil to coat then dipping them individually in a mixture of panko breadcrumbs and grated parmesan or romano cheese, salt and pepper.

Bake them in a hot oven around 450F turning them as they brown. If you have a convection roast feature use that to brown them up faster.

Have a great week and Buon Appetito!

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  1. The whole meal looks delicious! I’m trying your zucchini fries tonight!

  2. I love portabellos, and as a burger with those toppings and zucchini fries…yummy!

  3. I’m salivating!One of my fav burgers ever! Love the fries too.

  4. I am drooling over that burgers! What a perfect summer meal!

  5. oh yum!!!! My son is now vegetarian.. this is a perfect and satisfying burger to add to our menu! Grazi e baci!

  6. Dear MARIE (not Linda)… 🙂
    The zucchini fries recipe is going to be one more way to prepare the zucchini that is growing in our garden. Brilliant. I can taste it dipped in marinara right now.

  7. Marie

    I always get inspired when I come to your site! We have similar cuisines, and use similar ingredients, so you are helping me get out of a rut sometimes.

  8. your portobella burger looks delicious!! but those zucchini fries are amazing..I would love some of them right now!

  9. Perfect!

  10. I love portobella sandwiches…especially ones with pesto and grilled peppers…it looks amazing…and those zucchini fries…YUM

  11. I love everything about that burger.

  12. I finally got a chance to come peek at your blog. It has been calling me all summer. With my D.H. surgery and all the summer hoopla, I have had no time to stop by.

    Your grilled pizza’s from last summer have been a big hit around here, but I need a new thriller, and have been meaning to get back here.

    So here I am utterly amazed at your talent to turn my childhood Noni’s cooking into such exquisite cuisine. I am drooling and it is late at night. For sure I am making the pesto egg on chibata thing this weekend. My childhood on steroids.

  13. Zucchini are so prolific in our gardens right now. I would love these fries.

  14. I do love a good portobello burger!Adding all those grilled vegetables is just sublime. Zucchini fries are a staple this time of year. My daughter’s boyfriend was amazed that he couldn’t stop eating them. I reached across cybersphere to grab yours but I just pawed at the screen (and the cat came running) so I shall have to make my own.

  15. What an amazing meal! Portobello burgers are amazing and these zucchini fries look like a must try. I’ll add them to the steadily growing list of things to do with zucchini. Great photo too!

  16. Here’s another vote for the zucchini fries!

  17. Wow that burger does look luscious with all those goodies and the zucchini fries are terrific. I made something similar with eggplant a couple of days ago.

  18. When my son was getting married my husband and I each lost over 30 pounds by eating all vegetarian. Portobello mushrooms were one of our favorite foods to prepare during that time as they tasted meaty and rich!

  19. I’m coming over to your house for dinner, Marie! That burger looks too good and, of course, those zucchini fries are a perfect complement. I think I could eat the whole tray.

  20. I can’t wait to try the zucchini fries! They make the perfect side in your meatless meal. Mmmmm…

  21. I won’t lie to you; normally this sort of thing just doesn’t appeal. I suspect due to the trendoids’ kidnapping of the poor portobello some years back.

    That said, I’d be very happy to chow down on this version. It looks very nicely concocted and prepared indeed.

  22. Looks amazing. I love breaded zucchini.

  23. Your title of zuchhini fries grabbed my attention. What a novel idea and will soon be seen at our table. The zuchhini is taking over the Heartland!

  24. Why did I look at this before lunch? it all looks so good.

  25. It all looks great! Love those portobellos!

  26. Both dishes look outstanding

  27. Portobellos do make for such great veggie burgers! Especially with these gussied up toppings and fries!

  28. What a great idea to grill your veggies on the weekend to use all week long. So smart! And I love the combination of veggies on this burger. And with the pesto… man, I gotta have this!

  29. oooohhhh, those zucchini fries are to die for!
    I am going to try them w/ all the zucchini I have!

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