Grill Up Some Eggplant This Weekend

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When I have a cookout or when I’m invited to one, I like to make salads and side dishes that are free from any mayonnaise base, that way I don’t have to worry about them sitting out and spoiling. Here’s 2 recipes you might want to consider while you’re grilling out this weekend. You still have time to run out and get some eggplants!

Both are great served at room temperature.

I love this grill pan I’ve had it for years, and it still works like a charm, it’s like a wok and your able to toss and evenly brown your veggies very easy on your grill. I drizzled my eggplant with olive oil, salt and pepper before I put them in my hot grill pan.

This simple salad is made with chunks of eggplant, pitted green olives, fresh parsley, capers and lemon peel, all tossed together in a fresh lemon and olive oil dressing. It actually tastes better as it sits out!

This is my new favorite eggplant salad, I’ve already made it twice. Chunks of grilled eggplant tossed with diced tomatoes, toasted baguette bread cubes, fresh torn basil and defrosted frozen corn all drizzled with a good olive oil. If your lucky enough to find frozen roasted or grilled corn, use that, it adds a nice smokey flavor, but it’s not necessary. Great at room temperature, the juice of the tomatoes, olive oil and basil flavor the chunks of crunchy bread cubes. So good!
Enjoy your holiday weekend and day off of work!
Buon Appetito!
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  1. Oooh lovely, I have just planted new eggplants in the garden. I know I have abundant eggplant soon. Thanks for the recipes!

  2. When the Proud Italian says “Grill Some Eggplant” I will listen. The salads look great. I will let you know when I post photos of them to my blog. Thanks for the great salad suggests.

  3. Thanks Marie – Whenever my father visits, he refuses to eat anything with mayonnaise. (We never had it, or ketchup or mustard as kids). So I’m always looking for salad recipes without them and these are great. Happy Memorial Day.

  4. Now I really want that eggplant salad! I don’t make mayo-based salads because I DETEST mayo. But this looks like the perfect thing to bring to the next family bbq!

  5. Never thought of pairing my favorite eggplant with corn, but if you tell me to do it, I will!

  6. Oh how I love eggplant! I never would have thought to pair it with corn. Thank you for the great ideas! Happy Memorial Day!

  7. Yes – enough with mayo – all my salads were oil and vinegar growing up – how smart we were. I am going to play with these – loving the tomatoes – maybe combining both salads? And when my eggplants come in, I will have all new recipes. Meanwhile, I know where they sell them. Leave it to you to make eggplant eye-candy!

  8. Looks like a great summer salad. I think I might do it this weekend but since the bbq will be roaring, I’m going to get fresh corn and give it a more charred taste. The tomatoes, basil and lemon will freshen it up and the toasted croutons rounds it out. Cannot wait!

  9. I have a grill pan like that. I’ll have to take it out this weekend and give it a try!

  10. It looks delicious. We are always looking for barbecued sides.

  11. I love the grill baskets.. they do wonders.. and speaking of wonders.. the grilled eggplant looks delicious. Love the olives with it. Yum!!
    Have a great Memorial Day weekend Marie!!

  12. I was eying your grill basket longingly; I want one! I can imagine making this salad and many more all summer long! This one is a great start.

  13. Thanks for the fantastic eggplant ideas! If I were hanging around this weekend I’d most likely grill one of those up today – but we’re leaving for vacation in just a few hours, yippee! Have a great weekend 🙂

  14. I do love practically any meal prepared with eggplant. I especially can’t wait for the bitterless Sicilian variety to be found towards the end of July (at least in Montreal). Not only is it better tasting than the regular one we see all the time…the purple hues are beautiful too. Have you ever had a chance to cook with them?
    It was great discovering your blog…I’ll be sure to come again.
    Have a great Sunday and Flavourful wishes, Claudia

  15. Oh my! (My fault, but) It has been a long time since I have commented! Eggplant – yum! And I love this salad. Adding the grilled corn would be perfect this weekend with all the grills fired up for the holiday. Buon Appetito!

  16. Grilled eggplant is so wonderful. I really like that you added corn to the mix. Great salad.

  17. Wow! Love this and all of that eggplant. It’s the best and you did it perfectly! Have a great day!

  18. Hi Marie – I hope you’re enjoying the weekend, heard about some thunderstorms in Chicago so I hope that didn’t ruin your grilling plans. I really like the idea of eggplant and green olives, and lemon…got to try that.

    I need one of those grill pans too.

  19. Anonymous says

    As a food safety specialist, i want to tell you that cooked vegetables, even without mayo, are potentially hazardous foods capable of supporting growth of pathogens that can give you foodborne illness. The cooked eggplant salad can sit out for four hours, but after that you should discard it. bethgrd

  20. We love eggplant, Marie, and especially when grilled. The corn and tomato salad is my favorite ..yum!

    Back from all my travels — seeing my little grandson was fun! He’s talking quite a bit now!

  21. A fabulous dish! Grilled eggplants taste so good.



  22. John Schuller says

    Hi Marie

    Is there an actual recipe for the eggplant salad? I really want to make this four short days from now to accompany your ricotta stuffed chicken

    Thank you

    John Schuller

    • John, I really don’t have a recipe, but I usually grill the eggplant at least 2 or 3 of course depending on how many people your having. Then I toss it all into a big bowl get all my other ingredients, keep tossing in until I like the way it looks maybe adding more or less of something. Use the peel of a whole lemon and squeeze all the juice in a bowl and whisk in olive oil for your dressing. The key is keep tasting to see if you need more. You really can’t go wrong don’t worry!