Cooking Demo ala Timpano

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For the past week I’ve had a knock down dragged out viral infection that kept me from cooking in the kitchen or anything else. I’m happy to say I feel so much better now, and after living on soup for a week I’m excited to eat something different.

I’ll be back in my kitchen tomarrow, but for now I wanted to leave you with a visual of a cooking class/demo I did for the Italian/ American club that I’m a member of. I demonstrated making a Timpano like the original one from the movie “Big Night” with Stanley Tucci.

If you’re not familiar with a Timpano or never heard of it before, it’s a drum of pasta, 3 pounds to be exact, homemade mini meatballs, sauce, provolone and romano cheese, hard boiled eggs and salami that’s all incased in a pasta dough and baked in a very special pan. Perfect for large crowds and big parties. We had 23 people in attendence and each had a generous slice for tasting, many came back for seconds. When I first started my blog in 2007 I did a whole post on it which goes into a little more detail. Click here to view.

See you soon!

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Sharing is caring!

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  1. Never had timpano before but wow it sounds really good! You had me at bread stuffed with pasta!

  2. Hi Marie-
    So sorry to hear that you’ve been so under the weather, but happy to know that you are feeling better now. Lucky for your family and friends because this looks great. I can honestly say that I’ve never made anything like this before, but your photos make it look almost easy. Looks like a great time. I love Stanley Tucci! Can you believe I’ve never seen “Big Night?” Take care!

  3. Quickly hopping over to see how it is done…..
    Glad you are feeling better!!

  4. So glad you’re feeling better Marie. That timpano is a masterpiece. One of these days I’m going to tackle such a thing.

  5. I remember your first timpano and still has aspirations to try it myself.

  6. I’m so glad you’re feeling better! And I can’t wait to see this. I wonder if my local Italian-American club has cooking classes…

  7. Glad you are on the mends….now it’s my turn!
    The timpano looks amazing!!!!

  8. I have fond memories of your timpano, Christmas time in Galena with the whole family. We need to do it again soon.

  9. anything with baked dough works for me !!!

  10. I’ve never heard of a timpano but it sounds great. I’d love to watch Big Night though I’m not sure we’ve had it here in Australia.

  11. welcome back! great comeback with this delicious post! this is on my list I love this recipe!

  12. suzanne crisafi says

    hope you are feeling better…made Frizelle last night..I used a hot pepper salad from my favorite restaurant…added more provolone cheese beside what it was marinated in mmmmmmmm adding this to my favorite foods

  13. Timpano is soooo tasty!

    Would you believe I actually commented on your 2007 post .. reminds me of Malta, this is one of their dishes !!

  14. I tried making Timpano 2x and both times it was delicious but fell apart. Yours looks beautiful. Is there a trick to this I don’t know about??

  15. So glad to hear you’re feeling better, Marie. Welcome back! This looks so wonderful. I love thinking there might be a timpano in my future. Inspiring!

  16. Oh my that is quite the recipe! Looks yummy, gotta try that sometime soon!

  17. Feel better, Marie! Just looking at your luscious photos of timpano is lifting my spirits. Che bella!

  18. That is a work of art. Brava! Glad to see you are cooking again – and when you cook – you really cook!

  19. This looks fabulous! I am so glad I discovered your blog!!

  20. Glad you won the battle! The photo collage is fab, almost not need for explanations!

  21. Love this recipe!!

  22. Glad you’re feeling better, Marie! Love this timpano – I had seen your older post before and it was fabulous.

  23. Glad you are feeling better Marie! I loved the movie BIG Night! I haven’t made a Timpano as yet, but I have your first recipe for it in my files 🙂

  24. I wish we had an Italian American club close by.. Love this Timpano.. the group must have had so much fun watching your demonstartion and eating this meal!

    Glad your feeling better Marie.. Isn’t Spring awesome!!


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