Rice Krispie Biscotti

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I’ve been on a biscotti making kick lately, as you can tell. For some reason it’s the only thing I want to bake this year! I love that there’s so many varieties and flavor combinations you can do with biscotti.

I saw these cute little Rice Krispie biscotti on the blog, Dinners for a Year and Beyond while wandering through the blogosphere one day, I instantly knew I was going to make these for my granddaughter. This is a great holiday treat to make for kids, but then again, I know a few adults that wouldn’t pass these up either!
So easy to make and form, just dip them into your favorite chocolate, add sprinkles, nuts, mini chocolate chips or whatever else you like. Just think how creative you could be! Bag them up, tie some pretty ribbons on, and hand them out to your favorite kid. I ended up giving all these to my granddaughter, some for her, and some for her to pass out to her posse of friends.

Makes 20
40 Large Marshmallows
6 cups Rice Krispies
3 Tb. Butter
Chocolate For Melting
Sprinkles, Nuts, or Mini Chocolate chips
In a heavy pan, melt butter, add marshmallows, stir until they melt. Take pan off the heat and stir in your Rice Krispies, make sure they’re all coated. When it cools down a little and you can handle them, form 1/3 cup each into the shape of a biscotti. Cool on parchment paper. Repeat til finished.
Melt your favorite chocolate, dip, and add your sprinkles. Place back on parchment until chocolate has hardened and it’s safe to store them without smudging.

I’ve always had a weak spot for the gingerbread biscotti over at Starbucks, I always look forward to them each holiday season. Crunchy, spicy gingerbread dipped in white chocolate and studded with macadamia nuts. I attempted to make my own this year, not too bad for the first time, the gingerbread flavor was really good, but I didn’t have macadamia nuts so I used pecans. Mistake! Not the same, and I sort of skimped on the white chocolate because I didn’t have quite enough. But all in all they turned out great, I wrapped them up and gave them away to some happy people. Just a little more tweaking and I’m ready for batch #2 !!

Happy Baking!

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Sharing is caring!

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  1. The rice krispie biscotti is such an interesting twist to a classic favorite. They look so professional when wrapped in the plastic bags.

  2. i think i’d consume enough of these to vomit (that’s a compliment).

  3. Cute idea! I love the biscotti baking binge lovely Marie!

  4. Your rice krispie biscotti look so tempting …I know I would try a few 🙂 I’ll save this idea for my grandson when he is a little older as I know children love this treat.

    Your gingerbread biscotti look yummy too!

    I just got back from Colorado …I am so behind in everything…can you send a few dozen bicottis my way? LOL

  5. Aw sweet Maria…these are adorable. Happy holidays dear friend!

  6. These are adorable. They will make a great addition to my cookie platters!

  7. How festive do these little darlings look. Yum…wish I was one of those ‘happy people’ getting one…LOL

    Hey it’s cold outside, are you wearing your wristlets??? 😉

    Just wondering…teehee!!

  8. What a great idea!

  9. I am now in biscotti-making mode, too, Marie. There’s something about macadamia nuts in biscotti that is a perfect marriage. I like your recipes. Happy baking!

  10. I’m making these right away so I can include them in the box of packages that I’m sending to grandchildren. Thanks for a wonderful idea, Marie. Kids of all ages will like these.

  11. Oh my gosh, Marie, my kids will love these! How cute!

  12. great twist on a classic! Very creative.

  13. These are the greatest idea. My grandchildren will flip over them.

  14. It makes me smile just to think about what a hit these will be with the Grands.

  15. I love the idea of Rice Krispie biscotti. They look so cute! Oh, and the gingerbread biscotti with white chocolate and macadamia nuts – divine!

  16. Perfect timing with this one! I am supposed to make Red, my 22 year old baby, rice crispy treats tonight. These are so lovely, maybe I’ll have time to surprise him with these.

  17. I love these ! I’m a total rice krispie junkie!

  18. These look amazing! And there is nothing like a biscotti to satisfy a sweet attack ~ Plus, they make great gifts; especially the way you have wrapped them. Great post & awesome recipes! thanks…

  19. Oh these are a favorite at our house. I love your packaging.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am so glad your liked my recipe!!

  20. Great idea the rice krispie biscotti. I love biscotti and bake them year round. I’ll have to try the gingerbread ones. They sound wonderful.

  21. I would never turn down a Rice Krispie treat….they is also no guilt involved in consuming many.

  22. My daughter is a rice-krispie fiend. I’ve never made them! I love how you combined them.

  23. Snap Crackle Pop!
    These are a cute idea for the kids!
    (big kids too!)

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