Holding On To Summer with A Tomato Bread Pudding, and an Opened Faced Tomato and Egg Sandwich

Looking for more ways to use up your summer tomatoes? Here’s 2 recipes you have to try! Tomato Bread Pudding. The minute I saw this flipping through the pages of Amy Goldman’s book ,The Heirloom Tomato, I was inspired to make it. I loved the idea of a savory tomato bread pudding. Think toasted ciabatta cubes tossed in a tomato and herb cheesy custard! What a great side dish this is, we loved it! and I know I’ll be making this again!

Although I do remember all the ingredients, I don’t own Amy’s book, so I can’t give you the true recipe, but I will give you my version of what I did. I cut up and cubed half of a ciabatta loaf, put it in a 400F oven till crispy. In a large bowl I diced 4 tomatoes, added fresh parsley, thyme, and rosemary. Next I added in the same bowl 1/2 cup of half and half, and 1/2 cup of milk, 2 eggs, 1/4 cup of grated asiago, and 1/4 cup of grated romano cheese, salt and pepper.

In a small pan saute 1/2 onion and 2 garlic cloves.Toss this into the bowl with the tomatoes. Place your bread cubes in a buttered baking dish and pour the custard mixture all over covering the cubes, let it all absorb. Place grated romano all over the top and drizzle with olive oil. Bake at 350F in a larger baking dish filled halfway up with water, 25 minutes. Brown under broiler.

Opened Faced Tomato and Sunny Side Up Egg Sandwich

This is great for a weekend morning breakfast. The picture pretty much explains the recipe.

Crunchy toasted bread, slathered with pesto, topped with a hefty slice of your favorite tomato, then topped with a fried egg. Simple concept, extrordinary taste!
I hope you get a chance to try these! Have a great Labor Day weekend and Buon Appetito!

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  1. I have made a savory breadpudding before, it is delicious, but Oh so rich!!! I love a sandwich and sometimes when pushed for time(like last night) we just have fried egg on toast with tomato….Perfect!!!

  2. Oh I’m making that pudding this weekend. Thanks for sharing! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  3. Both are droolworthy in my books. I am enjoying the heirloom tomatoes so much this year!!

  4. OMG, that’s one step over the line! I love panzanella, but this savoury bread pudding does it one better. Great recipe!

  5. That’s beautiful! I am loving all the recipes that use fresh tomatoes. I need to make something with mine soon and this sounds like a great idea.

  6. Rats…our tomato season has been over for awhile. I’ll have to tuck this ‘tomatoe bread pudding’ dish away for next year. Yum…I’ve never heard of this, it looks so colorful and tasty!!!

    Have a great weekend, wonder what your serving up for Labor Day!

  7. Ya know, when this post title popped up on my blog list it did not sound good to me at all. Especially the tomato bread pudding. Then when I hopped over to see the pictures, OF COURSE, fabulously mouth watering as usual. I don’t want to let summer go either. Have been pigging out on capri salad lately with my very pregnant self. YUM!

  8. I’m lusting after your bake dish as much as I am over that tantalizing crispy top on the pudding…double yum

  9. Hi Marie… This looks great! I love tomatoes and I worship bread pudding so I see no reason why I wouldn’t love this…Have a fabulos Friday!


  10. Oh. My. Lord. That egg sammie is divine. I must, must, must have one. That tomato bread pudding is wonderful as well. I’ve never seen anything like this, so you now I’ll have to give it a try. Right after I eat that egg sammie. YUM!

  11. Oh my, your bread pudding looks divine. So does the perfectly fried egg. I’m so happy to have creative new ideas for tomatoes. I have a fridge full.

    Happy holiday to you too, Marie.

  12. You’ve been to my blog, so you know I have oodles of tomatoes. One more great recipe for me to make and enjoy them. As for the sandwich– what a great new way to make a brunch meal. I lovingly refer to pesto as “Italian Ketchup”. Love it on anything and in everything.

  13. Can there really be a better food than prime season tomatoes?

  14. Your photos are so stellar – that food is just jumping out at me. I never thought of a tomato bread pudding – looks like a winner.

  15. The bread pudding looks incredible! I love the taste of tomatoes and eggs together. I also love eggs cooked with salsa.

    We’ve been on vacation for two weeks — went to many amazing paces in the west. Will blog about it soon. Hope your grand daughter is growing and bringing joy to all!

  16. The bread pudding looks incredible! I love the taste of tomatoes and eggs together. I also love eggs cooked with salsa.

    We’ve been on vacation for two weeks — went to many amazing paces in the west. Will blog about it soon. Hope your grand daughter is growing and bringing joy to all!

  17. A tomato bread pudding sounds so good and yours looks amazing!

  18. I could definitely eat at your table…every serving, every meal.

  19. Hey Maria!
    That bread pudding is the bomb! OMG!
    Now I know what you were talking about!
    Pass some over this way, would ya?
    Lots of love and huge hug,
    Maryann xox

  20. I love that gratin dish!
    I am making this tomorrow.
    I have a stale loaf of bread and a ton of Jersey heirloom tomoatoes.

    and that egg sandwich has my name on it! Delish!

  21. I’m holding on to summer, also! I believe we have almost three more weeks! Labor Day is not the end! Looking at my bowl of tomatoes and somehow think they will turn into your fabulous bread pudding. I ahve good luck with your recipes! Thanks!

  22. Both look just glorious. We’re just into springtime here so I’ll note down the recipes and wait for tomato season. Coming up very soon is the start of our asparagus season – yummo!

  23. Wow, beautiful sounds scrumptious and great use of resources. Especially this time of year.

  24. They both look so good! Hope you are enjoying the Labor Day Weekend!

  25. The Bread Pudding looks delicious. Thank for the recipe!

  26. Hi Marie!!!! 🙂
    I’m trying to get back into the swing of things..
    It’s so wonderful coming to your delicious and “oh-so-colorful” blog!! You make everything look so tasty!!

    Like these tomato dishes. Love the bread pudding.. never tried this but it must taste divine!!

    HUgs to you!!!!!!! 🙂

  27. What beautiful recipes to hold on to summer, Marie! I won’t let it go, and I do have some nice tomatoes to give that tomato-bread pudding recipe a try. I love a good slice of tomato on a piece of toast, rubbed with garlic and topped with olive oil and basil for breakfast – a breakfast of champions!

  28. Hi Marie, this look absolutely wonderful, I love fresh tomatos!! huggs! gloria

  29. I’m holding on to summer too. It’s my favorite time of the year, primarily because of vine ripened tomatoes. Everything here looks divine. The opened faced tomato sandwich with the egg looks like the perfect thing to have for house guests. I’m copying this one down.

    I’m not familiar with The Heirloom Tomato book. Gotta run to Amazon and put it on my list. It sounds like one I can’t live without.

  30. Oh, these both look wonderful! I love how you take familiar, beloved ingredients and put them together in unexpected ways. Can’t wait to try these!

  31. Oh! Both dishes look so yummie…would love to try them all, specially the tomato bread pudding 🙂

  32. They both look wonderful! I only wish I’d known about that bread pudding before the brunch I hosted this weekend. Will file it away for another time!

  33. I have been keen to try a savory bread pudding. This looks marvelous.

  34. Both these dishes are brilliant ways to capture that last little bit of summer! Delicious!

  35. I didnt hear the dinner bell and I am afraid I got here a little late!

  36. I like where your head’s at! 🙂

    Simple and delicious.

  37. Love this savory bread pudding. What a great dish and so flavorful. My family would go nuts for this.

  38. Yay more ideas for the pesto I made, AND I need to eat my chickens eggs up too 🙂

  39. It was rather interesting for me to read the article. Thank you for it. I like such themes and anything that is connected to them. I would like to read more on that blog soon.