Grilled Pizza and a Garden Salad

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Making pizza on the grill has become a summertime favorite for us. The dough cooks up in a matter of minutes, and it always creates a nice crisp crust. Whether you have a good source for buying fresh pizza dough or you make your own, if you haven’t tried this yet put it high on your list!

I like to roll my dough out a little, but when you put it on the grill it changes it’s shape, but that’s the beauty of it! Make sure your grill is nice and hot. Brush the top with olive oil and put that side down on your hot grill. Brush the raw side with olive oil and then flip the dough when you see grill marks underneath.

Have all your ingredients ready because now you will be adding them to the first cooked side, it grills up very fast so have things precooked, mostly light and fresh ingredients work best. I have tried so many combinations, as you know when making pizza the possibilities are endless!

For this pizza I tried something different. Pancetta with caramelized red onions, creamy bocconcini, fresh tomatoes and roasted artichoke hearts, a great combination that I would do again. Here’s a couple of my other favorites.

This is great for a leisurely weekend dinner while you’re sitting outside enjoying the weather, pour yourself some wine, make a salad, and you have a great meal!

Speaking of salad! This all came from my garden, doesn’t it look so nice and fresh? I can’t wait to dress it up with my best olive oil and favorite vinegar.
Buon Appetito!
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  1. I just had to drop by and tell you I gave this a go tonight with my Italian family in town from Boston. The grilling part worked better than I though it would. Getting the toppings on each one as it was cooking was a bit of a challenge though. Leave it to me to try a new recipe for the first time with company lol. It was fun and tasty and I think we will all try this again.

  2. i wanna jump thru my screen and bite that right now! looks so darn fresh!

  3. Great grilled pizza!

  4. I’m not sure if I’m more jealous of your grill or your garden. YUM!

  5. I made grilled pizza for the first time last summer and was amazed at the great results. Yours looks particularly beautiful – and those salad greens – wow your garden is flourishing. By the way, while in Santa Barbara, I ate an appetizer of figs stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon and grilled – thought of your yummy recipe.

  6. Hi marie

    That is one beautful bowl of fresh garden vegetables! They are the true joys of summer!

    Your grilled pizza looks fantastic! I love the toppings.

  7. Love the bounty from your garden Marie!
    And great combination of flavors on your pizza, I haven’t tried grilled pizza yet, what am I waiting for?

  8. Looking good, love any kind of pizza! Looks like the fruit of your labor has paid off. Your salad fixings look so healthy.

    You mentioned maybe trying a new look for your header. I just learned how to do the mosaic thing. Over at “A Haven for Vee”, she’s on my blog roll, she has a link to a blog that gives a tutorial on how too. Go to her recent post and scroll down to where her 3 secrets are, click on the first secret. If your interested, or maybe you already know how too. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Grilled pizza is definitely on my list and your toppings are perfect – so summery. And the garden vegetables -scrumptious. Staring at my bounty now wishing it was dinner time.

  10. That pizza looks divine. You have some of my favorite things on there – mozzarella, pancetta, and caramelized onions.

    I have no outdoor grill, but I’m daying to see if at some point I can pull something like this off on a grill pan. I would have to make individual pizzas, but that’s okay.

  11. All this looks great… especially your fresh produce… well done!! Local rodents were having their way with my San Marzano’s in the beginning. I took care of them the way any old guinea would handle a rat… they will no longer be troubling anyone. Glad all your veggies are coming up so nice.

    I’ve been writing lately… a lot of starts that need to be finished; promise to get something up soon.

    Johnny T

  12. Looks fantastic!

  13. I’ve never tried grilled pizza but it looks yummy!

  14. This looks like an amazing dinner, will be trying asap!

  15. I am so jealous og your garden.

  16. We love the coffee shop in the courtyard too…Bella’s (Cannon Beach). Matter of fact right next door they have a pizza shop called Feta’s. They have made the list for the top 50 pizza shops in the country. Your pizza looks just as yummy. I will have to give this recipe a go when my Italian relies come in August for a visit all the way from the east coast. Thanks for stopping by!

  17. What a perfect meal, Marie! I could eat pizza every night, especially grilled in summer.
    Your garden greens, cukes, radish and pepper look beautiful – there is nothing like just-picked produce. A taste of heaven, for sure. 🙂

  18. I’ve done this in the fireplace (indoors) over a wood fire and now you’ve inspired me to try it outside on the grill. Grazie!

  19. Do you have a favorite dough recipe or a good place to purchase some?

  20. That pizza looks great and all that stuff from your garden…lucky you.

  21. Pizza, Pancetta, Proud Italian Cook, all good.

  22. the little baby bocconcini is so perfect for grilling pizza. This is such a cool way to include kids in the cooking arena – who wouldn’t have fun doing this?

  23. The pizza looks marvelous – it’s similar to the toppings I had over my pasta last night – I was needing to finish up some last veggies from the previous farm share.

    I really have to get some pizza crust going soon.

  24. Marie this grilled pizza looks amazingly wonderful!

    I happened to make one over the weekend… my guest thought I was crazy when they saw that I put the dough on the grill… they however, found out that they were crazy in love w/it 😉

  25. Marie I love this type of pizza look awesome ans so tasty! Gloria

  26. The pizza looks amazing and so do all the fresh veggies from your garden. Lucky girl.

  27. Grilling a pizza makes so much sense on the very hot days we are having. Your version looks fantastic. I like the grill marks on the crust. Very appetizing.

  28. I love the grilled pizza idea… I will be trying it sometime this summer… YUMO!!! Thanks


  29. Looks wonderful. Surprised the neighbors didn’t jump the fence for this dinner!!

  30. I’ve never had grilled pizza before! I wish we could have grills in our apartment building. Maybe next time I go home to my parents’ house I will try this! I love your combination of ingredients for this pizza. Congrats on those lovely veggies from your garden – it truly is amazing what can be grown with some time and effort. Thank you for your comment on my blog – I didn’t realize that TJs sold tzatziki sauce! That is great to know for when I’m pressed for time. I know, this weather is crazy. I keep thinking that we are going to get a ridiculous humid, heat wave so I’m trying to enjoy the milder temps, but I did break out the jeans last week 🙂

  31. I am envious of your beautiful veggie garden….mine is taking strain with all the rain and snow!!!
    The pizza is a delight in itself!!! I love boconninis!!!

  32. The first time I grilled pizza was after hurricane Charley. No power kinda forced the issue but none the less I know why grilling pizza is a favorite…. yours looks just wonderful!

  33. I need to try grilled pizza!! SO simple and cooks up quickly.

    I wish I could grow my own garden. Those vegetables are beautiful!!

  34. Love grilled pizza. Nice fresh looking veggies!

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