Roasted Peaches with Amaretto Ricotta

This is such a quick dessert, very light for hot summer days, and can be made ahead of time. Great with peaches, but any stone fruit will do. Just gather up some peaches, cut them in half, remove the stone, and on a baking sheet sprinkle them with a little butter, cinnamon and brown sugar, roast for about 15 to 20 min’s in a 400F. oven. Roast cut side down.

Place your drained ricotta in a bowl, sweeten to taste with some sugar, and then pour in some Amaretto liqueur, start with a couple tablespoons, just taste test it, you’ll know when to stop.

I like to add some chopped candied orange peel, or freshly grated peel to the ricotta. Combine everything really well together. When the peaches are soft and warm, place your cold ricotta mixture on top and then sprinkle with toasted sliced almonds, and a drizzle of honey. Now all you have to do is pour a cup of coffee and enjoy!!

Hubby’s green thumb is working! Our tomatoes are getting tall and so are our Melrose Peppers.

Everything is blooming, I love this time of year!
Have a good work week.
Buon Appetito
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  1. Oh, what a wonderful dessert. I’m liking that!!!! And your garden grows!!! Good job to the hubby, can he do mine?

  2. I would love one of these warm peaches right now, gonna try this dish (maybe with ice cream?)

    LOVE those peppers & Maters, and of course the blooms 🙂 .. kudos hubby!

  3. I saw some nice stuffed peaches on Ciao Chow’s site and wondered what to stuff a peach with!!
    You have answered my questions.
    Love ricotta stuffed anything.
    Pretty garden.

  4. This dessert sounds wonderful! I’ve never made roasted peaches before, but with peach season coming up I will definitely try it. Your garden is looking great! We have a tiny grape tomato potted plant on our balcony that is slowly growing. I think this chilly weather in Chicago lately has stunted its growth 🙂

  5. Both your gardens are beautiful, Marie!!! I made roasted peaches, but NEVER thought of the ricotta cream…I cannot wait to try it again!!!

  6. I love what you did with those peaches. Looks scrumptious. Your garden is really growing well. Green thumb indeed! And that fountain and flowers are so pretty.

  7. seeing all these pics of gardens has me thinking. thinking mind you! LOL My black thumb has me not thinking too.

  8. You’re right – the perfect summertime dessert. Will try it this weekend. I love playing with fruit in the summer! Of course, we are so peach deprived during the winter, we chomp down the peaches before I get a chance to cook with them. Bravo to your garden – isn’t this time of year grand?

  9. The peaches sound so good, your garden is growing very nicely. All we’ve had is rain here so the gared is doing great!

  10. The peaches sound so delicious!

  11. Marie, those peaches looks so good… and look at your garden, growing so nicely 😉


  12. The dessert sounds terrific Marie. That’s the type of dessert I like to make, easy and still elegant.

    Love seeing pics of your garden. My roses got “rose slug” so I have been to the nursery for advice on an organic way to get rid of the little buggers. Yuck. We’ll see if their solution worked.

  13. Girlfriend I can stay up all night chatting over a dessert like this! How very yummy. 🙂

    Your garden looks so good Marie.. It looks like an oasis!

  14. Thanks for a peak into your garden and for a delicious idea for those summer barbeques.

  15. The dessert looks simple yet delicious!

    Great garden photos.

  16. This looks like the perfect summer dessert! And lucky are the people who will get to eat from your magnficent garden!

  17. Lovely dessert! Amaretto flavor sounds excellent with the peaches!

  18. Your garden pics are beautiful! I’ve always wanted to put some peaches on the grill… maybe this summer 🙂

  19. A wonderful summer dessert, and I am so lucky you shared!!

  20. Your garden is way ahead of mine Marie. Your husband did a good job and you are going to love all those fresh veggies!

    Your peaches and amaretto cream looks so refreshing. I can’t wait untill fresh juicy peaches are in season.

  21. This looks so good I’m drooling.


  22. I love peachy desserts & this is wonderful, quick & easy Marie! Ricotta makes it supreme…& the amaretto makes it heavenly…YUM!!

  23. What a wonderful dessert!! Your garden is looking great!

  24. I love using ricotta in desserts. this one is perfect.

  25. I cannot wait until the peaches are ripe down here . . . cling-frees will be available in a few weeks and then I’ll try your decadent dessert! Grazie mille! Roz (aka bella)

  26. Such classic Italian flavors! I love everything about this dessert from its simplicity to its deliciousness.

  27. Oh yeah, I’d love a giant serving of the peaches with amaretto ricotta. I think I’d have to lick the bowl, too! 🙂 Your garden looks wonderful! I need your hubby’s thumb! The peppers look terrific, and I really like those cages on your tomatoes. Are they square? I need to get some cages this weekend as my old ones have bit the dust. I’m so ready for summer! 🙂

  28. Your garden looks beautiful, Marie!
    You are going to have a lot of Melrose peppers. Isn’t it fun to watch them grow?

    Now pass me one of those peaches, please. 😉

  29. Marie there’s a little something for you at my blog 😉

  30. What a lush & lovely garden! I think I’ll grill some peaches…try and hold up to your dessert.

  31. Looks delicious!! I so look forward to your recipes. They make me wish for Italian ancestry!! Or, at least, Italian neighbors..

  32. I’ve been browsing through your posts that I have missed and all I have to say is, why could I not be living next door to you 🙂

    Very sorry to hear about your aunt.

  33. Marie: I had to tell you that I made these roasted peaches with the ricotta and Amaretto this weekend and they were a HIT!

  34. Your garden looks amazing! I love desserts like this–desserts with fruit in the summer are my favorite–thank you for sharing!

  35. Everything is SO gorgeous! Wish I were there…

  36. Love this type of dessert. Stone fruits are my favorite.

  37. Just wanted to let you know that I will be making a version of this tonight for a dinner party with friends. Thanks Marie!

  38. Just wanted to let you know I made a roasted peach dessert and thanks so much for the inspiration!!