Grilled Mini Corn Cobs w/ Cilantro Pistachio Pesto

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It’s been an interesting few days, the weather here has been crazy! Storms , power outages, no cable, no internet, it’s sad how dependent I am on all those things, 1 day without, I can handle, but 3, no way!! and to top it off we discovered a mama raccoon and 4 of her babies living somewhere under an eve on my roof! The hubbby has done a bunch of things to get rid of them, but unfortunately “They’re Back!!!” Any clever idea’s you might have to get rid of them would be much appreciated! (Thanks for letting me vent!)
Anyway the storms have past and now it’s very hot, humid, and sticky. Time for a BBQ! These mini corn cobs are great for a party or BBQ, and much easier to eat than a whole ear of corn, and they fit on your plate perfectly along side all your other food!

Grill your ears of corn whole, they could even be done the night before then placed in a Ziplock bag until ready to use.When you’re ready to eat, place the whole cob back on the grill to warm it up a bit, then slice them into one inch disks and place in a bowl.
You can make the pesto the day of, it takes no time at all, I used my food processor and tossed in a handfull of cilanto, 2 scallions, a couple tablespoons of pistachio’s, olive oil, salt and pepper. If you’re not a cilantro person , of course my beloved basil would work as well. Toss everything together in a bowl making sure you’re coating your mini corn cobs with all the pesto, then serve. Four ears of corn makes quite a bit when cut up.

The combination of flavors here along with the smokey grilled corn is terrific!

Give these a try at your next party your guest’s will love them!
Buon Appetito!

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  1. Love corn on the cob prepared anyway, but with flavored butters or pesto, yum. And your pesto looks delish.

  2. Love corn and this is awesome. Im on a corn kick this week.

  3. I love cilantro, and it goes beautifully w/ grilled corn.

    You have to get a professional wildlife guy to remove the racoons.
    Stick to the food, leave the wildlife to the professionals!

  4. Just when I thought you had the perfect corn recipe with that parmesan coating, you go and confuse me with these yummy looking things. glad you’re back online. We had raccoons when we first moved here – living in our chimney. had to get a professional and he “smoked” them out.

  5. I have one thing to say: YUM.

  6. I would never think to “mini” the corn. Genius!

  7. This must be the most flavorful corn. And–it looks gorgeous.

  8. Very creative, and look really delicious!

  9. Oh, I’d love to try that pesto. So easy, and sounds like it’s great.

  10. These crazy weather conditions have been duplicating themselves all over the place! I just “stopped over” in Maine, where 5 inches of rain was reported to have fallen over the w/e.

    Love the cilantro pesto cobs…I pray that my corn makes it to completion, as this is the first year growing them over here.

    ps I am so grateful that we don’t have raccoons over here.

  11. Sweet corn on the cob, sigh! The one thing I miss like crazy being originally from Illinois, the home of Illini super sweet corn. Italy just doesn’t get it about sweet corn, it’s polenta or nothing. So I will salivate over your corn and pesto. At least I can make the pesto as my little crop of cilantro is starting to come on and I need to find more varieties of uses for it. I’ll think of you when I make it. Think of me every time you enjoy the best sweet corn in the world!

  12. Can honestly say I’ve never had a problem with raccoons. But, boy, I miss corn on the cob and you’ve just made me miss it even more, particularly with that dressing.

  13. Your pictures are so beautiful (as usual)! This Chicago weather has been crazy! Thankfully we haven’t had any power outages downtown. I require internet and electricity- hehe. The only plus to this heat wave is that it seems to have caused a growth spurt in my cilantro, basil, and arugula plants – guess it’s pesto time!

  14. Anonymous says

    I think you should bait the critters with some of this lovely corn. Trap them and bring them to a nice vacation spot! (but not in my house..haha)
    I love your flavors here, Marie! Cilantro sounds wonderful and it’s a nice change. Did it come from your garden?
    Lots of love, kiddo!
    Maryann xox

  15. I have made pesto many ways but, somehow, pistachios escaped me. Corn is so sweet (and delicious) that a pesto-like topping is really a great flavor balance. I think I would have squeezed a little lemon or lime into the mix.

  16. I love these flavors! I can’t wait to try it. Your photos are always so crisp Marie-you keep inspiring me with each post. 😀

  17. Sooooooo delicious:D

  18. This looks so delicious and love the suggestion to cook the corn the night before. What a time saver that would be. Can’t wait to prepare this for our next cook out.

  19. This looks amazing! I love corn to begin with but this is over the top.

  20. Wow… that pesto sounds awesome. And as much as I love my corn plain, plain, plain, I bet the two went great together!

  21. Now this is what I call thinking “outside the box”. LOVE the idea of smaller bits of corn and making pesto with cilantro (which I love) and pistachios. Genius! One more recipe in my “must make” file. Thanks.

  22. I wondered where you were! Glad to have you back.

    This is a fabulous recipe.

    As far as the raccoons go, I’d be tempted to hire a humane pest control service – we had a similar problem and raccoons can be nasty – and dangerous! The service came, trapped them, and took them to a wooded area far, far away (state park).

  23. Gorgeous! Sorry about your raccoons, Marie! Darn varmints!

  24. I bought my husband a new BBQ grill for Father’s Day and we have not been able to use it as yet because of all the constant rain we’ve been having. I can’t wait to grill corn and dress it with clilantro pistachio pesto — oh wow!

  25. pistachios in pesto! oh my…that sounds and looks amzing! This is SO genius!

  26. Marie, what a great idea of using pistachios, yummy!!! As soon as I can get to the farmers market I must make this!!


  27. Fantastica questa salsa per accompagnare le pannocchie, mi copio la ricetta ,sembra davvero buonissima!

  28. Great idea Marie! Love the little corn rounds and your pesto sounds excellent. Oy, raccoons, good luck! I’ve had a problem with possums. Not fun.

  29. Your mini corn cobs look divine, Marie. That pesto must take them over the top!
    Maybe your racoons would like to come and play with the squirrel invaders at my house — we could round them up with some of this corn as bait and take them for a ride in the country. (Wait, I’m in the country!) 😉

  30. Ahh the raccoons – our neighborhood did live traps. I amn loving these photos – they really are tantalizing. And I’m always up for a new pesto as well as corn on the grill!

  31. Pistachios are magic in pesto. Mint and pistachios are a wonderful combo for pesto.

    I’m still waiting for corn season. I want to dress up my corn like this!

  32. Grilled corn on the cob – does anything same “summer” better. Usually I just make some herb butter for the whole cob, but this presents so much nicer. Keep up the great work. — Jean

  33. No way! I am so trying that corn recipe. I LOVE barbecuing and I’m trying to get better at it. I know it’s more of a “guys” thing but I don’t care. I love it!

  34. love the idea with the pesto.

  35. I cannot wait to try this. Corn is just starting to come in…it looks positively divine…as usual!!!

  36. That weather last weekend was crazy! I saw a car in Andersonville that had been completely smashed by a giant tree falling on it!

    I need to expand my pesto horizons… I love the classic basil/pine nut, but I know there are so many other creative combos to try. I have extra pistachios leftover from another recipe, so I might just have to try this!

  37. All our fave ingredients here Marie, we love Cilantro (being curry fans) these look light and very tasty, Kathy.

    I will look out for some artichokes can you believe I have never tasted them? lol.

  38. Your garden,your corn side, all looks absolutely delicious. I love the corn sliced into small piece like this. I will have to try this on my family. I have used lemon thyme before, but not cilantro on corn…yum!

  39. That pesto sounds really good and it would dress up the corn nicely!