Clams on the Grill!

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Want something different to cook on the grill? This is a summer favorite, and it’s so easy to do! Clams cooked straight on the grill, then tossed in a rich tomatoey sauce spiked with some white wine and crumbled Italian fennel sausage! This would be perfect for Memorial Day, Father’s Day or whatever day you want! Just have some hot crusty garlic bread ready to eat along side this, and you’ll give yourself and your guests a very memorable meal!

Come to your table with a big platter of this and you’ll be sure to hear lots of Oooh’s and Aaah’s!
Your tomato sauce can be made ahead of time and heated up while the clams are cooking on the grill. Cook your cleaned and scrubbed fresh clams on medium heat, just until all the shells open up.
The sauce is simply made by removing your favorite Italian sausage from it’s casing, it could be either hot or mild, whatever you like. Brown it up, then add lots of coarsely chopped garlic, a good splash of wine, some clam juice and a couple cans of good quality tomatoes that have been drained and chopped up, along with some fresh basil, simmer till done. Of course depending on how many clams you have, adjust accordingly, I had five pounds. When finished, transfer your clams to a platter or a deep pan and spoon and toss the sauce all over and add some fresh chopped parsley.
Now do you see why you need that crusty garlic bread? You have to sop up those juices!
This was so good I still have certain family members talking about this meal, and you will too!
If you’re a real clam lover you might also want to try out this recipe too!
Have a great weekend, and Buon appetito!
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  1. Marie,
    I would like mine with some linguini and white wine….lots of parsley and garlic please!
    These look terrific.
    Enjoy the weekend……

  2. This would be a big hit with my family, I’m sure, Father’s Day or anytime. Thanks for the idea.

  3. I would LOVE to try this delicous last two recipes of yours, but, alas, I am allergic to shell fish! What a bummer, huh? Your photos look ever so beautifulo though and as always, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Keep up the great work and sharing of recipes! Love, Roz (aka bella)

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  5. Fab-u-lous! Oh my, my hubby will be in heaven when I make this… and I will, asap! Hmmmm, Father’s day sounds like a perfect day!

  6. WOW! I will try this. I could eat at your table any day.

  7. Hi Marie…. Born in New England and raised in the South… How diverse is that for loving all kinds of foods… HOWEVER Clams & Lobster are still my #1 food love… Thanks for this recipe… Can’t wait to try it.


  8. Wow! How impressive! That sounds great combined with the italian sausage and tomato sauce. I wonder where I can find some good fresh clams…

  9. OMG! I’m ooohing and aaahing just looking at this! I love barbecued clams, but I never thought of serving them with a sauce like this. Buonissimo!

  10. I am ooohing and aaahing at those pics, what a great idea for the grill … the food critic would love these. Thanks!

  11. I am sold! THough I never though of grilling the clams, but loving the idea. Looks so scrumptious!

  12. This is too good not to do. I see clams in my future next week. Wow! And gorgeous also – yelling summer.

  13. Wow! sounds delicious….snapshots are gorgeous.

  14. Fabulous Marie!
    I am all about the GRILL too!

    Looking forward to trying this, we like grilled oysters around here, but haven’t ever grilled clams. Thanks for the great idea! Oh, great photos too by the way…


  15. thunder and lightning outside my window so there’ll be no grilling but I must tell you my mouth is watering. Great photos.

  16. This looks amazing! Great idea for a Father’s Day dinner – thanks for sharing!

  17. Anonymous says

    I can’t wait to try these!


  18. Drool-iscious Marie! I never thought of using the grill for the clams- great idea.

  19. You are just the queen of the grill. This would be a hit at any one’s house. I’ll have mine with some past as well!

  20. What a great way to cook clams, Marie. I have a little marinara sauce left in the freezer so I’m set to go. My family will love this dish.

  21. Though I don’t have an ounce of Italian blood in my D.N.A. I love Italian food. This is beautiful and colorful and my mouth is watering at the flavors! Bravo!

  22. What a great idea. It looks delicious.

  23. One of my all time favorite things to eat! Beautiful.

  24. Love it!!!

  25. That looks too too good! Wow! I love this!

  26. All I can say is, “Drool.”

  27. Holy Goodness that looks absolutely delicioussssssssssssssss!!! Such great photos! Love the site!

  28. Your beautiful photos tell the whole story, Marie! Grilling is such fun.

  29. I havent said it for awhile, you rock!

  30. Anonymous says

    Awsome idea…we grill clams all summer….clams go on the bottom grate of the gas grill and then on the top “shelf” of the grill I take a disposable foil roasting pan. While the clams are grilling, melt butter, white wine and a little parsley. As the clams open, throw them into the pan. Bring it all to the middle of the table. Its a hit every time for a casual app.

  31. Great idea! My dad would have loved a father’s day gift like this. It looks fabulous!

  32. Mouthwatering dish! your pictures are so beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing your recipe ~~~

    And if you can visit me I can visit you 🙂


  33. that looks like the perfect summer snack Marie.

  34. Ooh.. ahhh!!! 🙂
    I have a similar recipe but with mussels. They are stuffed and then laid on top of a bed of crushed tomatoes. I haven’t made it in a while but your recipe is bringing me to that clam and mussel longing!


  35. Very cool – I didn’t know you could just pop them on the grill. Looks delicious.

  36. YUM! We love clams and those five pounds would go down quick! I bought a new grill for hubby for Father’s Day –I’ll suggest this dish to him!

  37. Clams on the grill are so good! I remember the first time I had them that way- it was a revalation!

  38. Can’t wait to make this recipe! Perfect for a dinner on the Jersey Shore.

  39. I have to try this when CS sets up my grill. Love clams. And can eat toms of them. Beautiful.

  40. Marie, I’ve thrown clams and mussels on the grill but I use an old pan to as a griddle…I don’t want to lose any of those juices!

  41. Hello Marie, hope you are having a wonderful summer, we are planning a big meal outdoors soon and your grilled clams and sausage sauce look perfect for this, I just showed hubby it’s only 8.30am here in CA and he is drooling haha, looks like we might have to have a trial run for lunch today, happy days, hugs, Kathy.

  42. I made this Sunday for out of town guests and it was a big big hit. I will definitely make again. I only wish I had doubled or tripled the sauce so I can freeze it! Thanks a million!! Lola

  43. This looks amazing!! How long would you say they need to stay on the grill?? Never did this before!

  44. Just until they all pop open Carol, you can also place them in a foil pan instead of directly on the grill.


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