Cedar Planked Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops

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Have you tried plank grilling yet? I’ve been wanting to do it for sometime now. I was completely sold on the idea after some research and reading these few sentences from a Minnesota website that produces grilling planks… “Plank-grilling fish and other foods on sections of soaked aromatic woods set over a grill is surely one of the most sensuously culinary experiences. As the food cooks, almost basting itself in its own oils and juices, it absorbs fragrant wood smoke to achieve a layering of flavors not found in any other form of cooking.” SOLD!!

It’s very important to soak your wood first so it doesn’t burn and flare up on the grill. I soaked mine for 2 hours by laying them in a roasting pan filled with water and weighed down, you can also add apple cider, salt and even wine to your water to give it another layer of flavor.
Some good choices for wood are cedar, alder, pecan, cherry, hickory, oak and maple, but remember to never use lumber scraps, or any wood that is treated or stained.
My scallops were wrapped with strips of proscuitto and then skewered with a rosemary branch. Remove all the leaves except those on top.
Drizzle with some olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
Heat your planks on both sides at a medium temperature, when you hear it crackle you know they’re ready. I wanted some grill marks showing so while the wood was heating up I seared one side of the scallops onto my oiled grill. You’ll also want to rub olive oil on the side of the plank you’ll be cooking on, this will prevent sticking and also impart extra flavor.

The end result was a trio of extraordinary flavors!! The smokeyness of the cedar, the saltyness of the proscuitto, all that encompassing sweet scallops, with just a hint of rosemary. I served them with grilled peppers stuffed with Israeli couscous, fresh herbs, garlic, chopped fresh tomatoes and parmesan cheese.
I will be planking more in the future, next time salmon with some maple wood!
Buon Appetito!
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  1. Cedar is a fantastic way to add flavor. White cedar shingles(yes for homes) can be used and are only $25 for a bundle. I’ve been using for years. Be sure not to use red cedar however as the resins in them are not so good. If your plank or shingle keeps burning on you simply “tent” around it with some tin foil. This creates a smoker effect as well imparting even more flavor!(The sides can be left open)
    Just found your site and found it to be truly inspiring. You should have your own show on the Food Network! 🙂

  2. oh my I am sure these are like eating a little bite of heaven. If I could only teleport into this photo and have a taste myself

  3. This I have to try.

  4. The look beautiful! I love scallops and Prosciutto. We don’t have the planks here… But people love to cook on slate roof tiles. It is, actually, delicious – and unique as well.

  5. Hi Marie, I hope you are having a wonderful summer, this looks soooo delicious, I am going to have to try this your scallops and proscuitto really look wonderful, especially with my fave peppers and couscous, yum. happy days, Kathy.

  6. I made this saturday night and it was amazing!!! I have never grilled on a cedar plank and now I can’t wait to do it again!! thanks for posting this!

  7. We are starting to grill a ton at my house, and I can tell you are too! The scallops sound amazing… really, I love anything wrapped in prosciutto 🙂 I have a ton of grains around my house right now, and stuffing peppers is a great way to use some. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Grilling happens year-round in my California backyard. I love everything about this meal. I particular love the beautiful bell peppers. I’ll have to make these, and when I do, I will surely give you a shout! Thanks!

  9. Marie..each time I am here I am amazed…simple dumb struck with all that you do in the kitchen. This is surely inspiring and yes I am SOLD!!

  10. I’ve cooked salmon on a cedar plank several times but never thought of doing scallops. Great idea!!!

  11. Hi, I’m Mary and my daughter, Rebecca recommended your blog site and am I glad she did! Your food combinations and presentations are wonderful. I can’t wait to try making the peppers with your couscous and herb stuffing. The scallops look like something I would serve to company for sure!

  12. I’ve never heard of plank grilling – thank you for telling us about this! The scallops look truly incredible – what a wonderful combination of flavors!

  13. Hi Marie

    This looks so gourmet and mouth watering good!

    I’ve used cedar planks to cook salmon on the grill and the flavor was divine! Costco often sells planks this time of the year so it’s wise to stock up on them.

    As Linda said, in Sardinia,Italy Israeli couscous is called fregola. It’s such delicious tiny balls of pasta!

  14. I haven’t tried BBQ w/planks yet, I see that I must give it a whorl because these scallops look just to good!


  15. It looks very goods
    I’ll definitely to come back to your blog again.

  16. Oh my! I am drooling! I love your blog and such an inspiration.

  17. Everything you make is colorful and deliscious! I have never made scallops before and told my hubby I was going to make them for him, yours look fantastic!! I want to make them like this too!

  18. This looks so yummy Marie! I was just telling my son I am hungry enough to eat a cow.. I’m dieting.. but I think instead I would rather eat a million of these!

    Did you get my email way back when? 🙂
    Ciao and hugs!

  19. Planks are a new one on me but makes a lot of sense. Bacon and scallops, you can’t go wrong and the peppers look fab.mmmmmmm!

  20. I never really have seen anything like this in a home cooking situation before, so I think its brilliant! One day when I have a grill I’ll have to try it. 😀

  21. Love your blog and your great ideas. I too use cedar plans for salmon grilling and it makes the dish so delicious…My hubby buys planks from Home Depot, cuts them up and they work just great, much cheaper than buying the ones ready to go and they work exactly the same. I soak them most of the day. Can’t wait to try your scallops.

  22. I always use cedar planks for salmon grilling and it does make a wonderful difference. Your recipes are just gorgeous. I am looking for different ideas for a family meal coming up and have bookmarked this. All is lovely.

  23. Now you’ve sold me on the planks – never tried them before. I did, however, make some wonderful proscuitto-wrapped scallops in a mango sauce – I’ll have to dig up the recipe for you. They were wonderful and these look stupendous!

  24. Anonymous says

    Love ya, kiddo 🙂

  25. You’re a mind reader, Marie. I have a cedar plank and was trying to decide what to cook on it. I usually cook salmon, but the scallops are enticing. Think I’ll give them a try. Thanks for the great idea.

  26. Mmmm, I can smell the aromas from here, Marie! Your photos paint a beautiful portrait.

  27. We “planked” salmon once and it was great. Definitely need to try the scallops. I had to laugh at your warning not to use lumber or stained wood!

  28. i bought some cedar planks and I’ve been looking for just the right recipe. Looks like I found it. Thanks

  29. Looks delicious! We love using cedar planks on the grill, but haven’t tried scallops yet. They are great for salmon and trout, too.

  30. Great job and great bbq. I wish I was your neighbor!

  31. So beautiful!

  32. Marie,
    Why does my cedar plank always burn up on the grill?
    I love the flavor it brings to fish, I like the peppers w/ couscous. Nice grouping for a bbq~

  33. Absolutely delicious looking meal, and nicely presented as well.

  34. Looks fantastic Marie!
    Love using my cedar plank, it smells so good! I’ve only used it for salmon, gotta try your scallops.

  35. Those scallops look perfectly seared and tasty! I am going to have to try cooking with a grilling plank.

  36. Yummmmm!!!!!!!!I can imagine the slightly smoky flavours on the tip of my tongue:D

  37. How do you manage to come up with these fabulous new takes on traditional Italian cuisine? They look terrific. Do you know if you can reuse those planks? I can’t wait to try these. We ate that Israeli couscous (called “fregola” in Italy) while on a fishing excursion in Sardinia. The captain’s wife made a dish in the small boat’s kitchen, using the fregola, heads from the fish we caught, and tomatoes.

  38. Oh yum! I am definitely looking for a cedar plank now, love the idea of salmon grilled/smoked this way.

    Your pics have my mouth watering 🙂

  39. You won’t believe this, but I walked passed some planks in a bin at the market yesterday and thought, How would I use those?? Now I know! Looks wonderful.

  40. I am so glad you wrote about this. I have looked at the planks in stores often and just wondered if I wanted to try it. Your food looks so great. I think I am ready to try it.

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