Antipasto Salad and a Tiramisu!

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I just wanted to share with you a couple of the highlights of our dinner this past Sunday. This antipasto salad is so good you just HAVE to make it for your next party! Although I’ve made many salads with fresh green beans in the past like here, I never quite put this combination together. I can thank my dear friend Stacey, of Stacey Snacks for giving me the inspiration!

I tweaked Stacey’s recipe slightly and used a combination of fresh green beans, that have been cooked and cooled down, just make sure they still have a little bite, sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, marinated artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, (I had some that I roasted myself,) garbanzo beans, chopped red onion, and strips of salami. The dressing is made with red wine vinegar and olive oil, salt, pepper, granulated garlic and oregano. Delicious at room temperature. This was so good I had the leftovers for breakfast the next day!

One of the things we had for dessert was this Limoncello Tiramisu, not a conventional tiramisu but perfect for spring. Fresh lemon curd, layered over limoncello soaked pound cake, followed by a mascarpone whipped cream. The flavor is out out of this world!

I’ve made this before but never put it in a trifle bowl, you will definitely hear lots of ooohs and aaahs when you bring it out of the frig! It makes for a great presentation, and best of all you make it the night before! Just click on the link for the recipe and double everything if you’re using a bowl like this. A good store bought pound cake is fine, I used 2 for this, slice it into 3rd’s lengthwise, cut strips to go around the edge of the bowl, and bigger pieces to layer up the middle.
Enjoy the rest of your week, and Buon Appetito!
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  1. All the dishes I have seen on your blog today, are symply delicious and this Limoncello tiramisu looks so yummy…yummy…yummy :9

  2. All these salads you’re making sound like they would make great lunches to bring to work. I love cooked greenbeans in salads, and the greanbeans at Harvestime (on Lawrence) are $0.69 a pound now! Looks like I might be making that this weekend… 🙂

  3. I adore bean salads and as for lemon tiramisu…made a version from a Canadian food show and the folks in Greece adored it!

  4. That tiramisu looks so yummy.. is it low carb?? 🙂

  5. A Limoncello Tiramusu! O h yes. And the salad looks delish.

  6. That limoncello tiramisu is on my dessert list while I am cooking at the villa in Montisi next month.

  7. Hmmm… I am thinking that Limoncello Tiramisu would be even better than the original version!

    Best of luck with the garden! Sounds very promising!

  8. They both look amazing, but I especially love the idea of the nonconventional tiramisu! Sounds perfect for spring/summer!

    We had an Italian dinner party last night & I made homemade cannoli. Will be posting about them sometime this week!

  9. That salad look so good. It is just packed with great flavours and textures. And a limoncello tiramisu…mmm…

  10. Love switching up tiramisu! It lends itself to it so well! Your antipasti look amazing: artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes… you would have to forcefully remove me from the platter!

  11. Wow. A Limoncello Tiramisu! I have a weak for any kind of cakes and sweets. Although the mascarpone must make it very impegnativo!

    Didn’t know you were from Chicago. Interesting. I’ve never been there but I’d love to visit. Ciao and thanks for stopping by at my blog!


  12. Oh yum! I could make a whole meal out of that incredible antipasto! I bought green beans today and I think I have most of the other ingredients so I’ll make that this week.

    The lemoncello tiramisu looks divine!

  13. That salad emulates perfection for me. I can actually taste the flavours. I’ve been looking for great salads for a buffet table and this post and the one on Thursday just fill the bill for me. Thanks for sharing these great recipes.

  14. Delicious salad Marie. I have tried Tiramisu in almost every Italian restaurant we have ever been too, it’s a family joke and I am not even really keen on coffee but limoncello now your talking, bet it becomes my fave ever!!. happy weekend, Kathy.

  15. That antipasto salad looks great! I can’t wait to give it a try!

  16. never tried Limoncello Tiramisu but I’m oohhhing and ahhhing at the screen!

  17. Your salad looks fresh and delicious, and the tiramisu looks amazing! I’m a fan of limoncello and this is such a great use of it.

  18. My idea of a perfect meal, Marie. The salad is mouth watering and I love lemon desserts. And I even have some limoncello!

  19. I would love the antipasto, everything about it is just beautiful.The colors are amazing! And the dessert…I love lemon, this would be lucky to hit the table in one piece at my house!!

  20. I have a bottle of Limoncello at home and was wondering what desserts I can make from it. I have to bookmark your and try your tiramisu. Also like your salad a lot.

  21. I will be visiting next Easter. I want that tiramisu! And I love the additions of the green beans in the antipasto platter.

  22. WOW!!! A spring-themed tiramisu – I love it! I am really craving desserts with a lighter feel right now, and this one sounds perfect (even if it isn’t technically “light” 🙂 The salad looks fabulous too – is there anything better than a good antipasto? Can’t wait to try it!

  23. Oh yum. Great idea limoncello tiramisu in a trifle bowl. I just got back from Chicago, had some fabulous meals out including L20 and Kaze sushi! You have the best restaurants there!

  24. I love the salad, so many colors going on and the dessert looks fabulous as well! Great post!

  25. I can’t tell you how much I love these two things. Antipasto is one of my favorite dishes. Plus the Lemoncello Tiramisu made me squeal with spring excitement.

  26. Oh, Marie, both of these look to die for, but man… that limoncello tiramisu – I must try that. Well, both, actually.

    Looks like you had a wonderful meal!

  27. So listen – I STILL DON’T KNOW why I’ve not received my invitation to your house. I mean, I’m not Italian but I’m loving ALL THESE dishes you’re creating over there!

  28. Your salad is so gorgeous – the colors are vibrant and I LOVE the ingredients! Limoncello tiramisu sounds great! Combining two awesome Italian traditions into one 🙂

  29. That antipasto salad and tiramisu and everything else we had for dinner on Easter was absolutely delicious. I am amazed how you whipped up dinner for all us like no big deal.

  30. They both look amazing. Any leftovers?

  31. Oh oh oh….this post is making me hungry!! Beautiful salad and dessert!

  32. Mmmm. The salad looks wonderful and the limoncello tiramisu is making my mouth water. Nice post!

  33. I adore lemon and can just imagine how delicious this tiramisu was, Marie! Beautiful photos. (I would eat that antipasti salad for breakfast, too, minus the salami!) 🙂

  34. I love that idea for tiramisu! I will have to see if my uncle has any of his homemade limoncello left over from Christmas. If not, I wonder if a lemon-infused simple syrup would work…

  35. That is a double dose of creativity there. I’ve made salads out of traditional antipasto ingredients in the past, but they were never green-bean based. I love this.

    I also love your tiramisu. The lemon is such a refreshing twist.

  36. You know I came here and just kept scrolling till I saw the most awesome tiramisu! Lemon too. How creative. How did it taste? No, dont tell me, I’m being good lately.

  37. I want some of that tiramisu! 🙂

  38. Hey, no Lupini beans?
    I made them especially for you!
    Glad you liked the salad, and your photos are beautiful!
    Thanks for the mention!

  39. I want an invite next time you make these – yummy and beautiful. Your photos are mouth-wateringly good.

  40. Mmmm sounds like your Easter had some good eats!! What a great idea to put fresh green beans in a antipasto salad.

    Thanks for your visit, you’ll have to take a peek at the wristlets, Judy won over at my blog today!!


  41. Wow! Both are show stoppers! I really want to try the Limoncello Tiramisu. I make a cake that is similar, with a raspberry sauce. This sounds a bit more elegant and easier though! Gorgeous!

  42. What a delightful meal, the antipasto salad look amazingly good.

  43. How come I wasn’t at your house? Both look amazing!!

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