Happiness is… A Warm Ciabatta!!

I think ciabatta bread makes the best panini, it’s not doughy at all, its light with lots of holes in the dough but sturdy enough to hold what ever you put in it, and best of all it has great crunch!

You could roast your veggies ahead of time and put this together for a great weekend lunch in no time at all. I had some grilled eggplant sitting in my frig from the other day, and other veggies I wanted to use up, so I roasted red and green bell peppers, red onion, cherry tomatoes, and artichoke hearts to go along with it. All were roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper in a 400 degree oven.

Just slice your ciabatta loaf lengthwise, and slather pesto on each side, in this case I used sun-dried tomato pesto, but basil pesto is equally as good. Layer your veggies along with a good sharp cheese, I used Fontinella, it has the flavor of a good provolone, nice and sharp, and it melts great.

Cook it up on your panini press if you have one, or you can use a grill pan with a weighed down lid on top. This was so good! Crunchy on the outside, the roasted flavors of the veggies inside, the sharpness of the cheese, all highlighted by the pesto. Hope you give it a try!
Have a great weekend, and Buon Appetito!

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  1. Looks Delicious Marie, I love ciabatta, pesto and all of those veg you used. I am going to have this for lunch on Saturday. Kathy.

  2. That looks so good Marie! I love roeasted veggies and that bread looks so nice and rustic.
    I’d love to take a big bite or two!

  3. ~*drool*~… This is really speaking to me right now, lol! Looks fabulous!

  4. Wow! That is beautiful and colorful. Silly me, why didn’t I think of using pesto. I see this recipe being on my lunch table, this weekend. I’m craving veggies! Great job!

  5. Hi Marie!! How are you.. and how is your tech teaching going? 🙂 I have been meaning to email you.. I’m glad to see you posting! And what a post!!! This is spectacular, but all of your posts are. What I love about your food is the beautiful colors and textures.. and how you make such good use of your roasting pans. So delicious looking. I never see fontinella here. I am going to have to check our local cheesemonger. Ciao and hugs!

  6. Oh my gosh, YES! This looks fabulous! Can’t I just have half of yours?

  7. This panini looks awesome – the roasted veggies sound really good together with the cheese!

  8. oh yum. what a mouth-watering panino. I’ll have to try it. Love the idea of the sundried tomato pesto too.

  9. I see that eggplant under that cheese!
    That is a gorgeous sandwich!

  10. You don’t have to say how good it was. I can see by your photos that it was awesome! You do veggies proud, you know that?!
    Lots of love,
    Maryann xox

  11. I had this panini at a restaurant for lunch today, but sadly it did not look nearly as good as yours.

  12. You ‘had me’ at ciabatta but to fill it with roasted vegetables, pesto, fontina cheese and then press it…well, suffice it to say that we are kindred spirits!

  13. Just sent the link for this, to my daughter! What a great site.

  14. It just doesn’t get much better than this! This is one of my favorite meals during the farmer’s market season. Your photos are terrific, Marie. I just want to reach into my screen and get some.

  15. Now, that’s a real panino!!!

  16. Your food is always so healthy and beautiful.

  17. Oh wow does that look like the best thing ever invented or eaten! Those grilled veg look fabulous and the whole thing…well, we do have plans for a fancy restaurant tonight, but I want one of these sandwiches! Now!

  18. Oh WOW, Gosh …
    This is drool worthy!

  19. A feast for the eyes. Ciabatta is really a great bread for panini.

  20. Wow! That is an awesome looking panini. It has everything I love; pesto, roasted veggies and fontinella cheese.

  21. I am salivating and licking my lips. You would never know I’d just eaten lunch! Beautiful!

  22. your panino looks awesome!! making me hungry.

  23. that last shot? money!
    killllllling me over here.

  24. I am all over that panini of yours, Marie. A feast for the eyes!

  25. Yeah! I finally got connect to the comments page! I’ve had trouble for over a week gaining access to leaving comments! I’ve been faithfully drooling over the recipes though! Love that chicken vesuvio, and I grew up eating the pergatory eggs! They are perfection! Both versions of the pound cake sound excellent to me, and that roasted veggie panini is heaven on earth! YUM, YUM, YUM!

  26. Oh, please come over and cook for me! That looks way too good!

  27. I like all of that cheese in your grilled vegetable panini!

  28. Oh yes it is Marie, just pure hapiness. What a delicious panini! Droolworthy!!

  29. Your post title should have been “Heaven Between Two Pieces of Bread” ! Those veggies look SO good and the melted cheese, oooh, yummy!

  30. There are many things for me to catch up on this blog 🙂

    When I first discovered and had ciabatta bread in Chicago I was totally hooked. I used to almost stalk the deli bakery where it was sold (it was made at another bakery in the town. The deli used to sell them whole. Oh gosh, just thinking about it right now makes we want to have some.

    For Easter I am definitely going to try that Ricotta cake.

    As always, it is a pleasure visiting hon. Hope you and the family are having a good weekend.

  31. I’m going to make the panini today since I have the ingredients. Yea! I also got a garlic shaver like yours and it is a lifesaver!! I love it.

  32. Mama Mia!!!! I’m drooling here!!!!

  33. Let’s dig in!! This is my kind of Panini! Veggie time!

  34. Oh my…now this is something to sink your teeth into!

    **My hubby is drooling…lol

  35. OMG that looks fantastic, I wanna come to your house for lunch!

  36. so like, is there one thing not to like about this sandwich?

    answer: no

  37. oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh….this simply looks and sounds so incredible….thanks to you, I now know what I’m fixing for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for all of your inspiration and great blog! Roz (aka bella)

  38. An absolute wonderful orchestrated panini, loving those roasted veggies!!

  39. Oh, that looks so good ! I can almost hear the crunch of that sandwich! And I love all the grilled veggies. You certainly don’t have to have meat to have great sandwich.

  40. AAAAAAAHHH!! this looks SO good! LOVING the panini press! it’s in my wish list, for sure!
    you can’t ever go wrong with a good piece of ciabatta, grilled veggies, and cheese! any suggestion for other types of cheeses, though?

  41. Wow!!! Marie look sbasolutely delicious!! xxGloria

  42. Fantastic! I agree Ciabatta is wonderfull It’s the bread we used when we developed the New Quiznos Torpedo. This looks so good I want to eat the monitor!

  43. WOW! This looks very yummy.

  44. This is my idea of a perfect sandwich – it looks FANTASTIC!

  45. Oh, coming hear is such a treat for the eyes! You’ve outdone yourself again, Marie. The very thought of this sandwich makes me happy. Can’t wait to make it!

  46. You can make anything look delicious!

  47. That is a visually stunning sandwich. That first photo is breathtaking. Talk about eating with your eyes!

  48. This sings. Beautifully.

  49. YUM!!!!

  50. I love lunch; it’s my favorite meal. I love panini, my panini press, and cheese. Your sandwich looks incredible. Please stop by my blog to pick up an award.

  51. What’s for dinner??? LOL

    Hey girl, the ciabatta panini is looking good…yum!!!

    Let me know when your on facebook, we can connect that way too!! Go for it Marie, it’s so much fun!!!


  52. That is one hell-of-a panini! wowzie wowzie does it look gorgeous.

  53. Someone gave me a foreman grill so I tried to make one just like this. It didn’t turn out anything like it! The foreman grill smashed it way too much and made all the stuff from the inside come out. I may have to look into a real panini griller. I must try this beautiful sandwich!!

  54. Edward Szczerba says:

    My,my,my!! What I wouldn’t do for one of those right now!! Thank you Marie! You’ve made my kitchen and life a whole new world of good foods!! We love you in this household !!! 😊

    • Edward, you’re the best!

      • Edward Szczerba says:

        Hi Marie! I have to admit,since I’ve been following your blog/website I have had nothing but success in the kitchen. My frond s and family all rave about your recipes and I hope that they decide to join your mailing list as well,they sure get enough encouragement fro me!!! Thank you again!
        Edward Szczerba