Veggie "Wraps" Caprese Style!

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Even though it’s the dead of winter here in Chicagoland, and the weather forecast says blizzard conditions here tomorrow with frigid temperatures, I still crave grilled veggies!

Thank goodness for an indoor grill pan! There’s no way you’d catch me out there grilling anything!

Grilling eggplant and zucchini indoors is so quick and easy. Get your grill pan nice and hot, brush your veggies with olive oil, cook till tender, and then while they’re still warm, layer with fresh basil, a ripe tomato slice, and a small bite size ball of fresh Bocconcini. Drizzle with olive oil, and garnish with pine nuts. Serve warm, or at room temperature.

Add a salad, and have a great lunch, or a light dinner!

Nothing extraordinary, just simple, good food!
Buon Appetito!!!

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  1. I am SO going to make these as a starter this summer!!

  2. well isn’t this like spring on a plate? god this winter couldn’t end soon enough.

  3. I woould crave that no matter what the season. Excellent.

  4. Another clever use of vegetable alternatives. Very pretty and tasty looking.

    I love my grill pan. I have to use it all year round since I don’t have a grill (or a yard to put one in).

  5. I love the photos! Such vibrant colors. I can’t wait to make this! Thanks!

  6. Mmm, you bring me back to summer in Positano – sitting in the beach bar with those lightly grilled vegetables for lunch. I crave too!

  7. Yippee!! Although I know you’ve been doing us right by offering such wonderful vegetable dishes, this is just reminding me of spring. I had just come from a site about italian folklore for the month of January and there was a saying that translates into this:

    If they are cold (the days), Spring will be beautiful. If they are warm, Spring will arrive late.

    Here’s looking forward to a beautiful (and timely) primavera so we can all fire up the grill outdoors!

  8. Looks delicious. I just posted abouy my love for everything Caprese. This is perfect timing!

  9. Hi Marie-
    I am like you and craving vegetables during this deep freeze that we’re in. Believe it or not, I’ve never grilled eggplant before. I am putting it on my grocery list now.

  10. Excellent idea Marie! Good diet food too — and I really need that right now 🙂

  11. I used to live in Chicago and I can not imagine the chill there now!! Your food looks amazing!

  12. Oh My!!!! I just discovered your blog. I am also a proud Italian cook…..your food looks fabulous. I was on Pat from New York’s blog and saw someone mentioned you, I’m so glad she did….

  13. Looks delicious Marie, stay warm, hugs, Kathy.

  14. Mmmmmm this looks so good and healthy Marie. Love those veggies any which way…

    BTW…your gift is on it’s way, I mailed it this morning.


  15. Things don’t have to be complicated to be good, this is a good example, Wonderful!!!

  16. Oh my!! I love the eggplant one!! Thanks for a great, simple and easy recipe! The combination is mouth-watering!

  17. “Nothing extraordinary” my foot!

    (If it’s any consolation, it’s freeeeezing here too. I’m writing this in my hat and coat – that’s how extraordinary I think this looks. I should be in bed with three hot water bottles.)

  18. My MIL just gave me an indoor grill too and I am loving it. I am not a huge fan of grilling but this thing keeps me occupied for long hours grilling veggies. Veggie wraps are always a great idea 🙂

  19. I disagree… I declare them extraordinary! So pretty and healthy too. Love that.

  20. Yum! They look so good. I’m drooling…really. Try and keep warm.

  21. I’m ready for one of those little bites, Marie, and a BIG portion of that beautiful salad!

  22. That’s my kind of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner Marie! 🙂 I love pine nuts.. they add so much flavor in cooking, it’s wonderful to see them used often!
    Hope your doing well.. Keep warm with lots of hugs..

  23. Good, simple food is the best! I don’t know what I’d do without my indoor grill pan — it is actually my preferred place to grill veggies, even in nice weather. I LOVE your ideas for using these, Marie! Sounds like we can grill up a little taste of summer right now!

  24. Your beautiful photos are mouth-watering. I have a grill pan but not the right ingredients. Will have to get to the store asap.

  25. I love this, Marie! I cook for one most of the time and this is perfect. And healthy too.

    Beautiful photos.

  26. I’m with you, I crave veggies in the dead of winter. I always feel like a new person after eating them too during this time of year.

  27. …and there you had a little bit of summer right in the middle of winter. The color of those photos jumps out at me and I bet it tasted as good as it looks.

  28. Beautiful grilled vegetables, right up my alley.
    I used my grill pan for paninis today!

  29. That just looks so perfect! I would love to eat it on a hot summer day!

  30. This looks awesome! So pretty and I love the flavors. Best of all I have some zucchini and eggplant in the fridge.

    I don’t have an indoor grill, but there’s only about an inch of snow on my deck so I oculd probably convince the hubby to go out there.

  31. That looks very summery and sounds delicious! Stay warm…or come to FL! 😉

  32. That looks very summery and sounds great. Stay warm!…or come down to FL 😉

  33. Simple and true flavours are quite often the best. Some grilling is required!!!!

  34. That,s what I like simple yet good!
    I love grilled veggies. Stay warm!!
    Thanks Chuck

  35. I heard about your weather! It’s freezing! Keep warm, marie!..(and it’s coming this way!)

  36. I love grilled veggies, one of my favourite ways to eat them! These look amazing.

  37. I’m drooling here at 6:55 in the morning.

  38. gosh i am so making this tonite ….love the greens.

  39. OMG, they look gorgeous, almost too gorgeous too eat. My mouth water!

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