Sicilian Blood Orange Salad

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Although I didn’t get these in Sicily, ( I wish I did!!), I’ve been seeing them all over the stores around here. Originally blood oranges came from Sicily, but now they’re popping up all over the US, in fact they’re grown in Texas and California.

They’re in season right now so if you get a chance to try these, please do. Easy to spot with their distinctive dark washes of red on the outside. I love their appearance, and their flavor is great in sweet or savory dishes.

Don’t you just love the color? Look at all that juice coming out!
I decided to use mine in a simple salad. Sliced blood oranges, baby spinach, red onion, crumbled Gorgonzola, and the best extra virgin olive oil you have, season with salt, and freshly ground pepper.
The olive oil mingled with the juice of the orange makes a perfect dressing.
If you haven’t already tried these, grab some while they’re still in season!!
Buon Appetito!!!
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  1. I want some of that salad. I love blood oranges. When we lived in Italy, my husband used to squeeze a glass of fresh juice for me every morning from those beautiful red oranges. I haven’t seen them in the markets near me yet, but will be on the hunt starting tomorrow.

  2. Now I need to go and get some. I am hoping Whole foods has them.

  3. Delicious and super healthy salad. Look at that vibrant color of the grape fruit. Delicious.

  4. Oh Marie this looks so refreshing. We have those blood oranges all over down here in Cali…the road side stands usually have the best, freshly picked.

    That’s one thing I will miss about Cali is all the fresh fruit & produce all year round. We’ve been in the heart of the ‘central valley’ for years were all the agriculture is.

    Now in Montana, I’ll have to research how to maintain and grow produce & citrus in a green house. Hmmm well…need to get the main house finished first I guess. :/

    Thanks again for sharing—

  5. Hi Marie, I love blood oranges and your salad looks so good, I want to go to Taormina right now 🙂

  6. I feel so blessed… we have them in abundance out here! I didn’t realize they were hard to come by elsewhere. If I don’t get them in the store I can usually find a neighbor that has too many!

  7. That salad looks and sounds refreshing!!
    I love buying the blood oranges off road,in those little side cart vendors in Italy!

  8. I didn’t know about blood red oranges till I cut into one..yes they taste yum n i love the click! 🙂

  9. A lovely salad…I don’t think we have blood oranges here, but I will nevertheless keep an eye out for it….

  10. Oh, I wish I could find some of these in my local store. I’ve always wondered what they tasted like. I’ll be on the lookout …

  11. Another way to stay healthy!

  12. Marie, the gorgonzola is a perfect compliment to your blood oranges! Wonderful! I can taste this just looking at the photos.
    big hug…xox

  13. Yum! I’ll bet my kids would love them too!

  14. My favorite photo Marie!

    I found the blood oranges so hard to peel, no?

    Beautiful salad. Looks healthy. I love citrus in the winter.

  15. This salad looks gorgeous, healthy, refreshing! Great use of blood oranges.

  16. The blood oranges are gorgeous. I just love them and citrus is so good right now!

  17. Marie…. This salad looks really scrumptious… I have heard of Blood Oranges but never tried them… I will now… Thanks


  18. Wonderful salad. The oranges look so good and juicy. Wish I could find them here in the frozen North!

  19. I had my first blood orange right forma tree in Calabria, Itlay! It was so delicious, so juicy and sweet/tart.

    I don’t see these oranges too often but when I do I buy them!

  20. Hi Marie. There are no blood oranges in my little town. Your salad looks so good it will be worth the trip to Whole Foods (50 miles round trip. So uncivilized)

    Hope your weather has improved.

  21. {{{I stopped by again to give you another hug because you have been such a good friend to me.}}}

  22. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. No wonder you got the best Chicago blog. I love how you combined the blood oranges with simple ingredients. I’m giving this a try. If only I can find blood oranges here in the mountains. Guess I might have to take a trip to the city.

  23. I’ll be going grocery shopping tomorrow an will look for them. Lovely salad Marie, Your making me anxious for spring and fruits and going outside without a coat on!!

  24. I was looking for your DB challenge, but I will take this gorgeous salad.

  25. OK, Sicilian blood oranges must be in the markets…this good.

    I like your bleu cheese addition here.

  26. I like the citrus and blue cheese combo in this salad.

  27. looks delicious and thos blood oranges look so great 🙂

  28. There’s something about blood oranges and thinly sliced red onions, Marie. Add the spinach and gogonzola, and you’ve got a perfect winter salad. Bella! (A little bit of julienned fresh mint would top it off perfectly!) ;0

  29. Oooh! I just saw some pretty blood oranges in Whole Foods, but left them there because I wasn’t sure what I would do with them. Now I’m going to have to go back. This salad look fabulous!

  30. I’ve never had a blood orange but your salad looks so good I’ll need to find myself some soon.

  31. Lovely salad! I like the combination of ingredients a lot!

  32. Looks delicious! We buy blood oranges quite often to make juice, but I know now that it can make a delectable salad too.

  33. My dad makes salads like this all the time (he was born and raised in Sicily) when I was a kid I thought he was nuts, now I love it when he makes them either with the oranges or Sicilian lemons (which are huge and soooo delicious!) I love the ingredients you used, and it looks great.

  34. How beautiful. I just adore salads like this.

  35. I thought I already posted here.. but I know I was thinking about how wonderful that salad looks! This looks out of the world, and yes, the color of that orange is beautiful!

  36. Yum. How delicious. I have access to the oranges (being in southern Italy) but I’m not sure about the cheese! hah! I’ll have to take a look at one of the more ‘International’ chain stores 😉 Lovely photos.– K

  37. Salve!!! This looks so good! I just made blood orange sorbet!!!