Bye, Bye, Gov!!

I thought I’d share a few pictures with you that my daughter sent me today of the media frenzy thats been going on for weeks in her neighborhood. You see, they live on the same block as our famous (former) Govenor Rod Blagojevich! For weeks, every morning staked out bright and early, news reporters and other media.

My Grandaughter called me one morning and said ” Gramma, I hear a loud buzzing!” It was helicopters flying up above!

That’s his house with the arched entranceway, his frontlawn filled with reporters and gawkers!
Can you say Paparazzi!!!

Check out the cords running down the side walk from all the equipment the media sets up.

As soon as it was announced he was removed from office, tons of people swarmed the area. Police shut down the street.

There he is, still pleading his case with the media. Give it up, it’s over!!!

It really was a nice quiet neighborhood, hopefully things will turn back to normal now for all those who live there, well… at least the neighbors anyway!!! 😉

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  1. Wow! Great photos!

  2. OMG I cannot believe your poor daughter has to put up with this!!! He needs to move!!!

    What neighborhood is this anyhow?

  3. What a life…I am glad it will all return to normal now!!

  4. It has been all over the news out here. Wow, it would be awful to have that kind of “excitement” on ones street! Bad enough you have the snow, let alone someone trying to give ya a snow job!

  5. It has been all over the news out here. Wow, it would be awful to have that kind of “excitement” on ones street! Bad enough you have the snow, let alone someone trying to give ya a snow job!

  6. Oh lordy, what a scene! I can’t imagine neighborhood kids trying to get off to school in the morning through that crowd. My sister lives in Illinois, so we’ve been following this as well. Hope all settles down quickly, and that The Land of Lincoln can get back to business!

  7. not the quietest of neighbourhoods it seems 🙂

  8. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the residents in that area. I used to live in the Ravenswood area – I’m glad I’m no longer there!

  9. Good he went, & that’s the way it should be!!

  10. There we have it first hand news. I am sure your family will be glad to have things quiet down. the guv has had his fifteen minutes of infamy, oop I meant fame..

  11. Talk about being right there!! I mean, jeez, she had close access for photos – and noise too!

  12. Ugh, I am so sorry that your daughter and her family had to live with this circus show all these weeks. Thankfully it is finally over!

    Buh-bye, Blago!

  13. Hopefully things will settle down for all…. & his infatuation w/the TV cameras will fade, and peace comes to the neighborhood!!

  14. What a circus. Do you think he will go away quietly or keep trying to get all the attention he can get. It’s interesting reading but must be awful when you live right in the middle of the whole thing.

  15. I watched the impeachment trial and this guy is A LOONY TUNES!
    Another loser gone!

  16. that guy is creepy as hell. what’s up with his hair? Hello?

  17. He is a total whack job! I am so glad he is out! Sorry your daughter has to put up with the chaos!

  18. Thank goodness he’s finally out, I’m so tired of hearing him plead for his life on the news….geesh!

  19. I watched him last night, and I can’t believe his desperation- a little scary.

    I hope the circus quiets down for you daughter and her family.

  20. Whoa. Sorry she had to deal with that, but it made for a good story to tell! Man, what a loser that guy is!

  21. In the Netherlands this has been in the news too. Not sure if there’s a Dutch reporter somewhere between all the others. If there is, I apologize 😉
    Hope it will all be back to normal soon for your daughter there.

  22. What a zoo! Thanks for sharing!

  23. What an embarassment our scammer former gov is to the good people of Illinois. Thank God he is out of office. Maybe now things will calm down for V and family and they won’t have to put their heads down when they walk the dogs to avoid the media.

  24. He’s a character!

  25. Wow how interesting that your daughter lives there near that goofball… Hopefully it will all quiet down soon… Looks like a beautiful neighborhood.


  26. My husband just said his hair reminds him of that statue for Big Boys Restaurant!! LOL!! He’s right it does!

  27. This guy was a real piece of work…I thought I would die when he brought up Elizabeth Taylor in his “please don’t fire me” speech

  28. LOL Bunny, your DH is right! Circus seems like a good word for that mess, when the media fades away to their “next big story”, quiet should return.

  29. I have a brother and an aunt who live in Chicago (I was born there) and they are all very excited that Blogo is gone! What a strange duck.

  30. SO glad that man is OUT. I hope things get back to normal for your daughter and her family.

  31. Ha, great photos! We live about 2 miles from the EX (yay!) governer’s house so we don’t get too much of the media attention around here. Of course the city as a whole has been quite popular these past few months!

  32. I live really close to them, too… we could hear the helicopters flying over when he first got arrested. My husband and I thought about driving around to find his house on Thursday night, but we decided it was too cold 🙂 I can’t believe your daughter lives on their street. It must have been crazy this week!

  33. I have a feeling we still havent heard the last from Mr Ego Manaic. But I would be relieved all that craziness is over in the neighborhood.

  34. That’s the way it should be. I hope the president of my country leaves soon too 🙂

  35. I wonder what he’ll do for a living now? H’ll probably end up with a “talk show”!

  36. The Media truly made a frenzy out of this man. I feel sorry for his daughter.. I couldn’t imagine how all those reporters and lights up from the cameras, how that must have made her feel.

  37. hilarious. he’s one of the biggest turds of the century. literally…