Time To Make The Ravioli’s!!!

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This past Saturday, was our annual ravioli making day, we started at noon and by 4:30, we had finished with a grand total of over 400 ravioli’s, not bad huh? There were 5 of us, and after we figured out who was going to do what job, we grabbed our aprons and got going!

I love the convenience of making the pasta dough in a food processor, when you’re making so many batches, it really goes fast, and every batch comes out perfect! In a matter of seconds it all comes together!

As we made the batches of dough, we would wrap them up so they wouldn’t dry out.

Ahhhh, The convenience of a pasta machine! I remember back in the day when I would roll the dough out all by hand, lot’s of work, and very time consuming! Besides, a pasta machine does a way better job! The dough comes out perfect.
After you figure out your first batch, it goes pretty fast, because you’ll know what numbers you’ll be doing your cranking on.

Back in my younger days, I never used these ravioli forms. I would make mine all by hand, each one having their own individual “look”. But not anymore! I like this so much better!
Just make sure you flour the forms really good. See those zig zags? You have to make sure that you rub the flour into all those grooves, or you won’t be able to flip the ravioli’s out.

So here the rolled out dough is placed on the floured form, and into each indention you place your filling. Here we used a mixture of meat, cheese and spinach, a wonderful recipe from my Daughter- in laws Nana.

Same thing here, only this time we used a mixture of ricotta cheese, grated romano, fresh chopped parsley, salt and pepper.

Now top your filling with another sheet of dough, and take a little rolling pin and roll over those zig zags, doing this is, will actually cut your dough. When that’s all finished, start at a corner and pull up a little, turn the form over, and they all should pop out! Remember, flour is your friend, you don’t want them to stick!

When they come out, they look like this, now just brush off the excess flour.

Close up….Aren’t they pretty? See how the ravioli form cuts them so perfect?

We first freeze them individually on cookie sheets, and then when they’re frozen, we bag them all up. This was when we were only half way through!
If you never made homemade ravioli’s, I would highly recommend you give it a try.
Not only do they taste outstanding, they’re so much fun to make with your family.

Thanks to, Vanessa, Christa, Evelyn, Michele, and (Lena, for your wonderful recipe!)
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  1. tonette Johnson says

    Hi I want to get our family together and do the Ravioli, what recipe do you use for the pasta dough, meat filling, and the cheese filling.? thank you for you time. going to get your molds they look nice.

  2. Looks great! I have the Ravioli moulds and haven’t used them yet as I am looking for a great recipe like yours.

    Could you please help me with the recipe for the meat Ravioli? Thank you!

  3. I love all the info, but no one ever has any information about how to actually cook the raviolis. after its all stuffed and separated and yummy looking, how long do you cook the raviolis in boiling water? and after you freeze them, do you thaw them before boiling? Thanks!

    • Halli, after they rise to the top in boiling water you let them cook for about 3 minutes if fresh, when frozen let them rise to the top and let them cook 5-6 minutes.
      I always take one out and with my fork I test the edges, that is really the best way because it all depends on the thickness of your dough.I would encourage you to do that just to make sure.

  4. Hi Marie! Loved the post and am planning my own ravioli party really soon…but! I need those ravioli forms…where’d you get them!

  5. Is that meat filling recipe available??


  6. By year end I will have posession of a pasta machine and you’ll forgive me if I refer to you for assistance…seek the master I say.

  7. with all the pasta i’ve made i have yet to do ravioli’s. once i did the egg yolk raviolo’s but that was a whole different story.

    i need to give these a whirl…

  8. Thats a lot of ravioli. Prepping for Thanksgiving?

  9. Yeah! Thanks for the step-by-step. I needed a little visual guidance. I also need the pasta machine and ravioli form. So fun. I can’t believe you did that many!

  10. these look awesome! I would love to get the recipes.

  11. How fabulous Marie! What a great tutorial and a terrific family project!

  12. Wow! I hate to sound like everyone else, but I’m so impressed too. I have a Kitchen Aid mixer on my wish list and hope Santa reads it.
    What a wonderful job here.

  13. Wow – they look perfectly beautiful!! I need to get some of those pans.

  14. I am offering a weeks free accommodation in the beautiful Cape Town, is you are willing to stock my freezer like that!Deal?

  15. That is a marathon ravioli run. I’m so impressed.

  16. Ohhhh…ideas of ravioli-making parties are running through my head. I would love some home-made pasta in my freezer.

  17. What a super post- you have me desiring homemade pasta. Would you share your recipes for the food processor pasta dough and your ravioli fillings?
    I would love to tackle this with my Mom and MIL…I dont know if we can do 400 but maybe enough for a holiday meal! Thanks so much and I just love your blog…Grazie….

  18. Great looking ravioli!

  19. I loved this entire post! I have made my own ravs and have a nifty machine that stuffs them while you crank. My grandmother made them by hand and let them dry on sheets all over the house. Yummy!

  20. Jeez Louise, you are a FORCE of Italian cooking. I’ve commented a few times but read a lot more. I really aspire to cook up to your abilities and that is why I’ve tagged you!

    Check out Hooray! I’ve been Tagged for more details. Ciao! Mangia!

  21. What a great idea, a pasta making party!!! I think this is something I want to try!

  22. This reminds me of my Aunt Rose back in Boston. When we were kids, I can remember going to her home and feasting on her homemade ravies. They were huge and with a meatball or two we could only eat may 2-3 ravies.

    Mmmmmm I can just taste the explosion of flavor in my mouth and the extreme comfort I felt after eating A. Rose’ “Ravioli’s”.

    Fun post for me!

  23. Making ravioli takes so much time, and I never thought of freezing them!! Who knew!?


  24. WOW! I am impressed, you make it seem so easy. What a great idea to make up many and freeze for later.

  25. Very impressive Marie… they look amazing. I have to start making more homemade pastas and ravioli one of these days…. add it to the list! Great post.

  26. Just for one day – can I hang out with you – really – this looks GREAT!


  27. Once again, you have me feeling nostalgic for home, Marie. I used to make ravioli with those same trays when I still lived at home. I’m so happy to hear that ravioli making is a tradition in your family. They look perfect.

  28. I am so jealous! I wish I had friends who would come have a ravioli party with me. Homemade ravioli is one thing I want to make but have not yet garnered the courage.

  29. Mmmmm! They look good! I never used the food processor to mix the dough -I’ll have to try it next time. I haven’t made these in a while – now I will have too!

  30. They are awesome! Where would you get a mold like that?? I’m bookmarking this, I’m soooo glad you had pictures. I’m gonna try this!!

  31. those look delicious! i will have to gather up my girlfriends and try that someday!

  32. Awesome! We love our raviolis, don’t we? They are so much fun to make. I use the same mold – I love it. What fun to get together to do that!

  33. I remember it last year too, looks just as good this year:)

  34. get it girl! how great to make ur own pasta….

  35. I want to join you for the fun. I love raviolis!

  36. Awesome Marie!! I love making ravioli’s with family and friends. What a fun bonding time!!

  37. HI Marie

    What a fun day, and a productive outcome!
    My husband will only eat the cheese filled ravioli for some reson, but I’d love the meat stuffing recipe.

    Did you ever read the book”The Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken” by Laura Schenone? Great book!

    Hugs, Pat

  38. Eh, Bella, Marie! What fun. I hope you had a glass of wine to accompany all that ravioli-making. Homemade ravioli is one of my favorite pastas, and it’s so much fun to make with helpers.

    I also noticed a CIA apron in use!

  39. Wow, you are really inspiring me to make some raviolis! They look wonderful!

  40. I’ve done ravioli, but I don’t think I’ve ever been this successful. I’d probably put a hole in the wall before I made it to 400–so I’m impressed! They look wonderful!

  41. I am GOING to get those ravioli molds. We always have ravioli (store bought) in the freezer. I’ve never even thought of making it myself, but you made it look so easy. I have a pasta attachment for my KitchenAid that is just waiting to be used! Thanks for the inspiration! Now I want to have a ravioli making session and freeze a bunch!!

  42. My mouth is watering. I gave up red meat in 1979, but made one exception in all those years for my Grandmother’s homemade ravioli. Your blog has brought back very fond memories.


  43. It’s great when you work together as a team!!! So much gets accomplished in a shorter amount of time!! Do you eat some as you go along?!!!

  44. Wow! 400 ravioli…that’s insane.
    You’re right though the machines make it so much easier. I remember as a kid my mom mixing and rolling everything by hand. I can’t imagine doing that today. I do still cut mine by hand though. Enjoy!

  45. We are making ravioli on Thursday. What filling did you use? We have made them before with a spinach, mushroom filling. Any other good ideas? I want to make a ton to freeze. Good idea!

  46. I’m just speechless. I think I am going to do the following (in this order): go shopping for a pasta machine and ravioli molds; recruit people to form my ravioli making team (after a thorough vetting process); get to work with some serious ravioli making! I can’t even imagine how truly wonderful that these must be! I hope to find out someday soon!

  47. Maria,
    Thanks for the idea! I now know what will be on my Christmas list!

  48. Marie, what an amazing undertaking, 400 RAV’S!!! Homemade are simply the best ever!


  49. Hi Marie.
    I am terrified to make raviolis and you didn’t ease my mind.

    What a nice thing to do with your famiglia.

    Wish you lived closer! I mean that!

  50. Michele, That’s an awesome attachment, use it!!

    Paula, You can join us next year, bring your apron!

    Susan, It was fun!

    Michelle, Yes, you can use the same dough.

    Maryann, I would have loved for you to join in the fun!

    Jo, You, and UJ will be eating some for sure!

    Gloria, I love the molds too!

    Hi APA, Welcome to my blog! Try the food processor, it’s a dream!

  51. My husband and I started to make our own homemade wheat pasta last year. LOVE IT. We’ve not used the food processor or the ravioli forms. I’ll have to bring him here to your site!

    I just found your blog a couple of days ago and it’s now bookmarked as a favorite. It’s a beautiful space and I look forward to browsing through past entries and being here for the new ones.

  52. MArie I really love your ravioles but specially your molds are so cute!!!!! I love them, what fantastic idea freeze them!!! Thanks by the recipe.xxGloria

  53. Beautiful! No other pasta has the flavor of ravioli’s.

  54. I remember your ravioli day last year and how much I wanted to join you ( and stash a few bags myself). Perfect! Brava!

  55. This looked like so much fun Marie! I wonder what’s better, making them or eating them? I like the way you took lots of pics and showed us the process step by step. Can you use this same dough recipe to make other types of pasta as well?

  56. 400 ravioli! Holy @$#%! I am so impressed. They really look beautiful too! It sounds like you had a very productive and fun afternoon. I hope you enjoy them. If you need any help eating them, let me know! 😉

  57. Um,I think you need a 6th person in your troop to taste test these beautiful raviolis. I volunteer myself for the task! Ravioli is hands-down my favorite of all pasta dishes. I’ve never used the form, and looking at your pictures has me wondering flicking my forehead as if to say … why haven’t I tried to do it this way!!! The best part of this post though, even more so than those fabulous bundles of pasta, is that you all did this together. Great post!

  58. Wow, I’m impressed! I would love to try them! I have a kitchen aid with the pasta roller attachment but only used it once. I need to do this!

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