Fresh herbs can be rolled into sheets of pasta for a very “sophisticated” effect. Because the pasta needs to be very thin it’s best if you use a pasta machine. It’s a great look for a special occasion, or if you just want to WOW your guests. It’s a little time consuming, but it looks very fancy, and something out of the ordinary!

You can pretty much use any kind of herb you want, here I used the last of my garden parsley, which happened to be in perfect condition. And that’s a key point, you want all your herbs to be pristine and unblemished.
Some other herb choices would be, sage, mint, green or purple basil.

Just use a basic egg pasta recipe, or better yet, a family favorite.Take your dough and roll it out in your machine until you have a very thin sheet, the next thing you want to do is take a brush dipped in cool water, and moisten the whole area.
Now scatter your herbs in regular intervals.

Top with another sheet of dough, and now take the sandwiched sheets through your pasta machine a couple more times, till it’s almost transparent.

After that, your pasta is ready to be boiled and sauced.

I chose to serve this with some melted butter, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese, but this also looks and tastes wonderful in a clear soup broth.
A biscuit, or cookie cutter could be used for different shapes, just let your imagination go wild!

Buon Appetito!

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  1. Very fancy pasta. I am sad that all my fresh herbs are gone.

  2. I have never seen this anywhere before! Did you invent it? I am totally amazed at how beautiful this pasta is. I’m totally inspired this morning – thanks.

  3. This is so beautiful, Marie! Really awesome!

  4. Sage here I come!

  5. That certainly creates a WOW factor. Great job, Marie. Like the idea of fresh herbs incorporated into the pasta 🙂

  6. Wow, this is really pretty. I just bought some of that 00 flour to make some pasta, but forgot all about needing a machine. Sulk.

  7. I remember my mother making this for a dinner party once. She loved trying recipes from Italian magazines. It certainly ‘wowed’ the guests.

  8. Marie what an awesome idea… Loved it… I have never heard of dping this bt t is one spectacular idea.. Thanks for sharing this one… I’ll be trying it…


  9. I never saw this before, very pretty! The herbs probably give a really nice flavor to the pasta. And I meant to comment about the soups, your previous post.Must say the soups look mighty good, specially with the cooler weather we are now having.

  10. A beautiful presentation. Definitely worth the time and effort..

  11. Marie,
    Who knew you were the Martha Stewart of Chicago? (I did!).

    The herb stamped pastas are beautiful and much too pretty to hide with a sauce.

  12. How pretty is this? What a fancy meal this would be.
    Absolutely fabulous!

  13. Very elegant looking!!!! I would love to do this but am waiting patiently for hubs to buy me the pasta roller attachment for my Kitchen Aid!

  14. Wow, Marie, this is beautiful! I can imagine your guest’s eyes at the sight of such elegance.

  15. The pasta is surely a WOW!! Beautifully done!!


  16. I am certainly WOW-ed, Marie. What an elegant, yet simple method. Very beautiful, indeed. I wish I still had some of my small fresh basil leaves to give it a whirl.

    I am definitely going to try this recipe the next time I break out my pasta machine.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Oh wow.. these turned out gorgeous Marie!! I want to make this too! 🙂

  18. Oh.. is that Gialo stone? It is so pretty!! 🙂

  19. Too cute, Marie!

  20. Wow — I have never seen anything like that; so very beautiful! What a breathtaking presentation!! If I ever get down “the basics” and feel ready to take it to the next level, this will be at the top of my list! I have wanted to get into homemade pasta making for a while now! These are spectactular!

  21. WOW! That is so pretty, sure to impress a guest. Have to get me a pasta machine 🙂

  22. What a gorgeous presentation! I bet it’s as delicious as it looks!

  23. Marie, aren’t you crafty? This would impress the heck out of any guest. I’ve seen something like this done with potatoes.

  24. You are so creative! I’ve never seen this before, very very nice!

  25. As fancy & beautiful as pasta can get Marie..I’ve seen it in my Pasta Bible, but havn’t ventured that far…well done & very pretty!

  26. that is some pretty pasta

  27. Your blog and your cooking is such an inspiration to me….

    I’ve given you a new award, please stop by and pick it up Marie!

  28. Those are so pretty! Wow would that be an impressive dish to serve at a party.

  29. Thats gorgeous!

  30. How lovely this pasta looks!

    I’m still waiting for a Kitchen Aid attachment pasta roller for my mixer. When I get it I’ll try making this — thanks Marie!

  31. You did a beautiful job with this pasta!

  32. How beautiful – I saw this on tv once, maybe on Martha Stewart? I must try it!

  33. You are too amazing! I’m going out to buy a pasta machine right now. I love the subtle sophistication of this meal. Yes, time-consuming, but it’s so relaxing working with your hands. I love it.

    xoxox Amy

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  35. You sure you don’t work for Gourmet or Bon Appetit? Looks wonderful.

  36. Marie… Thanks for coming by… Of course you can do the fruitcake… actually I think it is better then fruitcake and soooo easy… with all the great things you cook this should be a piece of cake… LOL LOL LOL


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  38. What a work of art. It is so gorgeous I would almost be afraid to eat it.

  39. Wow, these are so beautiful!! What a great idea!!

  40. You’re so creative- this is the cutest pasta I’ve seen! So pretty 🙂 Would be great for a dinner party.

  41. What a pretty idea. I would love to do with with sage and put some browned butter and toasted nuts on top. Plus is saves me a trip through the pasta cutter. I can just roll and go from there.

  42. I’ve read about this idea, but have never tried it! Since I have a pasta roller, I guess I don’t have any excuses!

    Absolutely lovely!
    These pasta sheets would make lovely decorative ravioli!

  43. looks incredible. i’m putting it at the top of my heap of recipes and busting it out when I want to impress.

  44. Look absolutely nice and beauty Marie!!Amazing!!! xxGloria

  45. Marie-
    I just had to send a little message your way about one of your great Chicago chef’s, Rick Bayless, who was interviewed on our news tonight. He is from OKC, and is on the short list of possible nominees to become our newest president’s personal chef. How cool is that? My daughter is going to Chicago in a couple weeks. She’s really looking forward to it – especially the food.

  46. I dropped by here to snatch your roasted veggie recipe for a dinner at a friend’s house this weekend. Now I am dazzled by your soups and pasta. Soups are my favorite meal for fall!!! I am sure I will be back for your minestrone one.

  47. I love the look of this pasta. I will have to see if will work with gluten free pasta. I like to do this with potato chips, layer the herbs between.

  48. Thanks so much everyone for your always encouraging comments!!
    xox, Marie

    Michelle, I did hear that about Rick Bayless, it’s been on the news alot here. It would be quite a change for him and his family, especially his daughter who seems to be taking after her fathers love of cooking.

    Simply Gluten Free, I would love to see that, why don’t you do a post on it!

  49. reason ten MILLION why I’m hoping someone will give me the pasta attachment for my kitchenaide as a bridal shower gift. These are gorgeous!

  50. Those look beautiful! Oh how I long for fresh pasta, gluten-free pasta just isn’t the same :)!

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  58. These are just lovely! What a clever idea! Very impressive!

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    i gotta give this a whirl…